Calexico - End Of The World With You Lyrics

I thought you were the one who said cold wars are a bust
She doesn't want a Romeo, just someone she can trust
With an ear to the ground

Love in the age of the extremes
There's nothing better that I'd rather do
Then to scatter all the myths
And walk to the start of the end of the world with you

Turn up the microphone on the national parks
You gotta switch something off if you wanna get it right
A crater full of wisdom in James Turrell's eyes

Light in the age of the extremes
There's nothing finer that I'd rather see
Then to scatter all the myths
Find another way around getting stuck at the end of the world with you
The end of the world with you
At the end of the world with you
At the end of the world with you
At the end of the world with you

If you travel out to space at the speed of light
Would you send me a letter from a star going by
Can't see too well out here in the dark

Time in the age of the extremes
There's nothing better that I'd rather feel
Then to scatter all the myths
Bring back a little piece of mind for you
You gotta vantage point so we'll sit and watch the view
At the edge of the end of the world

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Calexico End Of The World With You Comments
  1. Mariangel Troche

    I 💖 this song🎵🎶

  2. Rose X

    didn't read

  3. BrokenSocialScene23

    Opening: Sounds like 80s song.
    First verse: Sounds like 90s song.
    Bridge: Sounds like 60s song.
    Chorus: Sounds like 2000s song.

    Matt C

    Spot on!

  4. BrokenSocialScene23

    I heard this song playing in a store and asked myself how did I not hear this before when I was growing up in the 90s... So pretty surprised it was a recent song. It seriously sounds like it's from 1994.

  5. Lucile de Reilhan

    beginning sounds like U2

  6. Joe G. Bear

    **JOE BEAR'S BEST OF 2018** #10 - CALEXICO "The Thread That Keeps Us" (01/14/18 - ANTI Records) #BEARSBESTOF2018

  7. Michael

    Who's here because someone gave them a shirt that had calexico on it; then googled it?

  8. Silvia D'Epifanio

    J sing&love calexico since more than 13 years beyond .. J drive toghether calexico words&sound trhought the africas .. into the equador's miles .. until india calls me with her cool-shining singing tibethan bowls in kolkata sound-healing accademies.. and calexico music stay still with everibody sing&love them.. till the end of the world and back with you .. cause worlds 're better 'cause of YOURS SONGS .. on the road again&again .. gods&dogs bless us foever&ever until heaven eve .. on hearth journey throught the endless eternity of our infinite cosmic space .. 💪👽🖖 silvian💖d'ep

  9. svoboda simon

    they go pop:::::::::::::::

  10. Hus Rad

    is this a love song about dying through the anthropocene

  11. Andjelko Zlotvor

    Great music for straight people. They should collaborate with Lisa Germano again.

  12. hajeem1948

    they rock?? they rock !!

  13. screwyootube1

    It's a real shame that this song / album / band is still mostly unknown in the U.S., even though they are enjoying (some) success around the world! This straddles the fence between beautiful & rocking nicely!

  14. Beat Stuecheli

    great song!

  15. hauntedhouse

    Calexico Flat earth !

  16. Joe D

    stop ripping off, PAVEMENT

  17. Kagerou Imaizumi

    Beautiful. Great work!

  18. Denise Suzanne

    Love so much! This album has been playing non-stop for me! On repeat all the way, every day!

  19. giacomo este

    Interesting review from Italy:

  20. Anselmo Echeverria

    Calexico ha ido desgranado poco a poco las piezas de su nuevo álbum "The Thread That Keeps Us", compartiendo canciones que lanzaban en las redes y que iban abriendo el apetito por un disco que iba cargado de creatividad y buenos temas. El proyecto de Joey Burns –vocalista y guitarrista– y John Convertino –batería–, ambos exmiembros de Giant Sand, ha ido tomando forma, no como ya era habitual en alguna localización fronteriza entre Arizona y México, si no que en esta ocasión se han trasladado al norte de California, en los estudios de Panoramic House: una casa-refugio espiritual construida con la madera del desaparecido astillero “The Phantom Ship”, un lugar lleno de simbolismo. Allí han reunido a músicos de todo el mundo, para conseguir un sonido tan particular, en el que no desentona el country rock, el pop, pasando por el rock, raíces tex-mex, el spaghetti western, el blues o el folk rock. Para la ocasión el grupo se ha presentado oficialmente como septeto y una vez más ha contado con la participación del madrileño Jairo Zavala, es decir, a Depedro. En palabras de Joey Burns: “Hay un poco más de caos y ruido en la mezcla de lo que hay habitualmente, aunque tiene más relación con el estado actual de la sociedad, de donde nos encontramos actualmente”.
    "The Thread That Keeps Us" es su noveno disco de estudio en el que confiesan que han querido intencionadamene. Calexico ha anunciado una nueva gira de conciertos por Europa que comenzará en Alemania el 9 de marzo, para continuar después por Italia, Suiza, Francia o Reino Unido.
    Música independiente novedades.

  21. omi god

    Nice tune, nice sound, bullshit lyric.

  22. Devilman1977

    Indie as indie should be!!!

