Calhoun, Adam - Public Enemy Lyrics

I got no fucks to give and I really don't care
I'm just here for a couple of beers, yea
I got nowhere to go and nothin' to lose
Don't make me knock you off of that chair, yea

You gonna do what to who?
Nigga you ain't nothin' dude
Shi', he say nigga?
Yea I did, nigga fuck you!
Oh I can't say that but you can say that?
Black lives matter and every white dude is racist
I like country and rap, they say I can't, I say I can
Hold up, matter of fact

I'm saying listen, racism is at an all time high in America
I don't judge by their color, I just judge them on their character

Who wrote, you know, I know how to get it in
Dog Cujo, you know, you just on that King shit
Large I'm livin', you ain't in charge
I'm givin' you three seconds before I lose my temper, stomp your head in
Oh my God aggression! Fuck yea, I'm American
Sometimes arrogant, I'm aware of it
Take that fuckin' towel off your head, I don't like the way you're wearin' it
"Allahu Akbar", I'm sick of hearin' it from terrorists

In our home land, little kids poppin' xan's
Walk around skinny pants, where the fuck are mom and dad?
But I'm supposed to honor that?
Sorry Honor, I object and by object I mean I'm comin' at your mother-fuckin' neck
Fuck a threat, don't pretend it bitch, I know what my gender is
You think I'm offensive? I think you too fuckin' sensitive
Censor this, I don't don't give a fuck or a blurred middle finger
You more pussy than my little sister

I got no fucks to give and I really don't care
I'm just here for a couple of beers, yea
I got nowhere to go and nothin' to lose
Don't make me knock you off that chair, yea

Pu-pu-pu-public enemy number one, under the gun
Never seen an enemy wantin' beef I'm runnin' from
Country rap, what the fuck is that
Haters point and laugh
Watch me put it on my back then
Put it on the map
You ain't Church
You ain't Demun
You ain't Jelly
You ain't Struggle
I'm gonna make this simple bitch
I'm out to get you, you in trouble
I'ma end you before you start
Take a man, break his heart
I take action, you actin'
Learn to play your part

You a fake, you ain't strong
You a bitch, you a fraud
Music that I made make you wish you never wrote a song
Run along before you catch clips from the automatic
I'm a savage, all you do is rap about mud and tractors
It's more than that, White Trash we deserve better
Redneck, Hillbillies, I'ma put this shit together
Don't you ever say my name, I'll expose ya
Close your casket faster than I closed Hosier's
Game over

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Calhoun, Adam Public Enemy Comments
  1. stevy11x

    Racism is not at an all time high... Racism is dead.

  2. Poopcopy

    Is this a satire or something? Is this for real?

  3. Patrick Brown

    Imagine being this racist and thinking that you aren’t racist.

  4. David Puckett

    Hmmmmmmmmm, he’s getting very comfortable with that N***a word!

  5. John Swecker

    Your more pussy then my little sister😂😂 i feel that shit.

  6. Tiffany Schoenbaum


  7. Chris Padgett

    Truth for the snowflakes...... Much love and respect , from South Carolina

  8. Jennifer Ward

    F Favorite Song Ever.

  9. DEE 300

    Beers music just listing and not give a fuck kid. ❤️✌️🤘

  10. Tx Dirty Bulldog

    Yee yee !

  11. Sarcastic Sardines

    I truly believe that if Adam ran for president he would win.

  12. Sean Blouth

    Love that he shows no fucks say nigga anyone white that hangs with black dudes knows you are a nigga white or black when you hang. Not a one of my boys gives a fuck about me being white and using it with them.

  13. Alabama Beauty

    Thank you for saying what everybody is thinking! ❤️🇺🇸🤘🏼

  14. Theresa Travis

    I judge em by their character too..
    Some of em need to be wiped the fuck out

  15. Jennifer Ward


  16. Bakd Potato

    Sad I’m a kid and still smarter than some of these liberals

    Sarcastic Sardines

    @jordan999fire This is like feminists explaining their term. It does not mean that is what they preach.


