Ca$h Out - She Wit It Lyrics

The night is what you make of it
I hear em talking money, but we making it
The Rolex tick tock, oh yes he faking it
And she just want a dope boy
She with' it [x4]
The night is what you make of it
I hear em talking money, but we making it

[Verse 1:]
Stop playing, baby you don't know what you been missing
I want to see if you can twerk for this college tuition
Her man playing defense like he play for the Pistons
She asked me where I want to do it, I say in the kitchen
I just left the trap, [?] my pockets [?]
At the drop of a dime they're dropping their clothes
Let her suck me in the Maybach, curtains they close
I been getting to the money, that's something they know
But don't get exposed, they come and they go
She loving the throw, she loving my flow
Straight to the business, I said let's get it
She started giggling, I knew she with it


[Verse 2:]
[?] credits and a film, we making a movie
But turn the diamonds in my car, I know it's confusing
She want to ride with a star, she ain't with the losers
I feel like I'm Austin Powers, baby let's get groovy
[?] molly in my stick, I blow, she make a wish
She said a song never ever make her feel like this
She left her thong all at home, and her man alone
I'm going strong, I go long, then I send her home
She on the phone and she want to bring a friend along
Double penetration, she on the reservation
You're not the [?] baby, you know I'm paper chasing
She like "I get it", she with it


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Ca$h Out She Wit It Comments
  1. Smooth Life

    the beat makes the song

  2. mstiffany7

    i love the beat. 

  3. Esco beats

    This is why you don't make your own beats kids and rappers.

    Alberto Luna

    the beat was tight the rapping wasn't lol