Calhoun, Adam - Country Lyrics

Deep beneath the fallen leaves
The old tin roofs and the dead swamp trees
The sound of red bogs, rattlin' chains
Rebel flags by the dozen doin' a truck bed dance
That firewater drippin' in a couple glass jugs
Double barreled shotgun full of them slugs
Got scars on our knuckles, come get you some
There ain't no mistaken where we all come from

We from the country, the hollars and hills
If you wanna drive chains come snatch my gears
In the country, where we all down the road
Don't start no shit on my one lane road
In the country, oh-oh-oh in the country

Yeah boy!
Hillbilly deluxe, thick chicks with big butts
Camouflaged 250 with the chromed out nuts
Gun racks, big guns, roughnecks, sunburnt
Make a city boy say "Bubba we ain't want none"
Damn right you don't want it 'cause we come by the pack
Square body Chevys and some white boys with some tats
I got a pistol like the one from Dirty Harry you know
No permit but I still pack it everywhere that I go
So watch me stomp in the dust, square dance on the game
Jam out to Chattahoochee while I sip on the drink
So here's my motherfuckin' middle finger, you can give it to fame
Hollywood ain't for me if you know what I'm sayin'

We from the country, the hollars and hills
If you wanna drive chains come snatch my gears
In the country, where we all down the road
Don't start no shit on my one lane road
In the country, oh-oh-oh in the country

[Adam Calhoun:]
Hell yeah!
Bunch of redneck, rough face, hard lookin' ass
Came from the wrong side of the motherfuckin' tracks
That's no lie Bubba, that's the way of life 'round here
Got a problem then we fuckin' scrap
Hillbillies on the front porch bumpin' our shit
Old cars in the front yard needin' to be fixed
Old dog chained to a big tree in the back
Talk shit if you want, he was trained to attack
I was raised the same way, by my grandfather around the way
He taught me how to use a gun, aim bang bang
Got that barrel smokin' leave you open, you just hopin' you don't die
Don't approach him you'll be chokin' from the smoke when bullets fly
I'd rather be calm like the leaves in the fall
Watch 'em change colors on the front porch with my dog
Listen up real close I'mma say this one time
Country ain't just a state, it's my state of mind

We from the country, the hollars and hills
If you wanna drive chains come snatch my gears
In the country, where we all down the road
Don't start no shit on my one lane road
In the country, oh-oh-oh in the country

[Demun Jones:]
Is any rednecks in the house?
They don't really want it man, it must be a joke
We gettin' jiggy in the boonies, you can tell from the smoke
Lightin' the flame to this whole god damn thing
Just crank it up loud and you can see what I'm sayin'
And keep an open mind, we got a class to teach
It ain't no Panama City but more bikinis than the beach
Enough hillbillies to invade our whole city
MSNBC said 12 million at least
And that's twice as many boots stompin' straight on that ass
And that's twice as many trigger fingers ready to blast
I got my work clothes on, campfire cologne
We rollin' deep off in this bitch, Calhoun, Church, Jones

We from the country, the hollars and hills
If you wanna drive chains come snatch my gears
In the country, where we all down the road
Don't start no shit on my one lane road
In the country, oh-oh-oh in the country

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Calhoun, Adam Country Comments
  1. pnwexplorerunner

    Stop comparing Upchurch to these hick hop rappers. It’s not fair 😂

    Creek squad🙂

  2. high5compliments

    Why this song reminds me to tje beasty boyz?

  3. Tashan Cetrios

    Hotness full max country boys

  4. Little Texas

    So. Damn. Good.


  5. Joshua Rodgers

    Had a chance to meet Adam Calhoun in person great guy

  6. Christa Adams

    Wow, there are sooo many things in this song that pertain to me and my families life! Its fuggen awesome!! ❤ being from the country and love this song! Much love from Arkansas!! 😁👍🇺🇸 #RHEC #TRUMP2020

  7. Cody Stanford

    Country ain't a state

  8. redneck rocker in AZ

    Came round the corner.. Po Po sitting front my house.. turns out for neighbor across street. Came in started bumping Calhoun and church.. fuck em.. bumping life

  9. Sunshine Mosher

    I love this song

  10. Cary Grimes

    Adam and Upchurch some real country boys Yes sir !

  11. Wayne Spears

    Pack up wolfs blood lust before the kill

  12. Patricia Harris

    I'm loven the flow of the voices the sound. Bow an Luke Duke back in town. Yee haw!!!

