Caldwell, Bobby - Where Is The Love Lyrics

Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?

Where is the love?
You said you'd give to me
Soon as you were free
Will it ever be
Where is the love?

You told me that you didn't love him
And you were gonna say goodbye
But if you really didn't mean it
Why did you have to lie?

Where is the love?
You said was mine all mine
Till the end of time
Was it just a lie?
Where is the love?

If you had had a sudden change of heart
I wish that you would tell me so
Don't leave me hanging on the promises
You've got to let me know

Where is the love?

Oh how I wish I'd never met you
I guess it must have been my fate
To fall in love with someone else's love
All I can do is wait

That's all I can do

Where is the love?

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Caldwell, Bobby Where Is The Love Comments
  1. Joe Jones

    Ooooh Yeah...Such magic.


    I love Bobby Caldwell music especially Where is Love, What You Do For Love, Once upon a Time, Don’t Lead Me On. I met him several years ago in Penns Landing in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

  3. 霊祥院一人

    遊び疲れた 海辺での( ^ω^)・・・(♡) カクテルをチョット一杯(アブド~グ)( ^ω^)・・・(♡) お洒落ですよ・・・(笑) 12514

  4. Tammy Atkins

    Bobby your songs are is exactly how I feel strange someone has these same feedings THANK you here in America no one gets the meaning of your songs please don't forget about us love your music from America from a 55 still hanging on

  5. sid love

    I feel the Latin music influence on it

  6. 松原寛

    king of AOR .

  7. misanthrope8

    Hmmm ... My favorite song from one of my favorite musicals, "Oliver!," has this same title. So now, two fab songs entitled Donde esta amor ... and don't forget Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack's "Where is THE love?" Another keeper

  8. Danilo Soledad

    smoooooth voice on lazy sunday......bobby caldwell one of best smooth jazz.

  9. atimtambaby

    Unfortunately, part of the problem is that in the States, a law was passed that allowed corporate radio conglomerates to buy up multiple stations and all they do is maximize profits. KKSF in San Francisco said that the difference wasn't thousands of listeners, 10's of thousands. Almighty dollar & to hell with quality, right?


    David Johnson

    atimtambaby facts. I was so mad when they took away kksf

  10. dante773

    You know your comment strikes me cause I feel the same way about his voice. Very mysterious and great!

  11. rcdqlbrchlrdlflcrrsdrslsllmnd

    wow i love this song to!!!

  12. Jazzy Juls

    it's in my heart...for Bobby!!l Lol!!

  13. Trent Davis

    @MMZERO9 You are on point with that comment!

  14. Skyheartstar777

    He has a voice the combination of Harry Connick, Frank Sinatra, Atlantic Rhythm Section,Boz Scaggs and if I listen to them all probably others. Such a good voice.

    Eliamara Isabel Arias Flores

    Simplemente grandioso!

  15. inluuv09

    Oh my!! Words cannot express what I feel. This song is amazing!!! All time favorite!!!!!

  16. MMZERO9

    Next time they have "Dancing with the stars", they should play this song during one of the routines!

  17. Linda Lewis

    Love Bobby Caldwell. When this came out I must have played this CD 1000 times. No one has such a smooth voice like his!


    Hi Linda,
    You are absolutely right!! The best part is this--I worked in radio on Maui for many years. They had a Jazz Festival, and one of the headliners was Bobby Caldwell. One of our DJ"s spent 3 hours with him, for an interview, and she said he is the nicest guy that she ever met. That means a hell of a lot to me. Without compensation he recorded numerous 'promo's" for our stations.

    Not only is he incredibly talented--he's one helluva a good guy as well.

  18. Ernst O

    No one has such a unique sound as Bobby!!..always loved him!!

  19. santamara

    Always a great re-listen Trent! Glorious!
    Already in my Faves!
    Thanks for reminding me!

  20. valambiguous

    Thanks for the ear candy TL! :))

  21. pauljupiter71

    "Bad" Bobby is worth the listen every time!
    Thanks for posting this one, I love it!!!!!!!!

  22. Resonantforce

    Nice share Dori! :o)

  23. santamara

    Beauty Trent! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing!!


    ♪♪♪ simply amazing!

  25. GDelva2003

    they used to play this on love 94.....

  26. sherrylynn70 aka Sentimental Journey Productions

    A great choice for our Sunday Jazz Brunch..Trent, you should get paid for the joy you bring through your love and keen ear for the greatest tunes ever...just love this..

  27. valambiguous

    This man has a mysterious voice that's so amazing. Thanks for sharing this one TL. First time my hearing this track.

  28. victornewman06

    Straight Blue Eyed Soul!!!!!

  29. berlynn sparks

    bobby caldwell's musics the best.

  30. StevieSmoove

    Can you believe it i have this album but never played this cut !!! Thanks for sharing :)

  31. T.L. Davis

    Trust me when I tell you that I am still wondering

  32. victornewman06

    How about that for some blue eyed soul!!!! I have Cat in the Hat in the car right now LOL