Cage - I Never Knew You Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You're always dying inside that much closer to home
On a crowded street corner surrounded by people all alone
Pain in the heart, rain in the dark, the womb is glum and bitter
She walks around the corner, it's like she brought the sun with her
Then everything just brightened up, I couldn't make this up
My fingers in my eyes as she walked by like I was waking up
And so many words, I couldn't string a sentence together to bother her
I instantly forgot all my plans and started to follow her

It's like the sky opened and God handed you directly to me
I know it sounds crazy but so is life, I'm sinking
And feeling like your heart is beating solely for me

[Verse 2:]
Your legs are long and toned, you must be walking home
I love the way your lips move when you're talking on your phone
Intoxicating, your truly [?] impurities
Plague every thought of you while I'm trailing you like you're security
Lost, we couldn't know our paths would cross but time knew it
Feet sticking out the window, a opportunity climbing through it
Pain for sale, looking to find a new taker
Chance to speak blown, when you looked at me I looked in the newspaper

Because the sky opened and God handed you directly to me
I know it sounds crazy but so is life, I'm sinking
And feeling like your heart is beating solely for me

[Verse 3:]
I'm miles out of my way, creepy, I want more
Was gonna turn back but you stuck your key in your front door
I'm standing across the street, stars that aligned us to meet
Standing outside with your trash feeling incomplete
My finger aching for your doorbell like a random blog
Instead I lurk outside in the cold like an abandoned dog
Perish the thought, you should cherish the words that I got in my mouth
The only words that can truly explain how I got in your house

[Verse 4:]
Because the sky opened and God handed you directly to me
I know it sounds crazy but so is life, I'm sinking
And feeling like your heart is beating solely for me
Unlikely, impossible, I couldn't dream to think it
There's something happening between us you can't deceive
I'm so in over my head I've learned to breathe in it
Your eyes are screaming and you're saying no baby to me
If there was a way out I think you would've taken it
My hands and arms are the only way that you can leave
Face to face for the first time, you feel what I'm feeling
Selfishly no longer breathing because of me

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Cage I Never Knew You Comments
  1. boyODD

    I will be cage fan regardless.......because that what true fans do other than bitch about the growth of the artist they embrace and fine the goodness in it

  2. luckstruck

    ummmmmmmmmm is this about rape?
    i am honestly lost, please don't take this question as a joke...
    he doesn't know her but he still ends up in her place

  3. john gotti

    wtf happend to Cage...lmao....he dont even look like the same

  4. zerozebra

    palko makin music right now, this shit better than agent orange. Real shit, no fictional tales. Dude went from zero to hero and bypassed eminem. The fuck you expect Cage bein his old self after everything he went through? Cage came a long way since weathermen & stays winning @ life (as a whole)

  5. Stevie E

    i miss the old cage

  6. Will Jones

    shit is not like it used to be

  7. J Rob

    What is the video about? Can someone explain please?

  8. Jose Ramos

    I used to like Eminem and Cage equally then they both drastically change their style, only difference is, Eminem sucks now! Cage for life!!!

  9. DJ B

    i love the song but the video was weird? like way too many ideas going on. i <3 shia for directing it anyway.

  10. Keyx9

    Oh man why this video is under rated... wtf man. You must be deaf for not feeling the lyrics, and the new fresh style...

  11. VivaLaFilth Smith

    The fella has tried a few different ways to appeal to the masses. This seems to be working a bit. I liked his crazy mashed head first album more :)

  12. SuperUrbanite

    I'm a def jux disciple since company flow '96. good shit, I'm tired mainstream!

  13. Brittney Larson

    wat the fuk is this shit

    gimme some leak

  14. renzolobrown

    cage is my boy yo. i love this dude man.

  15. Ben Bodek

    can anyone explain this video to me?

  16. chocobonita

    ah well, nice video but i want the agent orange cage..... i miss that

  17. Blue .Barrymore

    this guy looks like ashton cunthair

  18. filthstep1


    The song is about an obsession. He's stalking this girl. Listen carefully, the look in his eyes is warranted, supposed to be that way.

  19. Æmanda Endsley

    aw man! i just ran across this for the first time ever... I'm hooked! He's real and doesn't pump rainbow up anyone's ass!!!!!!!!!