  13. Michael Roberts

    Wow all three of the greats in one video yaull make more together that's what we need

  14. Towelie Towel

    Imagine they had rittz on this

  15. Amanda Lynn Frasier

    I am a 43 year old Mom who hasn't listened to any new rap in a very long time. My son has been telling me to listen to Upchurch for awhile now. I have watched Adam on Facebook for years now. Not his music honestly didn't even know he did music till the other day. And I finally listened to both of u.. Denum just popped up so I tapped it and wow.. I have new music to Jam to while I am at work.. I am a oil & gas field truck driver. I am in my truck for 12 hrs a day. My first day listening to the 3 of u was last Thursday. I know most urs songs and alot of the words already.. Now what im about to say to the 3 of u I mean every word. I grew up on country, that was my Daddy's music. My Mom like soft rock. I grew up in the 80's so of course I love my hair bands, and my classic rock. When rap came out I was always very touchy more so then any other genre of music I didn't like a lot of it. Haven't listened to any new rappers since like 2003. Well till last week.. so yes u all have impressed me very much.. I don't want to turn it off.. this last week has either been one of u or the impeachment trail. I have to know what's going on in my country ya know. Anyway I just saw the stuff about that hosier douche. So I thought let me see what this dude is about.. and all I have to say is Thank you. Thank u all for being the kind of men I would want my son to listen too.. Adam and Upchurch I have watched lots of stuff with u both since Trump started running and the message u all put out about loving our country made me love you ❤️ and knowing my son loves you all makes me so proud of him.. He choices hard working men with good messages over other's like this hosier. Yes u all like to have fun what country grown doesn't. I would dance all night if I wasn't hauling water to the frac 12 hrs a day.. but some of ur songs are just what some of us Merica loving hard working true to the core kind of people need right now to remind us. We haven't lost our whole country.. so Thank You all for giving this hard working Mom peace knowing I did something right if my kids choice is the message I see the 3 of u sending.. God Bless u all.. ❤️

  16. Cammeron White

    Facebook won't let me share this one either they ought to be ashamed of themselves that's okay they'll come around

  17. Pete is never wrong

    If you like this, your sister is also your mother.

  18. Billy Harrell

    Yoooo , 5.7 million. That's wicked bro

  19. ryanupchurch RHEC

    Yo upchurch I like you song and many other things you make

  20. Duke mountain


  21. Kruz Patton

    In 50 seconds Upchurch sounds like outlaw

  22. no no

    Dem Calhoun boys be crushin it

  23. Kiyoko Wilkinson

    I listen to this song every morning on the front porch with my dog ! I think it's funny that y'all are in a scrapyard, saying when w have a problem we scrape . I enjoy the metaphor in that bar .this is the first song I listen to every morning. A DAY WTHOUT MUSIC IS UNHEAR OF HERE ! IT TRULY MAKES MY DAY !💖🎶🐕🐾🐾🐾 MY DOG APPOVES TOO, THANKS GUYS🎤🎶😍❤🎶

  24. Anthony M Billman

    Upchurch .. I thought you were Dean Whinchester from Supernatural at first glance lol song is bitchen man

  25. Mr BoJangles78

    Country RAP Power group anybody? 3 of the best right here!

  26. Brittany Terry

    Subscribe to my page yall!

  27. Joseph Thomas

    I love you I'm your biggest fan yet

  28. docmartincurbcheck

    1.6 k need to get socked in their cock sucker! Pocahontas and Bernie are on another channel gender confused fuckers!

  29. Patriot3210

    Stomp when you walk.

  30. Mark wayne Crank jr

    This song kicks ass and take names

  31. Ryan Jacobsen

    Awesome song but I wouldnt recomend shooting slugs out of a double barrel shot gun due too one of the barrels being a modified choke meaning its for birdshot not a solid hunk of lead I would think such country folks would know this or the gun might blow up in your face just a thaught!!!

  32. Nicole Hunter

    Awesome video 《♡》

  33. Devon Ladner

    rappers: flexes cars and money
    stormzy: shuts down london bridge
    real legends: scrapyard

  34. MrSwitchblade327

    Yeah I'm prison bound I did a crime one too many times . It's on the outskirts of town by the railroad tracks where the country moon shines.

  35. Dallas

    American Boyz !!! 100% 😘

  36. Tom Peace

    I like the song but what is so country about a scrap yard the video don't make any sense

  37. MaddMoxxi B

    Tennessee pride. Warren county here. All three of you man are true Americans. I got your 6 if ya need it. Salute boys.

  38. Shark Slapper

    I usually only find myself throwing up in my mouth when I’ve had to much to drink....

    But this has the same effect.

  39. Kevin Mckinney

    3 of the greatest!

  40. tanker flinger

    Still have to keep coming back....i follow all three of yaz....keep it bumpin brothas ❤❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  41. Landon

    upchurch is the best. katie is shit

  42. Godluvnherbalist83

    Shiiiiiiiiit I’m a country black girl! This shit goes hard! This some shit I’ll clean my house to.

  43. De Fowl

    They need to take out the selfish bastard upchruch bc he showed his true colors...

  44. Landon

    Trump 2020

  45. John Chase

    Upchurch is a joke. Katie or not. Distance yourself.

  46. MusbCrazy80

    im from the UK, 38 yr old mum, listened to house music since I can remember. thres no other genre been half as good..til now. country rap. what the fuck is goin on?