  23. Encarna Galeote Padilla

    Bienvenido vuestro regreso. Comienza muy bien 2018.

  24. superangebot

    i find a little mix between Bowie and U2

  25. Will Austin

    Fantastic new music and love this cinematography!  Cheers from Seattle!

  26. lumaz71

    New U2 song? Uh no, Calexico. Mah.

    AAVV El parral

    U2 would like sign songs like that today

  27. Daniel Demoustier

    Brilliant! Bravo, bravo!

  28. chikamichi

    A bit uneasy with the likeness of both in melody (intro obviously, but the overall act as well) and in theme/songwriting.
    It sure sounds like easy-listening, but that is not bad per se. Let's be honest though, I'd expect (way) more from you guys. What may seam secondary: the rapid occurrence of the first semi guitar "solo" at 00:59, the inlined text, the verse structure… tell a lot about the intent of the song: to avoid challenging the audience and aim at commercial success. At least that's my immediate perception. I'll have to listen to it again sometime though. Cheers.

    Bluehopi Waltz

    did u listen to the whole album yet ?


    Not yet.

    Bluehopi Waltz

    u will love it - specially the deluxe 22 song version - i purchased the Mp3 version of it . I just love it


    chikamichi wow! Take it easy man and listen to what they’re saying here .....closely .....the earth is flat !

  29. Kristina Ihrie

    CBS morning brought me here.

  30. guitarrowhead mv

    Great tune, love it!

  31. varialles

    Wow, I hear snippets from early "Posies", "Guided By Voices" and "Built To Spill". Love this song!

  32. Dan Nork

    I love this song. Does anyone else think it sounds a *little* like Wilco? In a good way!


    Dan Nork I thought I hhear some "Handshake Drugs" guitar at the end of the first chorus!

  33. özgür özgür

    for the sake of god! please come to istanbul for a concert!you were here just for once and it was for a rock n coke organisation! the people here deserves to listen the- stray,minas de cobre,gypsy's curse,banderilla,tres avisos,muleta,frank's tavern,roka,sirena,corona and so on...and please bring mariachi luz de luna too :)

    özgür özgür

    thanks man

    Bluehopi Waltz

    özgür özgür my pleisure 🤙

    Gordon Bennett

    Am I correct in saying there is a superb sort of ampitheatre close by, where artists like Sting and other huge stars have played?

    özgür özgür

    there are many amphitheaters,modern stadiums where becomes concert area and modern concert halls all around Turkey.Just in july nick cave,muse,the scorpions,are coming and all the tickets sold out already.


    duck brewster sounding like a true Ameri-centric a-hole there buddy. I would imagine Istanbul to be a cool ass place to play, and thinking the multi-ethnic dudes from Calexico would agree.

  34. Robert Stephen Browning

    The pride of Tucson!

  35. Brian Smith

    that guitar reminds me of Bowie's Heroes.

  36. Melody von Rock

    Bang! Ordered! I like the words on screen - karaoke singalong while watching

  37. David Hidayat

    Debuted in my weekly personal chart on October 15, 2017 edition :)

  38. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "End Of The World With You" debuted at #25 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week:

  39. Veronica L. Rascon M.

    Nunca me decepcionan, son lo mejor!!!

  40. Isi De Bortoli

    So far from black light...just pop music you can listen everywhere..Niehaus come back!

    Alan Elam

    I agree...This new track is EXTREMELY dull compared to their previous work! I'll pass!

  41. g prozak

    i missed you guys!

  42. A.F. Berlijn

    Just Great! See you in March in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

  43. bruno sour

    reminds me heroes from bowie

  44. David Trancoso

    See you in Denver!

  45. mrtrips99

    Love the new song, wish the album was out NOW. Bring it to Portland, OR and the Aladdin.

  46. ShaniAnne

    I Lava it!

  47. guteshoerenistwichtig

    Angekündigt @guteshoerenistwichtig:

  48. Shane O'Mahony

    Brilliant. Love it. That's going to be picked up by some film soundtrack.

  49. amy peurrung

    The song and video knocked it out of the park! Well done. Can't wait for US tour.👍🏻

  50. Bigapple111

    sounds nice; but when are you going to do something different from indie?

    Michał Stanek

    But FOR WHAT something different? :) The're many different bands in the world, let Calexico be Calexico :)

    Brandon Barber

    why would they do that?


    Brandon Barber because they used to


    If you are talking about the Black Light era, then indeed it was far better in my opinion, but it's just our point of view. According to the enthusiasm here, a lot of people love their current style. And we don't.
    Let's listen to the Black Light again then !

    Susan Daniels

    they are the most eclectic band in the universe

  51. Bluehopi Waltz

    i was waiting for their new release - here we go . See ya in Belgium in March guys .

  52. César Chávez

    Thanks for coming back this soon! :D

  53. chrisafc4

    Love it! Can't wait for the album and hopefully a tour date in uk

  54. iesus68

    What a stunning return! Welcome back guys, see you on the road

  55. Bryan Chavez

    30 seconds in and I already love it. I have a good feeling about this album, keep it rocking guys

  56. Francis R. Munroe

    Wilco vibes! See you on the road!