Cake - Sick Of You Lyrics

I'm so sick of you
so sick of me
I don't want to be with you

I'm so sick of you
so sick of me
I don't want to be with you

I want to fly away
I want to fly away

I'm so sick of work
so sick of play
I don't need another day

I'm so sick of work
so sick of play
I don't need another day

I need to fly away
I need to fly away

Every shiny toy
That at first brings you joy
Will always start to cry and annoy

Every camera every phone
All the music that you own
Won't change the fact you're all alone (All alone!)

Every piece of land
every city that you plan
will crumble into tiny grains of sand

Every thing you find that at first gives you shine
always turns into the same old crime (Same old crime!)

I want to fly away
I want to fly away
I need to fly away
I need to fly away

(I'm so sick of you
so sick of me
I don't want to be with you)
(I'm so sick of you
so sick of me
I don't want to be with you)

Every little dance
Every hidden back romance
All alone (All alone!)

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Cake Sick Of You Comments
  1. Adam Sasso

    Cake or death?

  2. Skulliekid

    I miss u guys i will never forget cake

  3. Druid VW

    So very sick

  4. SIK-NIK

    Does anybody know where this video was made? Location?

  5. Uncle Justin

    Dang thought this was going to be a cover of a GWAR song.

  6. hunterswine

    T All coms

  7. Illium

    still fan fucking tastic. keep it real with a little cake. love you guys

  8. Chris P. Bacon

    Cake is so damn catchy I love it

  9. Eric London

    I'll never get Sick of Cake.

  10. Randy Kintzley

    cool guitar riffs

  11. Martin Arreguy

    Is it not icredible that this song says everthing, in nothing, at all. There musical lyrics transcends truth in many fashions, for this garden of a junkyard variety mind. They deserve to be bigger than life; my only wonder is, would they have wanted it that way or not? Do to the honesty of there message, left aside from the fantatic musical combination of instruments in company, this group utterly kickassed. I saw them for first time on the K street mall and said to myself they were honestly playing together for the love of thier music, thank you Cake for rhe memories. Grew in in North Highlands of of Madison Ave, very nice back drop the Ford house next to the defunct A&W!!!

  12. MR Spoon

    Hint of Midnight Oil , love Cakes sound :)

  13. Michael Corleone

    Why this song is not in spotify?

  14. Generic Throwaway

    what's popping with the hats? i can't get a good read on them

  15. David Jimenez

    Who's here from a redit post

  16. Tyler Lewis

    Filmed around 08 recession? probably

  17. thedudeabides4usall

    I still am sick of this.

  18. Marcella Casey


  19. Michael Miller

    What if you are sick OF her...but also sick FROM her.
    Mental abuse hurts

  20. B A D

    ...those cool fookin rabbits tho

  21. Blixem

    Guess you couldn't water in CA back in the 90's either...

  22. Charles Kimble

    2009 Land is calling on line 1...
    Sheesh. This is the best album of that
    crazy california weather year.

  23. fred flinstone

    overall weak album, but this song is pretty good.

  24. Perpetual Wins

    This has slowly become one of my favorite Cake songs.

  25. Chris Zablocki

    You don't really do it for me, either, cake.

  26. Bman 1970

    I've added a vibraphone to the Christmas wish list

  27. Shane Ruddock

    What I love about cake and their videos too is you just can't take them seriously. Some cool droll humour and a great beat. Our Music is missing more cake or music similar to cake even

  28. Rob W

    I understand this song completely. Then I snap out of it and things are better again.

  29. Stitch Shifter

    How can anyone not love Cake?
    I love Cake.

    fama llama

    Specially with sprinkles on top. 😀

  30. Thomas Reto


  31. Bman 1970

    Listening to this in 2019. Loving it! I'll make a wish. 🎂 More Cake!


    Check it out a new one came out 7 days ago! It’s shit!

  32. The Devil In The Circuit

    Guild X150D Savoy with Goldtone humbuckers. SWEET guitar.

  33. bam bam


  34. Carl Hardy


  35. hoff0839

    2.3M views? That gives me hope.

  36. Bubba Ho-tep

    Man, I hope I don't have to wait exactly 8 years to the week to hear another new CAKE song. The ship might be sunk by then.

  37. Quentin Lee

    cake the best

  38. Big Shot

    I want to have my ice cream and eat my cake to!!! Only 2 million views while Bieber has a 100+?

  39. Rocco Alessio

    I saw them live

  40. gridsleep

    This is what Fox Mulder dreams about when he passes out on the couch.

  41. cindy umaña villalobos

    fuck , why nobody place any comment? its a very nice song and great band, whatsgoing on with the people.