  47. Ashton Crutchfield

    i swear everytime i hear jones i dont think he sounds like he looks lmao

  48. Chris Bowles

    Get after it boys!!!

  49. Arron Castfree

    Upchurch is a bitch for how he treated Katie

  50. skipper jim

    Lol if that ranger hat a dent behind the right door it’s my old one Lmmfao I flipped it on the side in ga rolled it back over with a Honda and a Extension cord

  51. Mathew Cooper

    Damn mane shit is sick asf fuggin

  52. stevy11x

    Shouldn’t need a permit for a gun...

  53. MAGA for LIFE

    Damn this track is fire

  54. J R's Place

    Gotta go to YouTube to find real Country music.

    Josh Morningstar

    THIS is what you consider to be real country music?

  55. Dana Limbocker

    Loved it.....skinnnnnnz texas lady...

  56. Games Archive

    I love this shit

  57. Jake Mccain

    The 1.5k that disliked it aren’t welcome in the south

  58. Ry B

    I felt blessed seeing Demun and Adam in Tempe, imagine if y’all 3 did a stint out this way, would be worth missing my own funeral for!


    Dammit that's fire!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  60. Scout Pup

    This is the last song I can remember from xmas night. Nog and shine wtf was I thinking

  61. annisten edings

    Upchurch is the best

  62. LeeAnne Hazel

    Reminding me of Kid Rock in this one 👌🏻😊

  63. Joe Lowett

    One of the best yet, from all 3.

  64. Mikey Rawlings

    This shit sounds like a soft version of Kid Rock

    Wesley Zeigler

    Don't compare just enjoy the song or turn it man you don't have to listen it's your choice bro nobody likes a critic wtf

  65. Jakub Antos

    New song to listen to when driving my 950 HP, 4,500 lb-ft of torque International in ATS! :D

  66. Todd Brown

    That song is better than coffee and cocaine to get you going in the morning bitchh

  67. Mr J

    I would happily fight and die beside you my patriotic country brothers, God bless you must brothers, you're the type of people exempt from my misanthropy.

  68. Chris Romero

    I wanna do a song twice/thrice with these guys.....Hell yea....

  69. Billie Bingman

    Barry Dale Ward Love you 😘 04/01/19

  70. Lenny

    Still fire

  71. claudette jackson

    Big up Al and Peg Bundy

  72. Monica Gentry

    I don't like rap music but I'm love country rap musics I'm digging this 🤣check outmurkles, jelly roll, Colt Ford😂, all. Country rap musics, lacs😋

  73. Monica Gentry

    Hey love country rap, musics, 😋I dontlikerap music, but I love country rap musics 🤟😝🤟💯check them out listen to them😂

  74. Secret Devose

    You three are amazing together y'all feed off of each other's energy and you can hear the passion for music💁 I wish you three would tour together I would totally go to Every concert😍😍

  75. Fred Henschel

    Still loving !!! Thankful on Thanksgiving 👍🏻👍🏻❤️

  76. Joey Rodriguez

    Upchurch is a legendary

  77. Sharon Byrd

    Damn, didn't know this was last year ....

  78. Sharon Byrd

    Damn Church. Ur #1 fan
    Love ya

  79. Debbie Sheffield

    I love the country. I hunt every week and weekend since I been retired from work. I shot a 13 point yesterdey

  80. Charles Kirkland

    Amherst County, VA fuck yea

  81. JustTammy _

    Makin American fight with fists again!! Real shit!! We need to stop these kids and guns an teach em how to scrap !

  82. JustTammy _

    My bf introduced me to you and UpChurch back in July and I love y'all!! I'm from Henderson KY so I live in a small ass country town too!! Love it!! Hope y'all come to my neck of the woods!! Please!!

  83. Candy Renee

    Get er done!!! REBEL 4 LIFE 🌬👑💙❤🎯

  84. Marissa Langston

    Y’all 3 need an entire album js

  85. The Naughty Northern

    Badass track 🤘😎🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Erik Beyer

    Did you America today???!!!???!!??!!! Better geterdone if not

  87. Michael Gervasio


  88. Odin’s Pride

    3 of the most badass country rappers that are pure country

  89. Daniel & Danielle Thompson

    Another favorite !!!! 3 of the best I. The game !!!

  90. Shane Jenkins

    Bad fucking ass !!!!

  91. Pure hell Garage

    If more of us thought like this the government wouldn’t be trying to fuck with us black or white we need to start standing together against the real enemy

  92. ishockeyfrilla

    Thanks bun

  93. john cline

    My brothers

  94. Margaret Holbrook

    Oh it was that adam fellor that said that I thought it was hank said country was a state of mind

  95. Star crazy

    Hell yeah nothing better than living country!!

  96. Josh Blume

    The 1.4k that disliked this song are all anti-gun, gay liberals