Caliban - Memorial Lyrics

This is a memorial – to honor the long gone
This is a burial – my heaven has gone wrong

Those times we had – so long ago.
Like yesterday – I miss ‘em so much – I can’t let go!!!
My heart is full of hate – its bleeding love
Father – I have to say goodbye to keep my self alive
I can still see you – you’re fading away – but…
I can still feel you – though you’re drifting away from me.
This is a memorial – to honor the long gone
This is a burial – my heaven has gone wrong
Are you still here – still in this place?
What’s left behind, where is god’s grace?
You broke my faith
My heart is full of hate – it’s bleeding love Father
I have to say goodbye to keep my self alive
I can still see you – you’re fading away – but
I can still feel you – though you’re drifting away from me.
My heart is aching – that’s all I know
Hope is fading – I’ll let you go…
This is a memorial – This is a burial

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Caliban Memorial Comments
  1. Hector Letterny Hector

    lovely <3

  2. Corn3líus

    Es la mejor canción' de esta puta banda❤

  3. Elizabeth M

    Most intense song I have ever heard. The drop is brutal. I love his voice!!!

  4. Denise

    Yeah very nice 💥🔥👍 Drifting aaaaawaaaaaaaaay for me Caliban are THE BEST in Germany

  5. Michael Eigenbauer

    Was looking for a type of memorial rock song to listen to cuz my daughter passed away...this came up. Fuck I love it

  6. Danny Ramdhan


  7. ————

    The chorus of this song is so powerful. Gives me goosebumps everytime.

  8. Karnage Fails

    Zac Sheridan 2019, love you man, still my best friend.

  9. Kuggar

    Trying my best to find another song with a melodic part as good as this song. I cannot. I believe this has the best melodic chorus in metalcore!

    Schock TV [YTK]

    Caliban makes the best metalcore chrous

  10. Spinet90

    Shit... havent heard this song for years. Its creepy, but last night I dreamed about this one and I still know the lyrics and sang along in my dream :O ...This will be (again) my catchy tune for the next days! Almost 8 years later, but still fucking good! \m/

  11. Adam Jensen

    We all die, we all die soon

  12. Tiago Ribeiro Cavalcante

    24/06/2019 #Brasil

  13. Karnage Fails

    For Zac Sheridan. Southbridge.

  14. Evias 99

    Ich fucking liebe euch sehe euch zum 2ten mal auf dem Rockharz

  15. Aaron Mills

    The chorus is the best part of this song

  16. Oier Vazquez

    This song is my fav!👌👌💟💟

  17. Der_Fuchs_ 9140

    Looking forward to Impericon Festival 2019!

  18. Elijah Shiver

    This song hits deep, no joke.

  19. pixi k

    I found this song when I was falling apart. Thats how I felt about myself, I was fading away, and I faded away.

  20. Alexsander Nunes

    Nossa como eu amo Heavy Metal Slipknot, SOAD, Caliban tantos

  21. NixXxo_0

    i remember as someone turned on this song at the shool disco, was pretty cool ;D

  22. Neverland.Thomas

    So awesome! This album and this exact song were there peak!

  23. Joe Mullin

    Good song

  24. Claudemir Diniz

    É, estou ficando velho kkkk 2018 alguém?


    Music good. Video bad. Becouse blood.

  26. Loris Miranda

    I can't Stop listen to this song, a few das i had discover this band and now is one of my favorite, Saludos desde Panamá!!! Que viva el metalcore

  27. Mr. Rat!

    2018 and still epic

  28. Woody Johnson

    2084 anybody?

  29. Eric

    Very similar sound to Motionless in White and that’s a good thing

  30. The Luc1f3r

    This is the burritooo! :D

  31. Zoltán Hargittai

    This is the best song i',ve heard ín ages



  33. Er Per that cannibal taliban...?

  34. weirdocore

    fuck, heard this song live and it was fucking amazing

  35. rick Morty Jr


  36. daniel booms

    2018 this song never die

  37. Jay and James

    2018 anyone?

  38. RedEye

    I want those cleans in their new albums again

  39. Allu N.

    Damn the lyrics are pretty fucking depressing. Sounds like they are singing about losing someone close to you.

  40. lornashore93

    Damn that singing is funky as fuck

  41. Felipe Troncoso

    2018 🔥

  42. GarageToad

    None of these people should be allowed to eat chocolate without napkins.

  43. Avinash Ks

    We should admire folks like this 5 folks creating a history . Unlike DJ techo house buggers.

  44. Stanley Valentino

    Best song.

  45. Nick Rodrigez

    I hate the sound of the drums, they remind me to ST Anger...

  46. from Neverlandㄚㄌㄧㄋㄚ

    forever in my heart ❤

  47. Thomas Falkenstein

    I haven't understood this song before, it was just a nice tune with sad lyrics for my like any other song. 14 days ago my father passed away in hospital way to early in the age of 60. His brain was damaged to much after a heavy heart attack, so we let the doc turn down the machines and let him go in dignity and peace. The first time I listened to this song again it touched me deep in my heart and made my cry. It's crazy how music transports feelings. This song lets me connect to Andy and feel his grief, but also gives me hope to free myself from the deep sorrow (portayed by the man in the Video) and feel happy again sometimes with all the beautiful memories of my dad.
    Just wanted to share these thoughts and feelings with you. peace


    ❤️ Stay strong!