    @Sarcastic Sardines sure. I can agree with that. But both sides have extremist. Not every conservative is a racist Klan member. Not every feminist or SJW is only rooting for themselves while pretending to care about others.

    Sarcastic Sardines

    @jordan999fire I have to respect you for having an open mind.


    @jordan999fire I was at work the other day when I saw this and forgot to respond till I saw it again today. With that being said, lets dive into the response. First can't say that they were liberals in their time. You couldn't possibly know that. I doubt liberals would have made a Republic or coined a constitution that is pretty conservative. Its not that I don't like liberals...i think they are good for the Republic. I just don't like the word because it is associated with Democrats now. Democrats are no longer liberals in my eyes, true as it may have been in the past. If you disagree then feel free to persuade me differently. I am pretty open minded and enjoy discussions with reasonable people. For the record....all the name drops are ok with me. They were all Republicans except JFK. I am aware of what a liberal is but you have Conservatives pegged wrong. Its not that conservatives are slow to change or hold on to traditions. We believe the Constitution and the Bible are the values and morals we live by and they aren't ever going to change what they say.....just saying. Also you can be a Conservative and know some things need to progress and change. Very few conservatives all believe the same way. We all have variables in our beliefs but our core values are all the same (Bible & Constitution). Only the democrats expect everyone to think the same way. Conservatives believe in the live and let live motto. Basically I don't care how anyone lives their life UNTIL it affects my life or the way I raise my children and the values and morals I have. For instance, I don't care if someone is gay. They have a right to live their life and be happy as much as the next person but they should respect the fact that I am straight if they want me to respect the fact that they aren't. I don't have a problem with transgender people but when my kids are taught that they are more than 2 genders or my daughter has to use a restroom with a man in there just because he claims that he identifies as a woman then hence the issue that arises. They are no wrong side of history......they are only history. Just because you read the same history book as I, we may both walk away feeling differently about who was the protagonist and who were the antagonist. Same as a movie.....the villain you may see is perhaps not the same villain I see. Our core values determine how we see the world and their is no wrong side. You should probably be more open minded and try to understand things from different points of view. Just because someone says we need a change doesn't make it inevitable or even right. Things like slavery or other obvious issues when it comes to humanity should obviously be made....but abortion is just an escape for failing to take personal responsibilities except in the cases of rape, incest, and mothers health. Abortion or having men who identify as women breaking women's records in sports, etc aren't necessary changes in life, they are propoganda changes brought to you by Democrat dumbasses. Lets be honest. I could give way more examples but lets get back on track. Politicians from both parties only care for power and control. The Bush's and Clinton's of both parties plus many more are both puppets for the Cabal that actually run the world. No I am not anti semantic like most people who say things like that, I am simply aware through the Bibles warnings of the Zionists that control the world. It actually says that. They have come out of hiding to attack Trump. Why else do they hate him so much? He straight up tells you that he is fighting the Cabal not only for the American people but for the world. I can send you a video link if you would like, of him admitting to being an insider and knowing how they work but fighting against them. Yes he literally says those exact words. That's why they use the Mockingbird media to attack him. JFK was trying to do the same thing and it got him killed so its kinda funny you say he is your favorite but you don't like Trump. It truly makes no sense. Anyhow.....its easy to see you lean left and watch propaganda CNN or MSNBC but i actually believe that you are a independent liberal. I appreciate you being nice even though your perception of conservatives is kinda offensive but I regress. The parties never switched sides...the state's switched votes due to the southern strategy. Research it. I personally don't like most Republicans either but vote for values and morals over the people. I do like Trump though. How is being (liberal) open to propoganda fed changes the smarter thing to do? Nobody will be looking at the likes of you and I in history down the line but of those with power so that is just strange you would say that. Anyhow I hope you are open minded in some ways and hopefully take what I say and ponder it and come up with your own truth instead of what the Mockingbird media tells you is the truth.