  42. André Luiz

    Life imitates arts !

  43. Catherine Jetter

    what is the name of the instrument the lead singer is using?


    Catherine Jetter Vibraslap

  44. everaldo soares albuquerque

    Best cake

  45. boscoco

    I was in a band & we did this song. I always liked playing it.

  46. Colorado Seeker

    love this band

  47. Colorado Seeker

    love this band

  48. steven holmes

    Is dat u frog leep stoodios..lloll

  49. toasteee252

    Ahhh..this song is about hillary.

  50. Adriana Duque

    Why can't I find this song on apple music?

  51. Ferdi Ridho

    All CAKE song are Happy song to me 😂😂

  52. Original Dave

    Have your cake and eat it tew

  53. Marizela Guerra

    I like you

  54. Jeremy

    I can't get enough of this tune!

  55. Jack Herer

    Anyone know when they're touring Canada?

  56. saVant

    weird guitars

  57. F De Mascio

    I love Cake.

  58. SIK-NIK

    Does anyone know where this video was filmed at?

    André Luiz

    3815 Florin Rd. Este predio não existe mais.

    André Luiz

  59. Linda Kloss

    I want to fly away
    I need to fly away

  60. Nancy Brewer

    Loved this band ever since I heard them "back in the day." Don't necessarily agree with their views on life, but their music is fabulous!

  61. roger w

    I love the bass line

  62. Check One/2

    They had a lot of fun!!!

  63. GVilleAnarcho

    I am Ozymandias...

  64. Alex B. McMurtrie III

    I don't want to be with me either.

  65. bullet x

    I vote left bunny

  66. sillilil1

    This never gets old! I hope the whole of Cake is aging nicely, enjoying life and surrounded by love and real laughter. Thanks, guys!

  67. Christopher White

    276 people must be sick of Cake. Give them a few days.

  68. Mike Engelberg

    If youre not from Sacramento you cant understand the significance of this Video

  69. John A Hoppe

    I promise to never get Sick of You, as long as you're always nice to me.

  70. mehmeh

    2017 in a nutshell

  71. Blixem

    They sang a song about my wife!

  72. Dr.Dandy PhD

    gwar did it better

  73. Lobster Sausage

    They perfectly capture that droll Valley humor and sensibility that I love so much. I grew up in Bakersfield and have loved this band since they started. They are criminally underrated and overlooked. Their melodies, hooks, and riffs are infectious and memorable. I'm glad they do what they do. It makes my life a happier place.

  74. Kathleen Kelly

    I can't share this to facebook without buying it again? I've already bought the song and the video in itunes...

  75. ted brooks

    too bad they couldn't play live, but instead give us that re - vamped perfectly mixed studio live for crist sakes

  76. Carie Ramirez

    my babe needs to rest and put his lady in the pririorty program!!!

  77. Thad Todd

    Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to NOT Reading brought me here.
    Who else?

  78. Wendy Wyatt

    I dedicate this song to @realDonaldTrump on his birthday:"Sick of yo

  79. Horse Frick

    Im not sure what I enjoy more: Cake's videos or their music

  80. Rod Guitarezz

    Cake sucks like Primus does.

  81. tiluriso

    Where was this video shot at? Location?

  82. Boss Blitz

    What a great background video to the intro

  83. Bj Lial

    why cant I play this loud enough? this makes me feel like a dork and I dont care.....! Thaaaaaanks, CAKE.

  84. Googlesucks Blackcocks

    Damn 10,000 likes, I don't want to ruin it, but let it be known that I DO in fact like this song

  85. universally speaking

    I feel like this is a song you could feature perfectly in a series. Like when the people drive out of their town or something.
    for me it's a song i wanna listen to driving in a Cabrio.
    Just discovered cake and i love them so much

  86. sillilil1

    Absolute excellence.

  87. Iam Theman

    Someone in Hollywood is stacking paper selling bunny suits.

    Iam Theman

    Hell no. I'm a 54 year old balding overweight white dude.

  88. Kelly Davyduck


  89. duke dino

    new cake is terrible Fashion Nugget was best group bassist was godlike and guitar was 30 times better

  90. Evan Glassman


  91. Michelle Warren

    LONG LIVE CAKE !!!! They make me happy :-)

  92. Jagerslipknot

    lets ROCK Gentlemen, Im so tired of waiting for new Cake tune, so sick of...

  93. yomiku11

    Acabei de ouvir na 89 a rádio rock. :)

  94. smegmalyzer

    great song

  95. E-MAN

    my favorite part is at 1:47

  96. Stilto Monkey

    cake has been my favorite band since I bought fashion nugget in 90whatever. fukin love their music