    Jen Ray

    Sorry for your loss x

    Karnage Fails

    Sorry homie...

    Rotlaust Orotten

    Stay strong to watch and be apart of the passing of a father is a mind altering experience. Remember they don't want you lost in life or in their death.

    Arkadeep Deb

    Stay strong dude. Look after yourself and the fam. \,,/

  48. Juliana Rojas Lopera

    can someone please give me the lyrics? i've been searching it and all the pages have a different lyric, and i don't know which one is correct. hahaha

  49. Xavier Obezo

    How many vocalists do they have?

    Say Hello To The Robots

    Two. Andreas Dörner for extreme vocals and Denis Schmidt for cleans


    Actually, the bassist signs too

  50. Abyss Watcher

    Caliban ist und bleibt einfach die beste Metalcore Band.

  51. Cyber Society

    This song made it to my Favs for sure. Would love to see more like this.

  52. ostfahrstreifen

    ihh, immer dieses eklige Altöl
    plot twist: ich dachte erst, dass sollte blut darstellen, aber scheinbar ist ja wirklich öl

  53. Hermit V.G.

    Mi banda faborita de metalcore desde hace muchos años, nunca me canso de escucharlos y siempre me inspiran :') #SoyMexicano

  54. Asdris -

    i wash that guy could sing... if he just could stop yelling all the time that could be so good...

  55. Forsaken Gaming

    I love the chorus part! You're drifting away. \m/

  56. Deathcore Fanboy

    who is listening in 2017? xD

    Angus Wells

    Deathcore Fanboy
    2018! Just discovered them and wish I knew them long ago!

  57. Andri Ferdiansah

    best song for me still "vicious circle"
    😂thats old .. yes

  58. Kaimo Perillus

    This song stsrted haunting me today so i looked ot up again, still gives me goosebumps

  59. Kac Vegas

    Fuck. Excellent. Regards.

  60. keybode

    сын матери

  61. Eric Medina

    chingona la canción


    nostalgia ouvir essa música 💔

    borracha mano

    GEOGAMES. pdc

    Gleison Ferreira

    Conheço Caliban desde antes do lançamento de Say Hello To Tragedy, e as músicas, principalmente desse desse álbum e do IAN smp me traz lembranças da época que eu estudava a tarde. Esse clipe já vai fazer, agora 21/12, 8 anos... 😨

  63. hUan sUn

    3:12 looks like he has an unibrow

  64. Florian Kraft

    Einer der besten songs von caliban, finde ich


    Ganz deiner meinung... diese high screams sind unschlagbar :D

  65. Punk Studios99

    What is this music video about?

    Martial Poet

    Think about this with a bit of your brain. 40 seconds in or so it shows the supposedly i would guess bible. After that black blood is running down it also presumably (demon's blood) after that 20-30 seconds later in you see him as an adult where he eats the sheet of paper with the demon's blood. That would be him in the future (father of the church or some shit) After that it's a story where basically that is the kid's inner demon of himself when he is older. The two angels then at the end suppress his inner demon taking it away from him.

    Jared Thompson

    Its about jewish ritual sexual abuse of underage jews - and how this brainwashing process makes these innocent children into evil adults later on in life, who steal via banks, manipulate for illegal wars etc..

    Rob Estuar

    Punk Studios99 to me its about a a deadbeat dad

  66. ByyAdept

    03:14 best part of this awesome song

    Öutfromhell FireMage

    YOU GOT THAT RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Evan Dwisatria

    I love u my father

  68. Metalcore Saschi

    super geil!!!!!!

  69. Dan York

    i think he ate too much book


    maybe he got an constipation based on too much paper.....

    Er Per

    By his eyes...he is high right...

  70. David Evans

    the vocalist sing look like vocalist august burns red


    +David Evans Actually Caliban has been around for way longer than August Burns Red so is him the one who sings like Andy :)

  71. cat canelo

    gefällt mir

  72. Marcin Zi


  73. ฟั้นเฟือง'ง หัวเหล็ก'กก


  74. xD3adHarm0ny

    soooo fucking nice 😍😍😍

  75. fabian perez pulido


  76. Neaera1985


  77. Manhunter616

    Shitty band,

  78. Zhuk

    лучшая песня и клип!!!

  79. martinloud77

    This track goes out to all the people who left me too early ...i hope we meet us sometime somewhere again.

  80. Strengthletics


  81. Plua Lumanevko

    Download 2016?

  82. chirola666


  83. Eilstorm#LastKings

    Was ein geiler Song :D

    Jared Thompson

    The song is about jewish ritual sex abuse the global 'elitists' practice - this abuse as a young child makes the formerly innocent child into an evil adult who hates humanity... that's why its a memorial for their former selves and for God... God and their former self is 'fading away/drifting away'.

    Thorsten Heinke

    Jared Thompson Meth. Not even once.

  84. mokazza

    soo fucking awesome , i love it <3 <3

  85. Benjamin Bernd


  86. Саша Nesterov

    До сих пор доставляет блять...

  87. joakin frati

    3333 i love you 3333

  88. meechy


    Anton Karpov

    Interested in too!

  89. JokerDis

    I fucking love this song