    1.) We do know the founding father's were liberal. We have journals and letter's that they owned and sent back and forth to each other. Also, the very definition of liberal and conservative would have made them liberal. Wanting independence for a country is progressive. Progressive is liberal. The loyalist who wanted to stay with England would have been the conservatives. Also, some of the things we KNOW about the founding father's shows that they have more in common with modern liberals than they do modern conservatives, like their belief in God. Conservatives are general mostly Christian. John Adams was a theist, someone who believes in a God and miracles but no particular God. Thomas Jefferson was a Deist, someone who believes in a God but doesn't believe in miracles.Also, more proof that they were in fact liberal is the fact that the original draft of the constitution included the abolishment of slavery, in which Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and John Adams (the original writer of the Declaration) all agreed upon the fact that slavery was horrid but they took it out because they wanted all 13 colonies on their side but knew the south would refuse if they abolished slavery. So they wanted to remove slavery from the states 89 years before it actually was. That means progressive. Also, you said the constitution is conservative, but it wasn't at the time. At the time the world was ruled by kings and queens, yet the constitution said that our country could be ran by anyone who was voted in and that all men are created equal. This is progressive compared to what the rest of the world was doing.

    2.) I know you say that a conservative isn't someone who is slow to change, but then you contradict your self by saying you keep with your traditions and beliefs and aren't likely to change them. Also the very definition of conservative is: "holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion." And yes I know not every conservative thinks the same. I live in TN. I know some really really racist conservatives and some genuinely amazing people who are conservative. Not all liberals or democrats think the same either. Andrew Yang, for example, believes that automation is more important than anything else in this country right now. That we need to worry about our jobs being taken by automation rather than worry about who is or isn't hurting someone else by saying something they don't like.

    3.) You may live your life with that motto of not caring until it affects you, and that's how I live mine, but most conservatives don't live that way. Conservatives fought against gay marriage rights, which has no affect on them whatsoever.

    4.) They're absolutely wrong sides to history. Hitler will not ever be remembered as on the right side of history. Stalin, will never be remembered as being on the right side of history, except for his assistance with the Allies. Slave owners who would constantly beat and hurt their slaves will not be remembered on the right side of history. Although I understand where you are coming from, you also have to remember that since we are always progressing, what right now may be controversial, could be absolutely evil in the future. Slave owners probably thought the same thing, that people will look back and some will side with them, but now most everyone agrees that slavery is a horrible thing.

    5.) "Our core values determine how we see the world and their is no wrong side." Yes, but again, our core values as a society, and even as individuals, change. What you may consider right, may not be in the future. We no longer cut off people's hands for stealing. We no longer end bar fights with someone being shot in the street.

    6.) "You should probably be more open minded and try to understand things from different points of view." Guy, I live in the South. My father is a conservative, my best friend is conservative, some of my sister's are conservative. I was very neutral and shared opinions of both growing up. It was until I started experiencing more things in the world that my conservative views started becoming more liberal. I used to be 100% pro-life. I hated abortion. Hated the idea of it. Then I started reading about girls who were refused abortion. They would do things to their bodies that would permanently damage them, sometimes they would kill themselves. Sometimes the babies were born and put up for adoption but then was there all 18 years of their life. Our adoption agencies are overcrowded. The women who didn't have an abortion or give the child up for adoption, also wasn't always kind to the child. Sometimes cases of child neglect and even child abuse followed. So now I am pro-choice. I wouldn't ever want my girlfriend or future wife to have an abortion, but I do want her to have that choice, and any other girls out there.

    7.) "Just because someone says we need a change doesn't make it inevitable or even right." I accidentally responded to one of your points before I read it. As for the actual sentence, no it doesn't mean it's right. But neither does old traditions. Especially the more and more issues we are having because of some of our old traditions. "or having men who identify as women breaking women's records in sports" Gender dysphoria is a real mental health issue where people don't believe they are the same gender they were born as so we can't say that they are only doing it to get records.

    8.) "Politicians from both parties only care for power and control" We agree on this.

    9.) Alright, you rambled a bit.

