Calexico - Fortune Teller Lyrics

I was just standing, turning around
That’s when they caught me headin’ down
Keep on going don’t look away
That’s what they tell me, that’s what they say


Yeah, that’s what they tell me, that’s what they say

You’re a pretty thought I support
Yeah, I’m just tryin’ to hold up as I go
And one day I swear I’ll spread my wings
I’m on my way to finer things


I’m on my way to finer things

It wasn’t just me playin’ those games
Still it’s my own fault just the same
I opened up, I let you in
Now these crystal feelings are wearing thin


I opened up, I let you in

I’m walkin’ with the fortune teller
I can see my own way home
But I don’t like this dark road anymore
And I don’t want to be alone for long


Don’t want to be alone for long
I don’t want to be on this dark road alone...

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Calexico Fortune Teller Comments
  1. Collin Cook

    i wish i wasnt so shitty at relationships. I love them but I just can't show it enough.

  2. oksimoronko


  3. Ab mk

    i'am from Algiers and "Ou..ou.ou..ou..wouu....ou..ou.ou.ou.ou..wouhhh" God bless humans :D <3<3<3

  4. Cankles For Prison 2020

    Really?... what a snoozer... great cure for insomnia.

  5. Tenky Menky


  6. Sam D

    Somebody check if the shins page is all about Calexico

  7. Angel Rodríguez

    I love this song.

  8. Alberto Rigotti


  9. Alberto Rigotti


  10. Alberto Rigotti


  11. HDXBear

    Outstanding Gentlemen outstanding Well done

  12. Kyle Heffernan

    WOW. simply amazing. I cant stop listening.<3

    Orapan Suthisom

    Kyle Heff

    Linkin parp

  13. fatfriarmusic

    In regards to the idea this is similar to The Shins 'New Slang' I do hear the similarity musically yet the vibe each song creates is an entirely different mood. The Shins have a more Marcy Playground weirdness to them...kind of a psychedelic, college kids angst thing whereas Calexico capture a sweet, longing vibe in their song...something I more readily relate to.

  14. junitahahn

    Heard on Eclectopia a few weeks ago.  Strikes the right cords with me. Jackpot!

  15. Gabriel Loynaz

    Very similar to New Slang by The Shins

    Bluehopi Waltz

    next .....

  16. James Crotty

    Mmmmmm the shins

  17. Lombardo Valdes

    Me encanta esta banda...

  18. Sebastian Krinner

    Totally reminds me of the shins. Wonderful band so glad i found it!!

  19. Sara Conde

    The shins?, anyone?

    Bluehopi Waltz

    nope , this is Calexico

  20. Rob Mack

    Thank you

  21. Roobs67

    Great Music.

  22. Mayara Alves


  23. xJoepieJee

    I'm so glad I discovered this band :D

  24. Stennis

    "..and one day i swear i'll spread my wings
    i'm on my way to finer things.."
    Just perfect.

  25. Jonathan Reeves

    No dislikes. Rock on Calexico.

  26. Lizzie Bridges

    Right of passage music right here.

  27. Μαρία

    looking forward to seeing them again in Greece ! 3

    Bill Mls

    me too!

  28. valverdista

    "But I don’t like this dark road anymore
    And I don’t want to be alone for long"

    Brilliant, so simple but so true!

  29. bubulinuvesel

    very beautiful music

  30. David Opdyke

    My favorite from the new album (there's also a couple great live versions floating around YT, on with just Joey and John... it's still a gorgeous song even when totally stripped down!)

  31. polcrendszer

    you guys must be coming from kexp :D.

  32. Amanda Fairchild

    Mmmmm mellow. I lyyyke :)

  33. Rich Glasgow

    Great feel to this song.