  20. Notawesomeatall7

    At 3:07 Cage looks insane. If I saw someone making that face, I'd back away slowly. Like with an animal, no sudden movements.

  21. Karl Weimar

    except for the rape and murder part, this song strikes really close to home for me.

  22. adirtybyrd

    cherish the words that come out of my mouth the only words that can truly explain how i got in youre house

  23. samparkervideo

    I think the video is way better than the song. I'm surprised Shia Labeouf did that well!

  24. Erick Franco

    Fuck, what an entourage.

  25. Jose Alvarado

    @djangobaby im preety sure this isnt hip hop. hip dosent ussually have guitaRs and drums

  26. iownj00sobad

    his teeth arent capped anymore?

  27. clip calhoon

    hahaha shia lebouf directed this ????

  28. Richard Roda

    Cage fell off after Hell's Winter

  29. Matthew Shippin

    eminem coppied cages style

  30. Jerry L

    im not dissin' or downing cage, but why the fuck does he hold the mic like that..its pretty funny to me, lol

  31. krepler

    I was expecting Optimus Prime being in the crowd...Anyways. Great song. I'm severely used to pre-depart but it sticks. I like it.

  32. Dudeface

    Sickly twisted addicting sound- love it love it

  33. Madsenband88

    I'm not a fan of hiphop
    but this is really good!!! It's nothing like the usual stuff you hear on the radio, its great

  34. Madsenband88

    I'm not a fan of hiphop 'slap ma bitch up' and all that
    but this really good!!! It's nothing like the usuall stuff you hear on the radio

  35. Tyson Amburg


  36. Sinkman

    This video is fucking haunting and incredible

  37. bullhurley74

    i love you jaundre..please god hand her to me.....
    i need her now

  38. mofomanx10

    I really can't watch this video. It just reminds me of someone who's on the brink of suicide.

  39. stabyourcat

    Hmmm Sean Martin from Hatebreed! Nice.

  40. Zarif Ismail

    cage the emo version yo

  41. ORyan McEntire

    I'm slightly confused here...
    So this guy sings about stalking a girl, breaking into her house, raping her, and then killing her, and you guys all love it? Then you go so far as to call this same guy a genius???

    Did i miss something here?

  42. Ashleihf ALKjdf

    okay maybe its not that funny..
    <33 chris palko!!

  43. Herman Crantz

    PCP made this song

  44. Taylor W

    god this song is pure lyrical genius. i dont know why but i just love the words so much.
    it makes me want to...i dont know...paint a picture about it.
    i think i will.
    its so inspiring. I can't stop listening to it.

  45. wolfservant5

    Apparently this is about a friend dying, and the girl was not someone he raped, she pretended she cared.

  46. odamsy

    cage is tight liked his stuff when i diddent even know who the f he was

  47. Charlie Brown

    how old is cage?

  48. yewtoobdewd

    Really?....i mean...really?

  49. ScarcitySkates

    this aint hip hop...sounds like some emo shit

  50. kyle2point

    'you're always dying inside, that much closer to home'

  51. AgileMuffin

    did anyone see Aesop for a sec at 0:53

  52. Joe L

    Hey It's Dan Byrd! Aliens in America was a great show. Anyways, "like a random blog" what the fuck? Cage could of came up with something better, this song could of been way better.

  53. airdylan

    this song sucks dick

  54. Deus

    one of the best rappers to this date

  55. nicklongworth212

    what r they talking about in the beginning about the dogs and stuff?

  56. Taylor McAllister

    He is so hot! I love this song

  57. al sears

    cage is the best underground rapper there is.

  58. truebluenat

    shia labeouf is the director???

  59. AspiringSocio

    sick... so so sick!

  60. Zakariah No known last name

    cage fell off. this is far from movies for the blind or hells winter. this is garbage. shia ledouche directing hip hop video's? lame.

  61. Brandon .Marsh

    Is the guitarist the same guy from hatebreeed?

  62. hankheavy

    This is Cage Kennylz? Haha, I didn't recognize him!

  63. StavroginNikolai

    cage looks so emo

  64. SupernaturalTip

    shitty song

  65. astumpe80

    Its no Agent Orange.....