    10.) "JFK was trying to do the same thing and it got him killed so its kinda funny you say he is your favorite but you don't like Trump. It truly makes no sense." JFK also was pushing for civil rights movements while Trump is not trying to do that. Trump has sent a divide through our nation. Our nation has always been divided but now more than ever. You could blame the left or right for the divide. But Trump doesn't help bring this country together neither. Instead of insulting or attacking the left, or accusing them of attacking him, why not compromise with them, work together with them. That way our nation isn't totally one sided. That's what a good president is supposed to do. Supposed to unite a country, not split it.

    11.) "its easy to see you lean left and watch propaganda CNN or MSNBC" Actually I don't have TV, I only have YouTube and Netflix, therefore the only propaganda I get exposed to are the conservative PragerU ads on YouTube. Everything else I have gotten because of my experiences with this world, from history books, and from traveling and meeting people on both sides who have real experiences with each topic.

    12.) "The parties never switched sides" Man of man I really didn't want to get into this, but you chose to bring it back up. Alright, it is absolutely insane to say that parties did not switch sides. The republican party was founded by Abe Lincoln. Now the Republican party is the party of members of the KKK. (I am not saying everyone in the Republican party is a klans member. I am simply stating the fact that members of the KKK are usually Republican.) This shows a clear swap. A party doesn't go from supporting the abolishment of slavery to now have people who lynch and kill people based on their race.

  17. Bakd Potato

    Love this song

  18. Miranda Houston

    This song is the greatest

  19. Jon Bouchard

    Wow amazing song

  20. power wagon

    I wish the u s a would take posetion of north america there would be 0 resistance on my behalf . i would wear the red white and blue PROUDLY

  21. z1k3 PsYcHo

    You are an absolute fucking idot

  22. David Koppenhoefer

    Yelawolf and Adam need to do a song together!!!🔥🔥❌❌🔥🔥

  23. isaiha 0402

    I got suspended from school because I played this song lol

    Angus Beef

    isaiha 0402 learn this song and sing it! And then let them try to stop you. At that point you are being creative and they can’t stop you legally!RHEC🔥

    Aaron Anderson

    That bullshit

    Shawn Cloud


    Anthony Johnson

    I believe it, school systems fucked

  24. Tony Sas

    Dude you rock! Speaking truth God bless

  25. RedneckWOP8673 Best

    Shit he say nigga yeah I did nigga fuck u

  26. Bob Higgins

    The man

  27. Frank Moser

    Adam calhoun is the best music I've heard in along time. We need more ppl like him to tell how it is. Luv what he stands for. Do American daily

  28. Dean burney

    RACISM IS NOT “At an all time high in America.” That’s a Democratic machine lie. If they don’t carry the African American vote in national elections THEY LOSE. Hence they’ll say anything shoot people or even kill doctors to protect their revenue streams. Don’t buy into any of that.

  29. olddude

    Thanks Adam from us old fucks..

  30. rick allendorf

    Balls for days = Adam Calhoun

  31. Danny pjr

    trump needs to play this in 2020 for the snowflakes

  32. Danny pjr

    I wear skinny jeans they are called wranglers

  33. Billy currence

    Heroe , Patriot , statesman ,............ original, hustler , father................... husband:,brother ,son ......................
    Thanks Adam Cahoun your one of the realest talking . You not only talk you put yourself into the truth . The video where you went into inner city Chicago. Gave me alot of respect for you. Your a inspiration keep it up .

  34. Jace Lafreniere

    "Oh my god aggression fuck ya I'm American sometimes arrogant I'm aware of it"🇺🇸

  35. Michael Reed

    Sorry but you suck

  36. Iron Eddie

    Godfamilycountry!☝️🇺🇸TRUMP2020!🇺🇸👊🇺🇸☝️🇺🇸👊 right beside you bRoThEr!🇺🇸👍

  37. Gary Rose

    Straight up truth, There needs to b a class on (how to b real America)grow the fuck up people!!! U tell them Calhoun

  38. Crystal T

    Fuk yeah, fuk yeah

  39. JD Raider 24

    No fucks to give

  40. E Camp

    I just found this mother fucking guy and I'm loving it

  41. KOLLUM13

    I wear skinny jeans and I love this 😂👌

  42. steve sheehan

    Bro!!!! Wtf lol I live your lyrics

  43. Jerry Walden

    Hell yeah brother thanks for music love your bars

  44. GreenGaboon

    "Close your casket faster than I closed Hosier's."

