Caliban - Destruction Lyrics

mandkind's birth caused destruction
two feelings of love & hate
manipulation is the way to hide the truth
you control your feelings to reach your aims
you check up the thoughts
to press upon your decision
lies on the world
they are crossing the land
and until there is one world
with one lie - one world - one lie

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Caliban Destruction Comments
  1. Mayhem's Revenge

    ..wenn man das alte Vent zum Beispiel mit dem neuem Ghost Empire vergleicht, stellt man schon eine sehr interessante musikalische Entwicklung fest. So unterschiedlich sie sich den Epochen auch angepasst haben, haben sie dennoch immer den geilsten Sound !

  2. Nils Mayer

    its quite Just Metalcore ;D

  3. Boff

    Wie sah Andy da noch aus? oO

  4. md shah azlan


  5. J. Strutz

    yeah i think so... its so funny...i come from germany and a few years ago in an english lesson i sit in my classroom- teacher comes in and wants us to watch this modern,shity romeo and juliet remake (even bader than the "original")
    ....suddenly there was this intro and i was completly flashed like WHAT THE FUCK

  6. coco chanelia

    damn the best. i heard this like 9yrs back.

  7. Trayethell

    ^just spell Denis false and its going to be fun :D

  8. Impericon

    this reminds me of early underoath. both bands have changed a lot

  9. Joaquin de leon

    bring me the horizont suks , i love caliban i love deathcore

  10. dendrummeeeerrrr

    This song causes destruction ;o

  11. birk gore

    xd este grupo es de lo mejor forever caliban XD x_x

  12. Jurrx

    fuck off ich seh sie auf wacken yeah \m/ muahahah

  13. Hacki Hackisan

    Caliban, ihr rockt!
    Macht weiter so!
    Hackisan. de

  14. bulletlalalo

    noch viel mehr schonma an subway to sally , in ex ,equilibrium,saltatio mortis,blind gaurdian usw.

  15. jojocomesback

    yes they are :D

  16. Mou x

    german metal FTW !

  17. Martin Rupnig

    yes, they are.^^

  18. slipknotkittegrl

    love these sexy beasts!!!!!!!

  19. r0ck3r1993

    WAAAH!!!!! \m/ fuck off! very nice metalcore!!

  20. Etienne-Emile Antikatastaseis

    you're kidding? metalcore guitarists are very easily replaceable... i'm sure the band would be able to release the exact same music without their two guitarists. i wouldn't wish that though...

  21. Reece Wiseman

    i cant get into these atall :/
    but there good

  22. Tano Del Tablon

    this is garbage

  23. florian günzer

    boa is a great song is fucking good!

  24. Quentin BaldEagle

    i know thats the whole point of my name!
    someone down below said that they need a new singer!

  25. Quentin BaldEagle

    andy does not suck!!!!!
    he's wat brought the band together without him this band would be crap!
    love caliban4life!!!!

  26. J. Strutz

    the start of this song is taken by the new version of romeo & juliett

    ....thats gay...

  27. Hayley Nolan


  28. Social Experiment

    oh fucking awsum song

  29. Nicolas Lemieux

    yea i saw that piece with caliban in it. he was funny yet a little bit loser

  30. Luxeon21

    awesome tune 5/5

  31. starzscream614

    fucking brutal song

  32. Becksisbestbeer

    Peace. I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.

    It's actually a quotation from romeo and juliet, we had to study it in school -_-

    awesome song btw!

  33. Jen Ray

    I like the old stuff just as much. theyre very talented

  34. dougie159753

    then wy are you watching this, shithole

  35. Philip Grignon

    are they on crystal meth? look at their faces! I prefer their more recent stuff

  36. yo mama

    me too lol

  37. damien moyal

    sounds like -morning again- sometimes...

  38. Luxeon21

    caliban the best!

  39. Nikita Jegorov

    my mistake sry =)

  40. Migdetvilsigeoliver

    haha, cool vid and nice song and i love the band, but man thats funny - you have misspelled the tag "Destruction", thats just to bad :P

  41. Simon

    so many adjectives LOL

  42. cHiVVaa

    @ Breakdown214
    Act hard on the internet u little fucking kid go kill urself grow up

  43. Agiyi

    old Caliban FTW!!!

  44. anamcara

    yeah, old caliban ftw!

  45. tolovane

    Old caliban songs suck O_O i like the new ones more.