Ca$h Out - I'm Sorry Lyrics

[Intro: Ca$h Out]
I'm really sorry [x3]
Yeah, I'm sorry, for real, I'm sorry
I ain't know I was
I was stuntin' too hard on you niggas, aye

[Hook: Ca$h Out]
Ferrari, I'm sorry, new rollie, sorry
Got yo' bitch, I'm sorry, trap boomin', I'm sorry
Girlfriend lookin' at my light show
But I know some niggas in here hatin' on the low
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, ooh girl, I'm sorry, aye
Girlfriend lookin' at my light show
But I know some niggas in here hatin' on the low

[Verse 1: Ca$h Out]
Aye, pull up, I'm sorry
Old school glass, we call it Atari
Took the price down on them midgets, nigga
Holding them choppers, they look like midgets, nigga
My shooters some shoppers, fuck up yo' city, nigga
We want a portion, extortion, money piled up, gorgeous
I ain't gon' lie, I made good money in my forces
Car too loud, I'm sorry, baby, that's them Porsches
MC Hammer, Hammer, all gold, can't touch this
I could do it myself but, shit, I ain't really gotta bust shit
Feelin' myself, Louie V straightjacket
Sittin' on peanut butter, call my pistol my little brother, oh


[Verse 2: French Montana]
Hol' up, whip roll up with yo' bitch (I'm sorry)
Money grown up, can't fold it, too thick (I'm sorry)
Made them sick (I'm sorry), ten commas (I'm sorry)
Caught a lick, chopped a brick, your honor (I'm sorry)
He was tweakin' so we left him on the strip (I'm sorry)
Came in stuntin', took your spot and yo' bitch (I'm sorry)
Never trust them hoes, never trust a boss, catch you gettin' soft
Nigga, custom cars (I'm sorry), blow your brains apart (I'm sorry)
Ferrari (I'm sorry), new molly (I'm sorry), new rollie (I'm sorry)
You phony (I'm sorry), you don't know me (I'm sorry)
If you catch me in yo' city, everything still on me, hannn


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Ca$h Out I'm Sorry Comments
  1. BigGucci Sosa

    metro boomin i'm sorry !!

  2. LRonn Benjamin


  3. Queen devourOwnzyasoul.

    my shit they both getttt dowwnn. 😋💯💕🎂

  4. Noah Scerbo

    How come this isnt on spotify

  5. Jhony Morales

    Whats the other song with the same beat?

    kaylyn call

    fuck up some commas by future same beat judt futures is faster

    Zeno Beatz

    +kaylyn call lol hell no


    +kaylyn call Completely different, dumbass lmao.

    Brando bee

    4 years and nobody answered my mans question

  6. WolffPacc PM

    Who else see's the eye in the album

  7. el Jefe

    New roli "sorry" ha!

  8. Egzon Shala

    boss up!