  45. Stoney Stoker


  46. Varick1987

    13yr Canadian Armed Forces. Love your videos, love your message. This song is 200% me.

    michael mantler

    Major respect to you man for your service

    E Camp

    Thanks for your service unfortunately our pm doesn't respect you like the real Canadian patriots

  47. George True

    Good stuff🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘

  48. Richard Muters

    Great song

  49. Steven H

    This is good! Greetings from germany


    Steven H Danke!

  50. Big B Potter

    You give crazy ass white boys like me a theme song !!

  51. Big B Potter

    Adam you the GOAT !

  52. James Loft

    U are my daughter and my sons and my hero.

  53. James Loft

    You will never be my family's enemy Adam. U r my daughter my son and my hero. Love You. Brother.

  54. Aaron C

    Thiz is me lolol

  55. Aaron C

    Buck buck

  56. James Loft

    Grow up dumbasses

  57. James Loft

    The truth

  58. James Loft

    So awesome

  59. Mrs Poulter

    Favorite song!

  60. Malone

    Ga .. and Er.. are two different words. Ones a Racial Slur and ones a cultural slang.

    They’ll try and divide us until they destroy us.

    Coley Davis

    Thank you for teaching me the difference. Lol I am still to afraid to say it but hey it ain't my place. But I will say mick hell I am one lol.

    z1k3 PsYcHo

    @Coley Davis oh God

  61. Billy Dean

    thumbs down well fuck u this my fav

  62. squirrelly squirrels

    Dal-gum y'all'er better than the old Eminem.

    Max Wazorick

    By loads, blows him out the water

    z1k3 PsYcHo

    @Max Wazorick what the actually fuck

  63. Nick Sauer

    Don’t stop spittin’ Adam, the world needs this!
    Get at it country boy!

  64. Jaymar44

    Big yikes

  65. Sweayz Killin

    I went through the hood listen to this

  66. Veller Carroll

    this one of lesser known Adam calhoun songs. but it's one of my favorite

  67. Bo p

    This is fire!!!

  68. James Loft


  69. James Gorrell

    Another back woods banger from Adam Calhoun and a whole lot of Truth behind it keep bringing those word play bangers

  70. david young

    This song is fucking 🔥 you the 🐐my guy,🖕🖕🖕liberals.✌️brother


    I'm not much on Demun. Church brings that fire. But you are the realest baddest mufucka on the internet brother!


    I noticed 3 thumbs down... so that means 3 libtard pussy ass snowflakes stopped by. FUCK EM!

  73. G M

    Since the Sacramento fags cried all social media have attacked AC

  74. Kain K

    We need more truth tellers from Like you and chicken Willy up here in Canada 🇨🇦

  75. James Loft

    One of the best songs ever heard so true

  76. James Loft

    Songs I ever heard so true so true

  77. Anthony M

    My new favorite song. Damn I love it Adam. You have the best music ever man.

  78. Rita Dale

    Fuck them rainbow snorting snow flakes This song is awesome rhec Trump 2020 Donald Trump Jr 2024 upchurch and Adam 3032

  79. john Laughlin


  80. Michael DeShone

    Red White and Blue blooded Americans for Trump 🇺🇸2020🇺🇸

    Gerald Burke


  81. Rikki Hall

    Love this song and everything Adam stands for , MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN YALL !!!

    James Loft

    Voting for president

  82. Travis Gardner

    Communists cunts blocked his videos?

  83. Matthew Kennedy

    Church is his ghost writer.

  84. t k

    Holy shit

  85. Thomas Jefferson

    Why am I the second comment. This shit is great I love it. Fuck liberals!

  86. Shawn Vinson

    Why am I the first comment?

    Angus Beef

    Shawn Vinson Woof