Calexico - Epic Lyrics

Nights we hide between the walls
And voices leading on the ground
Arms reaching out
Hoping for the chance to start
Oooh... ooh ooh

Hearts holding out
Waiting for the bells to bring

My words to all of you
And if they ever hear my voice
Hold me in your thoughts
Laid out
Twisted in defense
Hoping for the chance to start
Oooh... ooh ooh

Hearts holding out
Waiting for the bells to send

My love to all my friends
And if I never make it back
To hold you in my arms again
Not letting go this time
Oooh... ooh ooh

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Calexico Epic Comments
  1. Ed Helvey

    I first of Calexico when I told John Convertino that I was looking forward to seeing him the following week (he had just finished playing a Giant Sand show) when he would be back in town (Portland - we were having a beer together at Berbati's) with  Friends Of Dean Martinez. He said, "They're name is mud. My other band is now Calexico."

  2. May Crue

    Es de mis favoritas

  3. Darko Bernobic

    Pitty to miss them in Ljubljana in summer 2018.

  4. 01 butenkieler

    Kannte ich noch nicht. Cover looks like tsunami 2011.

  5. stergios kost

    Nights we hide between the walls...

  6. Petra Angenehm

    One of my favourite songs at the moment and forever. Great!

  7. pokemon trainer cookies

    "Luvly" & well spirited vibe.
    In fact everybody I've played this Jam for, loves it

  8. miki dimitrijevic

    What pleasure listening this alb ...

  9. Chad Johnson

    Crowded House?  similar sounds


    No Calexico

    Chad S

    The lyrics do drive and swell in a similar fashion. I thought about some older Crowded House myself. Beautiful song

  10. Lombardo Valdes

    me encanta!

  11. Robert Ardura

    Irony? Actually you're right. Irony isn't the right word. What I meant was that there is too much good music out there that doesn't get the promotion it deserves. While all the bad music gets a huge amount of promotion.

    Pablo Smog

    The little guy can't compete in a market where everybody thinks the product should be given to them for free. A small number of super-controlled, propped-up artless shills who make the mainstream corporate-product bands of yesteryear look like artistic geniuses, and vast numbers of people living off of tips and playing "for exposure" at local bars, never able to rise above their dead-end, self-consuming scenes who handicap them in the name of "community." You get what you pay for.

  12. Robert Ardura

    Unfortunately no. I never heard of them until I just got fed up with American radio and started going out of my way to find new shit.

  13. Stennis

    That's one of the few songs i will never get tired listening to through my whole life...

  14. J Armijo

    5 people clearly are not epic

  15. SargentSnuggles

    You keep using that word...I don't think it means what you think it means.

  16. vimo

    really? I have known Calexico for almost 10 years and I was introduced to them by someone I met Austria while travelling. I thought they were more popular, specially after garden of ruin

  17. Ani Movsisyan

    that's really great album! Lucky me, i know Calexico :)

  18. IIRONMAN13

    skaaaaata!!! diafhmiseis!!!

  19. Ainārs Plankājs

    nice song like

  20. Oded Meir

    calexico the best , like this song

  21. Eftychia Moraiti

    really epic!!!!!

  22. Zand Zandje

    It's great, i love it, the singer with the voice of Roy Orbison

  23. pablo herrero

    gallina de piel!

  24. cassy

    dimi, çok hoş.

  25. Robert Ardura

    sad these guys aren't well known. They're great! One of the many ironies of America.

  26. Alessandro Amato

    WHO dare not like calexico??

  27. murat akan

    ne kadada datlı bi o kada farklı

  28. TruthSmack

    Very impressive sound!

  29. peter stoneman

    love this

  30. Ian Reed

    You guys keep putting out good records! Great job!