Cage - Nothing Left To Say Lyrics

There I was unconscious on the floor
This place I never knew departing from me I'm sure
Awaiting the hand of God knowing I stand to fall
I stared into the pitch black to no hand at all

When your all alone and you think of home
Places you may have been and who you've known
This beauty they speak of I cannot see
As I imagine as a child it's make believe

Good ideas hard to find, get one and stand in line
Been judged and judged what's one more time?
Adoring suffocation through the pain of humiliation
I would discover both sides of manipulation

Family picked up and went away
Some friends have left and some have stayed
I've trusted one and been betrayed

When you grow tired of lying on the ground and
People walking on you
If you get to your feet and struggle to stand
People you know withdrawal their hand
And you don't know why

I know why
I know why...

I am just unable to feel or God fear
Some people you may have met on this planet are not here
Life taunts of violence death flaunts a silence
If your soul is priceless it's cause no one wants to buy it

If you relapse your quietly falling no one to catch you
So the monkey on my back is still flinging shit at you
Wipe it off let's move on we have so much to do
So much to see, I have so much pain for you

When your life is suckin you've got vices that are something
To hold onto as you fall into nothing
It's like your drowning but too good to take a hand that pities
While you cling to your addiction like a kid in swimmies

Silly habit, drugs are for kids not adults it is
Not free to live unless it's under a bridge
New york city can gauge it's health with colors
They said I was a danger to myself and others

I have CC brothers, forgive my enemies
WM will live on like the Kennedy's, every amenity
You lovin this un-American not to be gluttonies
Should have a big chain to accentuate the ugliness

My soul is stuck in this unaware of it's appeal or purpose
And manufactured for you to steal or purchase
You leave behind what you get from money, oh well
What's the weather like kids? (It's always sunny in hell)

I have one thing left to say, I'd like to share it with you
If you don't care is it too bad for me or too bad for you?
I know it's complicated, he suffered he tried to make it
Now maggots just want to be compensated and live through Camu

Live through Camu

You picked at his flesh the day of his death astounding
A WM on his arm and a circle around it
I'd like to think what he left behind you could really use it
Instead of saying his name just to move your shitty music

The day I feel the need to stand in a bathroom
And shovel cocaine into a human vacuum
I'll look you up, the day I need another hole in my face
When you pass away people think that your checking your myspace

Then your enemies give you public head quick
So why not at my funeral just pull out my dead dick
Thought to project see him at the gates they let him in
I guess they needed you as much as we do yet again

I looked to the sky and opened my eyes then the weathermen
Symbol in the clouds just a memory of my friend
He stuck his head in the future where they sing his art
Where the wild card will be crowned the king of hearts

If I had things left to say, why would I share it with you?
How you suck the life from the dead is even too low for you
The time you spent depleted, his soul has just left so beat it
Go join the kids and eat it up and tell them how you knew Camu

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Cage Nothing Left To Say Comments
  1. John White

    I'm going to kill myself to cage in front of my varillaje




    The “intro” of the beat is better than the beat itself sadly many rappers don’t agree and they need a dumber version of the intro wish that some rappers actually rap over a weird beat

  3. callmea noname

    The first minute and forty seconds 😶😶😶😯😯😯😮😮😮😮

  4. stormz media

    he seems angry about his lost. I felt the same way when my boy ODED. RIP SAM BATTLES

  5. faris saleh

    <3 cage

  6. gothmedia

    I love u cage

  7. BIG BREED Officiel

    i lesten this shit in 2018 cage real rapper

  8. - Oiduakni -

    I told Cage he should have worked with Eyedea. He agreed.

  9. Don Caleb

    After two minutes and a coupl'a seconds, I just realized that my ears were burning! Faya!

  10. Larisa Bug

    *Enduring* suffocation through the pain of humiliation
    Not adoring lol

  11. SweetnessoXoX

    Every time I work out I listen to this it pumps me up!!

    La Nacion Del Hip Hop Latino

    +SweetnessoXoX BALLZ DEEP...

