Cage - Stripes Lyrics

Beer cans and cigarette butts cover the floor day
Half gone, he sleeps scared pregnant teen in the doorway
Watching him sleep clutchin' her belly, little feet kick
to send the teen back to the toilet, spent her last week sick
when little Billy feed her ground up Jesus powder
would've beat her louder if it would've pushed the fetus out of her
Father in the making, crooked M.P. forsaken
The military cop that sells H to bring his cake in
She shaking, praying her labor kicks in before
The doors kicked in for them brown bricks on the floor
I mean, she could tell you exactly how the gutter taste
Father to her kid in custody right when her water breaks
Snitched on his compadres for a few more runs
And the irony in giving a stuffed rat to his newborn son
Dishonorably discharged, no jail time in court
Told to pack his family up and go the fuck back to New York

Fuck Bill Murray, not the actor, the deadbeat dad the smacked
then left her with rats after he snapped her
The bastard inventor that bent her backwards in winter
with her back against the wall, she can hear death singing in her
With her back against the wall, she still head death singing in her

She's scared to leave him, convinced somehow she really needs him
Back in New York her prison of pain and Billy's freedom
Holdin' her baby, he'd say crazy shit to break her
When she fell asleep, he'd escape her wits end and wouldn't wake her
He'd sneak out the wallo in it role model to shit
That put his Christian scientist father in debt
Gave him his first stroke, he refused his medication
'Cause it went against his religion, he'd rather his lord take him
Through stroke number two and start withering his flesh
Then lay the emaciated world ware two veteran to rest
Left his family debt turmoil and wreckage
And his grandson to scatter his ash over the U.S. Intrepid
Then little Billy plummets to his knees, still numb from it
Held his kid by the arm with a shotgun to his stomach
When threats to destroy what he created get tucked away
when he looks in his son's face to see he might grow up to say


Needle through the skin again, inject the rust and cinnamon
Pull off the tourniquet, load up the shotgun and sentence him
He knows that there's a bed in hell waitin for him
But he ain't been sane since he started huffin chloroform
With his shit decorum, he lets off shots the neighbors say shooters
Into the phone to Middletown police and state troopers
While every family member on th premises runs from death
Greeted by dozens of officers with guns and vests
His suicide by cop sweater on get low
Is told to the crowd watching him shoot thru the window
His son clutched in his mother's arms, unaware it's the end
They bring him out in handcuffs but never to be seen again


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Cage Stripes Comments
  1. Илья Бачинин

    колготочники победят, победит стим

  2. CD-R aka C. Rottman

    i always have heard...

    with her back against the wall, she still hear death singing in her *wooooomb*....

  3. Eric Riddle

    Go on tour fool

  4. Joseph Norris

    She can still hear death singing in her..

  5. Zero Pero

    Cage best songs Ballard of worms, this, special lady’s has many greats these are my 3 personal favourites no order as they are all top choice, also up there is found my mind in Connecticut and depart from me

    Zero Pero

    And I never knew

  6. Zero Pero

    Most underrated mc!!

  7. Dead Star London

    all these years later when i am at my worst i bang this track and feel better ......real shit

  8. OGHST

    doing what this guy did vvv

  9. Pat DuVerger

    Top 3 cage songs


    @NightX 07

    Hell's Winter, Moves For the Blind and the Leak Bros album called Waterworld.

    Those are Cage at his best.

  10. Dejion Jon

    Anyone know why Cage went underground for the last few years???

    SacE MurdA SeeKnDestroY

    Dejion Jon he didn't go underground ,the industry never gave him a chance . Who knows what he would be right now if he blew up like Eminem

    Dejion Jon

    I meant like truly underground.
    Like he isn't doing much at all anymore.

    Jose Miguel Salgado

    He let out infernal depths as sam hill it’s pretty much his old underground style

  11. Vince C

    i want to see him love so bad but not opening for ICP

    Lil Syko

    honestly he would mix better with Twiztid

    CD-R aka C. Rottman

    never ever,, always him and maybe rhymesayers, def jux, run the jewels-ish connections/ embrace of the old days connected with the new...and not for acclaim, just art.

  12. Flip Beezy

    lit. still.

  13. Max _

    my favourite cage song

  14. sinkiy

    What a fucking true artist. Beautiful song.

  15. natoxbox360

    just commenting since there hasn't been one in over a year. ty and have a nice day.

  16. L Elliott Jr

    I love the tricky Dick Nixon intro.

