Caliban - This Oath Lyrics

Remember the time I burned all bridges to you,
It still breaks my heart in two
How can I gain your trust again?
How can I make you believe again?

My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
Take this oath
I love you
My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
Take this oath
Everything is just for you

Which words are strong enough
To make us rise from the ashes
Forgiven is not forgotten
I want to be with you for now and forever,
But forever is not even quite enough

Be my haven, be my anchor
Be my guiding light and lead us home
My heart is close to burst
My horizon is on fire
And the sky turns from blue to grey
Take my heart and save my soul

My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
Take this oath
I love you
My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
Take this oath
Everything is just for you
My heart beats just for you
I'll never let you go
My heart beats just for you
Everything is just for you

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Caliban This Oath Comments
  1. Hort lllalallala


  2. PODAS

    ta jest sjúpr. Šak tO wíme Šak pomalu spíme. A.

  3. Пажелая Букака Срака

    Треки умеют делать, а вот клипы полное говно) лучше не смотреть и не портить впечатление от музыки.

  4. Derek Johansen or something

    The rain portion reminds me of As I Lay Dying

  5. Den Kovali

    Как же я долго вспоминал название этой группы!.. наконец то нашёл её.

  6. Andre Kaiset

    Immer und wieder geil das lass mich an tolle Sachen von Leben nach denken ich heul ihnerlich

  7. faithlux

    my love passed away... this song explain my pain. it hurts..

  8. Ози

    Сама пиздатая группа

  9. Michael C

    The kid from confined grew up and featured in another music video lol

  10. Greg Gory

    Makes one feel nostalgic about life or anything!

  11. exiting

    this Video is absolute shit.. Sorry

  12. anjax.x

    Erinnert mich irgendwie an BMTH aber ich finds trotzdem echt nice

  13. Benih Fishing


  14. К В


  15. Aaron Krauth

    Very powerful moment the way he says "down" and how he looks in this shot saying it 3:14 you can feel the passion in it, this is a masterpiece!

  16. Barış Kaplan

    Ergen şarkısı ama sevdim

  17. Zeke

    3:06 so that's were Polaris, The Mortal Coil album cover came from.

  18. William Crowden

    So powerful.

  19. Lorenzo Balduccio

    Its so beautiful that makes me want to die

  20. David Gonzalez

    It doesn´t remember you to Blessed with a curse from BMTH???

  21. Juan Pérez

    Esta canción me quemó en lo más profundo de mi ser alguna vez. Si no hubiese sido un idiota, quizá aún estaría con la chica que una vez amé tanto

  22. lostprophetrob1

    dudes, once you love, you may not get the importance of that person you fall in love with, and on this thought, you keep on, thinking there are hundreds of women around you, and you go for another one, just to make it vary, and then, the former one, gets obsolete in your mind, but in the end, you realize, she was the one.

    To sum up ; once you find her, hold onto her.

  23. Orhiane Fiquet

    Forgiven is not forgotten...

  24. Amiantaaa

    putain, sûre je suis gothique ! Pour moi c'est un archétype de chanson d'amour ça <3

  25. Patrik Bak

    This is Bring Me The Horizon - "Blessed With A Curse", right?

  26. Sarah B.

    Wird für immer eines meiner absoluten Lieblingslieder sein. ❤

  27. Because Mexico

    Awesome shit music. This gets a 10 out of 10.

  28. Rodriguu A.O.E

    Joyon !!!!
    Que yikoo <33

  29. Точка Точка

    Наконец-то с уверенностью могу сказать, что раньше было лучше

    Иван Каратаев

    К сожалению правда

  30. XRoAd Official

    Gänsehaut 😥❤

  31. Beowulf5643 M

    Who listening in 2018

  32. Fuad Azzeh

    If this is not art, i dont want to know what art is.

  33. TheSupremeGentlemanAtheist

    Is this a Warhammer 40k reference?

  34. Страна Радости

    Можно слушать бесконечно

  35. Underground Warrior

    1:56-2:08 so beautiful...

  36. Tomáš Adamik

    Dude, mix of the song with this damn good videoclip makes this so epic masterpiece. 2018 and only 1,2 mil watches...

  37. Corey Mattingly

    Lyrics to this please

  38. Óscar Yáñez Zavala

    Very beauty

  39. Underground Warrior

    If song is depressing and sad, it's emo? Guys, you're stupid as fuck.

  40. Анатолий Карпов


  41. Exploring With Dennis

    😔 thanks 😏

  42. Joby Catalan

    Daaaaaaamn. :/

  43. Atsuto InFlames

    all plants sponsored by IKEA

  44. thunder cunt

    dat ass thou

  45. Vaness '

    2 years that I listen to this masterpiece ♡

  46. josh hollis

    Chelsea Grinn?

  47. red Rider

    Searching since Years now!

