Calexico - Bullets & Rocks Lyrics

The days are growing short
Patience wearing thin
Blackouts and broken trust
Leading to exodus
The future’s built on bullets and rocks

They’ll search, they’ll save
They’ll find it one day
There’s work to do
And mouths to feed

Why can’t you see
This plaintiff plea
The future’s starved
The families disappear
To the dark cover of night

No fear, no harm was meant
The smuggler joked
And down they went
The devil’s highway
Disguised as a cloud of dust and smoke

Narcos and feds
Are all intertwined
You can leave your valuables here
With me he smiled

A future’s promised to you
Wrapped in their words without truth
Echoes in a labyrinth of solitude
Security built a lie, a wall
Wrapped round and around fortitude

Bullets and rocks
A future’s promised to you

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Calexico Bullets & Rocks Comments
  1. dittbub

    Predicting how ever more fucked up ICE will become

  2. Tacia Rocha


  3. Carnifex

    does anybody know any music similar to this song specifically?

  4. Lui Nogueira

    WOW! Amazing

  5. paul elliott

    Listened to this twice today on my headphones - fantastic
    Brilliant video

  6. Acbbb

    Sounds kind of like the high road by broken bells.

  7. Nuit en Satin Blanc

    this one should have been a Sons Of Anarchy OST

  8. Moira Russell


  9. Diabolik Mitchell

    Great bluesy guitar, love it.

  10. Dylan Teed

    Absolutely awesome. My brother heard u guys on NPR and showed me this tune. Phenomenal writing... the lyrics & harmonies are superb. Come play in New York City!!!

  11. Not The Momma

    Great video and song

  12. jul brinerr

    tinariwen sound in background great

  13. Charles Mitchell

    You guys forced me to admit that there is still AMAZING music being created today.  It was an admission I was grateful and humbled to make.  Please keep going. The groove the harmony, the horns...everything

  14. abudi

    wauwwww superb video and song

  15. lordsleepyhead

    If I'm not mistaken this song is about refugees right?


    +lordsleepyhead I think its about the middle men in the drug trade. The guys who are just trying to feed their families

  16. Greg Bousamra

    You all were on point in Dortmund! Thanks for the great show -- this song rocked the house!

  17. iesus68

    my fav from Edge of The Sun, Calexico at their best! And amazing video too

  18. Musos Guide

    Tweeted @musosguide

  19. Bluehopi Waltz

    Fabulous song - so profound , deep and energetic . Love it - great work guys

  20. Ben Davis

    Fantastic video, suits the song well!


    +Benjamin Davis Unlike the last video

  21. Sasa Trifunovic

    Please, come to Serbia! Pleeeeease!

    Mighty Mouse

    Jos se pamti Kalemegdan 2013 :)

  22. casadecalexico

    See you on tour!

    10-30 Brussels, Belgium - Festival des Libertes *
    10-31 Groningen, Netherlands - De Oosterport *
    11-01 Utrecht, Netherlands - Tivoli *
    11-02 Frankfurt, Germany - Bastschkapp *
    11-03 Friesenegg, Austria - Posthof *
    11-04 Vienna, Austria - Museumquarter *
    11-06 Lausanne, Switzerland - Metropop Festival
    11-07 Parma, Italy - Auditorium Pagani *
    11-09 Basel, Switzerland - Kaserne *
    11-10 Leipzig, Germany - Werk 2 *
    11-11 Warsaw, Poland - Paladium *
    11-13 Thessaloniki, Greece - Fix Factory of Sound
    11-14 Athens, Greece - Fuzz Club
    11-16 Tel Aviv, Israel - Gesher Theatre
    11-17 Tel Aviv, israel - Barby
    11-18 Dortmund, Germany - Konzerthaus *
    11-19 Berlin, Germany - Columbiahalle *+

    * with Gaby Moreno
    + with Tom Schilling and the Jazz Kids

    Josué Dusoulier

    +casadecalexico Amazing concert yesterday in Brussels

    steve switzer

    +casadecalexico see u at the barbican london

    Yusuf Yalım

    +casadecalexico hope you visit İstanbul again soon.

    Kai Olschewski

    +Yusuf Yalım ...I have seen them last year, my fourth time, with my wife in Karlsruhe...Tollhaus Zeltival...amazing Concert...great Band...greetz