Calexico - The Town & Miss Lorraine Lyrics

I found a book in a washed up ship
Reading the notes the captain stitched
Inside this suit of dust I wait
As the waves carry me back to shore

My neighbor Miss Lorraine commands
The town's attention when she wants
She has a way of making everyone she meets
Feel lost and lone with no direction home

There's a bad accident on the interstate
A snake of engine oil reaches out

The fire inside my soul is nearly flickered out
So I order another round

Sliding into the sea
With cynicism and rum
Watching Miss Lorraine
Smoking alone with the moon

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Calexico The Town & Miss Lorraine Comments
  1. Michael Cottone

    Beautiful as always guys

  2. ian wild

    One of my favourites from the Album.Melancholy can be beautiful in the hands of Calexico.

  3. M Williams

    Love this song. Thank you Joey Burns.

  4. rolandwieser1

    beautiful tex-mex

    Heywood Jabuzoff

    Beautiful song bot tex-mex. Not even close.