Calexico - Para Lyrics

I hold your wrist, you bite your lip
The push becomes an embrace
I touch your face, you close your eyes
The embrace becomes a shove
I walk away, you follow too close
The shove takes hold and there's nowhere to go

Take it down! Take it away!
Take it down! Take it all the way down!
Take it down! Take it away!
Take it down! Take it all the way down!
The waterline!

I see you now through a glass wall
All that is you stays with you
But we see it all, we feel it all
And there is no place we can't go

Take it down! Take it away!
Take it down! Take it all the way down!
Take it down! Take it away!
Take it down! Take it all the way down!
Down below!
The waterline!

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Calexico Para Comments
  1. Kıyı Müzik

    çok özlüyorum

    Seden Konuksever

    Ben de...

    Kıyı Müzik

    sen de bu şarkıyı kulağına takıp saatlerce yürüdün mü bir zamanlar Seden?

    Seden Konuksever

    Kulağıma takıp saatlerce yürümedim bir zamanlar belki ama, her dinleyişimde özlediğim bir şeylerin hâlâ var olduğunu hatırlatıyor.

  2. miki dimitrijevic

    More than amazing ...

  3. lervisten1

    again, vaffanculo g

  4. Eveline Erfolg

    Does remind of Radiohead, though the song is not less pretty because of that :)

    Billybob Borae'

    you should check out the band Low

  5. Игорь Захаров


  6. DIE

    strongly reminds me of RADIOHEAD.

  7. Márcio Carocho

    No! You're alone on that...

  8. Ivan Kocijan

    No, Radiohead and Muse ARE LIKE Calexico!

  9. Alessandro lucchinetti

    amazing song, reminds me too Radiohead

  10. Angela Elliot

    Calexico in the latitude festival this July!!! Poso tha hthela na phgainame mazi!!!!!

  11. Ozgur Duygu

    so emotional climaxes inside. it reminds me unhappy memories.

  12. Kidofrodo

    Reminds me of a lot of things. I was very surprised to hear it's a new song. I heard it on the radio and it felt like a classic old rock song. Anyways it's amazing, and simple.

  13. frixos frixoy

    πολύ φίλε μου, πολύ !!! ;)

  14. ministry078

    like MUSE..little bit


    parenthood babyyyyy!

  16. Özgün Demir

    don't be aggressive, I agree with him and you. This really reminds a bit radiohead, a bit. But also radiohead is fuckin unique. cheers

  17. Aideen73

    This song has the most amazing mood!

  18. salamalekos

    Πόσο γαμεί;;;; ΠΟΣΟ;;;;

  19. cocospatra

    Another masterpiece from Calexico

  20. Guillermo Carrasco

    Nice approach...

  21. Koerner Young

    New Orleans! Algiers, to be specific ;)

  22. Susana Luna


  23. Kostis K

    Amazing song..
    Where are these bridges?

  24. Jon Delibes

    Alucinante, preciosa, se puede parar de escucharla.
    Deseando la publicación del disco.
    ¿Alguien puede poner la letra de la canción? . Gracias Calexico .



  26. Philip Lerche

    See you at in Vega september 26, Denmark

  27. Nikko Marko

    asfalws..! cheers

  28. Nikko Marko

    thats cool! :)

  29. Illavick

    Amazing! Wow! Tom Waits has some competition! You two duke it out and I'll play winner.

  30. Nikko Marko

    ...και θα ξανάρθω..!

  31. ogatoulas

    εχεις ξαναρθει δηλαδη?

  32. souljacker3

    ace.convertino and burns do it again.muse,radiohead?what an insult.those bands not even closeto this tuscon majesty!!!!!

  33. Rockhugger7

    Nah. Doesn't sound like Muse, Radiohead or whatever else people claim that it sounds like. It sounds like Calexico!

  34. Fran Delgado

    great! a sort of West USA's Radiohead

  35. Biotektan

    reminds me of the "28 weeks later" soundtrack

  36. Gross Negligence

    Yes sir.

  37. Nikko Marko

    Ο Εν Λευκώ με έφερε εδώ... πάλι...!

  38. John Sánz

    beautiful as always, i'm looking forward to the new album very much :)

  39. Alexis Stamatis


  40. J G

    Looking forward to the rest of the album!

  41. 54riro

    Spitze dieses Gemisch aus Folk, Rock und mexikanischen Akzenten - Rita

  42. Olivier Monbaillu

    Looks like the bridge is the Crescent City Connection (formerly Greater New Orleans Bridge).

    Incidentally, "Algiers Point" is a neighbourhood just to the NE of that bridge, so I guess the album title relates to it, probably...

  43. osnola0401

    Junio, Julio, Agosto... ¡Septiembre!

  44. Spiro Bolos

    Anybody know where this was filmed? Part of it looked like New Orleans, but I could be wrong.

  45. André Pascoal

    hard to quit listening such a song... addictive since the 1st listen! :o

  46. pejamo

    Joey and John - sounds (and looks) great. Pretty excited for some new music from you guys.

  47. muddi ott

    hamburg will be a pleasure to me

  48. muddi ott

    hey Joey---this is the best thing you have ever done

  49. Bluehopi Waltz

    the new Calexico , these guys rock the planet with beautiful melodies ! Belgium in September .

  50. Niklas Herrström


  51. Vincent Bédrune

    Very promising for the new album!

  52. Santiago Silva

    Sounds fantabulous!

  53. babaupede

    If this is of any indication, the album is going to be awesome.

  54. Gustavo Espindola

    Wow! fantástico.

  55. Michael Medlin

    As with all of the best Calexico, it makes me want to take a road trip.

  56. Teona

    Very beautiful music !

  57. xdtom1

    a comment

  58. Vince Lesniewski

    There are no comments, why don't you make the first?