  12. Jared Applemun

    I bought Cage's tape and dubbed over it

    Josh Mobery

    +Mordecai v1 opened it and dubberd over it*

    Kyle Hardy

    Mordecai v1 I heard some blonde bitch walking through New York looking for cage, I'll stab u in the face 10 times in the same place

  13. Cspence024

    Cage will always be in my top of favorite rapers. He's a fucking genius

  14. liljuve13

    knew this was produced by El-p as soon as the song started

  15. ifoughtthelaw1000

    ik ppl are gonna remove and hate this comment but i feel like i need to say this. I liked Eminem so I wanted to hear other good white rappers so I easily discovered cage. This is me giving him a chance..... Now I wish I dident, In my own musical opinion this is really really bad. I mean to the point that most of the ppl commenting can probably do better


    @ifoughtthelaw1000 this is a pretty unorthodox album for cage, i like it because of its unique expression of being destroyed, but the ppl here are right, if you want just rap listen to movies for the blind, hells winter and in my opinion kill the architect which comes after this album here is also a masterpiece of good junkie-gore-rap

    Doc Holliday

    Emenim! 😂... That dude has been the same rapper from the beginning. Real artist reinvent themselves. Cage and EL-P will eat his 16 Magazine battles alive haha. He tried biting Cage's swag a long time ago. Cage wouldn't sellout so they found a white boy that would. Please go back to mainstream commercial town. This isn't the place for you. This is WM motherfucker, CC.

    todd margaret

    cage is darker than em, I'm not suprized you find it bad, em could never spit something this ruthless, come back when your a lil more desensitized and have grown outta tweeny rap, then you'll enjoy it :D


    never found an artist whose fanbase was enough to put me off till now

    todd margaret

    I've never judged an artist on theirfanbase ya pop tool spaceballs xD

  16. juggalotim50187

    Cage obviously gave a fuck about camu

  17. pahdy93

    Depart from me was a cool Album
    People who loved cage now think he is whack
    Dam wannabe's

    Jennifer Lawless

    Not me, homie! 🤘🤘

  18. topshotta4200

    why the blood is "stand" a video suggestion? lol

  19. Danielle Saab

    This is what I call music.

  20. Braleven

    You THINK?! Holy shit, something is deeply wrong if people know Cage and disregard all the other Weathermen... shit, man.

  21. froschein

    idk cage makes me kind of depressed to listen to.

  22. gilbert haro

    This shit right here is raw , not much on this leavel of poetic

  23. MrSmokieBurns


  24. kiel macdonald

    that would be correct, camu tao, they created a two man group called nighthawks...

  25. zen sunraw

    yea i love my family.. but they hate me because i listen to cage and there fucked

  26. KingDom's Kingdom

    camu tao his best friend died of lung cancer and hes shitting on vast aire for pretending he cared he died to move units, tight shttt

  27. BloodyBlonde Baby

    Thanks man! I'll definitely check that out.

  28. Dawna Justis

    Who has this not happened to?

  29. BloodyBlonde Baby

    Where can I find Camu's shit? Now I'd like to give it a listen!

  30. DJRoadkill18seven

    i was a oldschool cage fan the past 13 years ,when i heard depart from me i thought it was sooooo fuking emo and gay,but i listened and listened and i realize he has never bin so advanced with his rhymes,its on another level in my opinion,i see it as the same cage,like shia said, he is very dark on this album infact much more darker than usual but this style is more obvious ,hes more passive with the lyrics he spits

  31. Taylor Boston

    That it was.

  32. awsm2thamax

    depart from me album grows on you when you get older

  33. JesusMicSmiter

    You think? *facepalm*

  34. Kevin Warner

    NightHawks was a wonderfull cd, as this

  35. tjm2678

    cage has and always will be an amazing lyricist...his music is matter what genre you like

  36. BloodyBlonde Baby

    Man, listening to Cage can always inspire me to write.

  37. josh young

    Well idk about you but if one artist is more popular than another then they must be good. Regardless of whether or not you like them. Odd future is more popular than cage will ever be. You can deal with that as you like. It's not a question of quality odd future just appeals to more people than cage. It's not really fair to compare them anyways they are different styles of rap.