  48. Slayer 1989

    <3 Caliban

  49. An Open Letter


  50. Sarah Semblance

    Got a boner!!

  51. Lucie Hutinet

    best best best best best the best

  52. Sebastian Mayer

    Wow that was amazing my body was shaking.

  53. Travis Lee

    Wow! Where the fuck was I all these past years when these guys had been making some of the best metal I have ever heard. Fucking really digging this shit more and more with every song I hear. Went ahead and downloaded their discography, so it looks like my ears will have something to eat for the next couple of weeks. Good shit brothers!!!!!
    \m/ \m/

  54. Андрей Сукало

    Хахахахаахах бляtь смешно - же ёпту )))

  55. chris korwan

    this was one of my fiance's favorite songs. she always talked about going to Europe to see Caliban live. She passed away unexpectedly this week, and this song has been there for me. it has brought a tear to my eye every time I play it, but it has been helping me get through this tough time

  56. Dudu Amorim

    Good song!!

  57. Marco Schmitz

    Dieburg ( Hessen ) Traffic Jam 2017 \m/ -.- \m/ war nur geil mit Caliban!!! HEADLINER

  58. Gangster

    full songgg

  59. Gangster

    o yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  60. The Mystic

    I really like this metal band !

  61. Randy Reaper

    hey Delilah cx

  62. A.k.a.

    Greetings from Ecuador.

  63. Steven Groom

    god this man is beautiful.

  64. RIGGS

    these guys are awesome!

  65. Autumn

    У меня стояк на эту песню, просто лучшие!!!

  66. Jose Maria Valera Reales

    This song is just... incredibly deep

  67. nathan's channel

    they must be waterproof

  68. Amadeus Behrman

    Brutal but sad at the same time

  69. you'll never know

    te amo CALIBAN

  70. JC Smit

    Kicked me right in the feels

  71. Anna Schuldiner

    my heaart beats just for you

  72. Albert Rammstein

    Beautiful song.

  73. Pankaj Mushahary

    Your aggression chased me away... now I just wish things were different.....

  74. Jocwy 6

    Can some1 recommend me some songs? Just new to this band


    Inferno, Paralyzed, Wolves and Rats, dein R3ich, Memorial....

  75. Alma Ashsyafiq

    my life is dead for you. ill never let you go. take this oath, i love you.

  76. Jack DIE

    1 milion clicks inc?

  77. Islam is a Political Ideology


  78. whitepride1004

    I Googled 'bands that are similar to Ektomorf' and this was one of them listed. Ektomorf doesn't sound anything like this fem-metal crap.

  79. Vaness '

    This song is so powerful, so magical, so wow. I listen to this song since one year, and it's like the first time I've listened to.

  80. James Holloway

    shit, you call that a fire, strap some dynamite to that bitch and BLOW it up!

  81. Krzysztof M.

    My heart beats just for you. Are you there?

  82. Леонид К


  83. Дмитрий Устименко

    до слез

  84. TEJR

    Just noticed they are "pre-band" (don't know how to exactly call it :D) for Suicide Silence in Prague next month!
    I really, really hope they will play this one!

    Julian Cavaleri

    TEJR69 aren't they both headliners with other bands as support?


    caliban is the headliner with suicide silence. special guests are to the rats and wolves and any given day.

  85. Plati

    Ihr seid wirklich die beste band Deutschlands die es gibt und jemals geben wird!!! <3

  86. Hele Novák

    Greenpeace hype

  87. PredakingHardcore

    The singer still looks like Rhett from Good Mythical Morning


    PredakingHardcore that’s cause it is him dumbass

  88. Paul Wagner

    THIS VID is a bad joke, rite?

  89. kolya patrool

    Не льзя жечь деревья не в коем случае Даже за пизды ! А так ребята дали жару как всегда ! давно слушай !

  90. Ahmed Mustahid

    The video is actually about a douche to nature.

  91. Вячеслав Мониава

    From Russia with love ♥️

  92. J. B.

    Gänsehaut einfach genial :o

  93. Mermelada Circuncidada

    ¿Ths is "The Final Episode" of Asking Alexandra? i Ask.

  94. Jordan

    Was anyone else concerned for the safety of the instruments in the rain???

    Happy Trigger101

    zilverster11 they do. Water and instruments dont mix. But these bands are well loved by their sponsors. So they get instruments free do to videos like this.


    If i was on the money/endorsements they are, like many bands, i wouldnt care either.. well id still care but be a new one in a box and case the next morning


    Bro have you seen Rammstein live? Lol

    Sarah Gillies


    César Bojorquez


  95. Lana Crowley

    Am I the only one crying??

    oliver dravecky

    nope :D

    Broken Mirrors

    No, one of my favourite <3

    Karolina Silva

    Lana Crowley no. I too