  17. mugeNN ΝΝ

    this is real rap





    Yul Brynner

    motherfucking fuck yeah

  18. b sher

    i love the stream of consciousness metaphor rap, but goddamn cage can tell a story. he is right up there with slick rick for story telling ability.

  19. yuriydee

    I guess its impossible that they both developed that style....

  20. Interphased

    Anyone recognise that the backing beat is the same as Epitaph - King Crimson?

    Yul Brynner

    like Living Legends - Never Fallin is Brian Eno?

  21. Denis Kapic

    what? are you retarded? that doesn't mean anything. a lot of people can put a lot of syllables in a rhyme, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. cage has always had meaning to his words, but eminem hasn't. eminem is a fucking faggot who bit cage's style, and badly at that. he couldn't even mimic it correctly.

  22. speciesofpositive

    This is great.

  23. mazeone1

    @1000rtodd King Krimson-Epitaph

  24. paranoid survive

    seriously. why do you children all feel the need to compare things? can't you make decisions on an individual basis, or is everything a competition?

  25. Jake Hildebrand

    emily.... is that you?!?!
    and his lifestory is bomb check that shit out

  26. Nausea

    This is lyrical gold

  27. Kangabear Schlieter

    ummm this is fromhells winter lol, post that elsewhere dummy

  28. Jesse Isaacs

    Used to be a big cage fan, fuckin huge. Movies for the blind, the best. hells winter, was ill.

    As for now... He fucking blows!!!! From a real fan, Shit!

  29. Kylie Spencer

    It's not all teenagers just getting hip hop, so don't use the term for all of us.

  30. DaCountOfFat

    The saddest hiphop song ever..
    I allways feel so sorry for Cage and his mother, every time I hear this track - it's such a painfull storry.. :(

    Doctor Love

    Yes,even the beat is so somber and makes you feel sad. Poor Cage..

  31. Lil Baphomet

    It means that his dad (Bill Murray [The Deadbeat dad]) was an alcoholic and a smoker

    Doctor Love

    lmao thanks for the expert analysis

  32. Deify64

    I hope you're not serious...

    Pat Ball

    Very. This is his life story.

  33. sid

    eh, eminem didn't do too much sellin out, when his music started to lose inspiration he looked for more so he started rapping about his daughter and shit. i dont think he's done any "yo look how rich i am" songs

  34. Ian

    it's from King Crimson's "Epitaph"

  35. JusBlazeDR

    lol maybe if your a 13 year old girl eminem is better, but once u wanna get into true rap ability, and not a sell out little bitch, then listen to cage

  36. Dan E

    oh my god. Teeny boppers get off Eminems nuts. Cage is nothing like Eminem. This track bangs

  37. eversonice

    godlike :o_god:

  38. DoctypeBeats

    Sample taken from King Crimson. Cage + Blockhead = fuck yes.

  39. BobeyLeo

    This one's dope.

  40. ryan kruger

    check out shad hes a good under ground artist he's on some ill shit too

  41. Phoenix Dunn

    Man, he does sound like Em but Em is just better

    Jordan Robinson

    Phoenix Dunn 9 years later... Eminem was a Cage biter dummy same flow same style but it's the style that Cage made.

  42. junoblaze

    cage is mad ill ! his shit is real too .. mad pain and hurt .. real shockin if you feel me .. like i heard some shit but .. Dammm!!

  43. Rise of Health Consciousness

    nah man em is the illest white rapper ever! he is the only one who can stand up aginst the blacks ones

  44. Rise of Health Consciousness

    y eminem dissed him?

  45. evidence819

    blockhead killed this beat

  46. Gr1Ng00

    always impressed how deep cage can be ! Oo..

  47. Art Vandelay

    I just realized this myself, great song from a great band..on another track cage samples 'i would hurt a fly' by built to spill..also a great song..

  48. Albert V

    immortal technique and cage are both bad ass probably the 2 best rappers i ever heard but i think tech has more better song, but both equally good rap battle indeed

    Coopers Red

    Albert V haha

  49. Albert V

    yeah man this is one of the saddest and best songs i ever heard all this shit really happened to him. read his life story he has had a harder life then half thos bithc ass rappers out there. man spent time in a mental hospital. dude is fucked up in the head and i fell him on the highest level much love for cage

  50. Metal Man

    Immortal technique is the shit

    and cage is the shit

    They need to rap battle