  38. KodredCud

    Of course he does, people need to know about this man!

  39. melanie crandell

    who the fuck is OFWGKTA???? and why does a million plus views mean more in terms of quality than 100,000 or so Cage has? please explain to me that popularity = quality. please, i really want to know so i can appreciate what 'everyone else' does.

  40. melanie crandell

    no. he does NOT need to be mainstream. he'd be like all the rest of them then. no. please Cage stay relatively unknown....... please.

  41. Jsinhiphop

    fuck up justen biebers got more views than tyler and cage put together dose that means hes better no and future is rap talking about meiningless shit for shock value to make money yes to make money thats why they do it cage does it cause he raps about his life and his life is messed up no ofense to him

  42. jakejeckel7861

    No he doesn't. Cage was offered a deal before Eminem, But didn't take it. Hes all about the underground scene.

  43. KodredCud

    I only know this guy because of KiD CuDi, but this guy needs to be mainstream.



  45. Rick James

    @Joshee1347 Cage is underground. Where as Odd Future isnt..

  46. josh young

    @wheniGR0Wup2 so thats why OFWGKTA has millions of views and none of these cage videos tops 100k? looks more like cage dont come close to tyler.

  47. Jordan Sean

    @fortyfourcakez Camu Tao is a rapper who produced alot of cages beats they were best friends and they made a duo album together called "nighthawks" its about two cops who do alot of illegal stuff.its a mint cd give it a listen

  48. Stephen Musumeci

    @UniqueAudio95 actually not really and cage was rapping years before tyler so you sound stupid

  49. Shake Sadistic

    IS the slimer from ghost busters ripping the dude heart out?

  50. Aphelion12

    R.I.P. Camu Tao.... and Cage and Tao were making shit happen while Tyler the Creator was in pampers Homie. WeatherMen Forever!

  51. ORIMAR trustNo1

    tyler the creator much?

  52. Matty E

    ok this is a responce to a vast aire diss about cage kids and its all bout camu dieng... just thought you all should know the truth.. and just cuz cage changed the gear he wears and raps deeper now doesnt mean he is emo artists grow and progress jus like life if you cant get with it dont listen to it and go listen to lil wayne or whatever mainstream shit is played and zombie out with the rest of the population..

  53. james dehart

    @fortyfourcakez Camu Tao is a dude he was close friends with....they were in a group called nighthawks back in the day

  54. PunkyHipHopDude

    @0Thedge Yeah. Camu Tao. Underground legend, died from cancer. Was signed to the same label as Cage. Listen to "hold the floor" proper classic!

  55. Jonny Rigby

    @TuonsLes Why are you saying that, you obviously don't listen to the music properly, gtfo and listen to something else...

  56. ITarantula

    @0Thedge your both idiots, its Camu Toa he was the guy who rapped with cage before he went all pussy indie. Not saying its bad music, but it isn't Movies For The Blind

  57. Mazzini11

    @TuonsLes No. It starts at 00:01

  58. Tim _

    yeah. Hes talkin about Camu Tao.. they were "the weathermen" back in the day

  59. JeTe Sodomise

    Song really start at: 01:40


    how is this man not super famous.


    @fortyfourcakez Its his friend Camu Tao from The Weathermen who passed away.

  62. Kangabear Schlieter

    ty for the lyrics my friend. Now i understand the whole diss against vast aire. and while some say it was a weak diss... It really didn't need to be your cliche hip hop diss. Chris really puts thought into his music, and if you understand the lyrics he was sayin some serious shit. pretty much "fuck you my friend died, now you are gonna immediately try to market off him" copywrite caught the same flack after eyedea died for making a song

  63. Mazzini11

    Camu Tao was a friend and rapper/producer who really connected with Cage when the Weathermen and Def Jux really took off. They have an entire album they did together called "Nighthawks". It's pretty dope. Camu Tao was close to El-P as well...

    RIP Camu Tao

  64. fortyfourcakez

    really nice^^ cool lyrics, but what does Camu mean? or what and where is it?