  66. RobfromNod

    THAT'S MY BOY SEAN MARTIN (in the back sear next to Cage and on the guitar)!!!! AND THAT'S MY BOY BIG E (dj)!!! Connecticut boys makin' good! Sean, if you see this, get at me! Jimmy Knuckles told me you was looking to do a side-project maybe and I am wicked down...

  67. Rashad Mansouri

    I hate how Cage's worst song is his most popular. On a happier note, Shia Labeouf just gained a lot of respect from me.

  68. Lizzy Robbins

    i love EVERY cage song. everyyyyyyyyyyy song.
    he couldnt be more perfect... if only he were 10...20 years younger ahahha.
    oh well we can still get married in a few years :D

  69. Richie Thewes

    @emir2479 he is crazy. like clinically insane. it shows in his writing. hes had a hard life. read about it. hes a very interesting person and makes beautiful music. if you learn more about him it adds another side to his music

  70. SupernaturalTip

    this sucks

  71. Padooshka

    i never really could get interested in cage. Cant hate though, at least he is trying to have meaningful music that is different, I'll still give a song/artists like this a thumbs up even though i'm not really to into it.

    They seem like they'd be a fun bunch of dudes to kick it with though. Check out the video on aesop rock's page of cage, that bald dude, and aesop building some little robots. lol

  72. Mulch

    whoa! cage's new shit sucks! he needs to go back to his old, listenable style. and the kid from even stevens directed this??? i thought everybody hated that motherfucker. as much as i love aesop and el-p, i lose respect for them for being in this video.

  73. Chris M

    Excellent directing.
    Excellent acting.
    Excellent lyrics.
    Addicting dark song.

  74. sid

    @emir2479 think he's doing that on purpose... the dude in the video is supposed to be fucked up... saying how this person selfishly looks at this girl

  75. somenewuns

    Miss the old cage... but songs like this prove hes still somewhere in there.....! Always been a fan...Even when he was on AIM Wormking with Yakballz always fucking with me... thats along time ago ...This CD got me through my last Deployment! hawler

  76. Chris M

    Man this song is so addicting, those who disliked this are probably lady gaga fans

  77. brettmongoloid

    @TheZerohour17 are you 11 years old?

  78. cmenbuck

    i miss my alex the worm king.. this shit is whack.. get fat and smoke leak again

  79. beatrockas

    does anyone this song from cage "i drink a bucket of paint watch my dick animate" ???? i need to know the song name

  80. Trillbert Espinosa

    what happened to "this is the life of an underground rap star". that was cool. this can lick my dick.

  81. mrapplefries

    cool but y is there only white people in the basement

  82. Kyle Powell

    yeah hes been cleaning up his swearing and shit but his stuff is still just the same, its just better with metaphors and less straight up anger. he says in his interviews that he doesnt want his kids to grow up hearing him swearing and stuff

  83. Sammy H

    Is that the dude from cougar town lol

  84. Chris Rose

    Its alright
    too slow :/

  85. gasface88

    Cage has changed a lot through the years, as I think a real artist usually does. I remember back in the day, early 90's my boy in NY sent me some of his shit. Don't let this video fool you younguns out there - Cage had some of the dopest lyrics around and could flow like mad. I still like the direction he's going. He's doing what he wants and not what the record companies think a rapper "should" do. Fuck the big labels. For some old easy to find Cage check out Smut Peddlers - an old group.

  86. Trillbert Espinosa

    eh, i feel like ever since he joined def jux, he's been sounding too much like aesop rock

  87. pacgcrosss

    check out cage's history, went to a mental hospital to get out of going to prison and was experimented on with prototype pharmaceutical drugs no joke

  88. aa aa

    your bf wanted to stal you and kill you? shits fucked up

  89. maddysonw

    Mad props to Shia Labeouf. The man impressed the shit out of me.

  90. ThatGOONfromLA

    3:01 is great

  91. linnaya gardner

    so basically he was obsessed with her and killed her in the end without realizing it?

  92. Derek O

    creepy beautiful. great song, cage your a sick puppy

  93. J Preston

    this is ok, but cage is a rapper not a singer that boarders on goth and emo elements. the music from for your box is superior to this. that said this is alrite

  94. tiny4901

    Could they not have found a hotter chick for this? Shes a butterface.

  95. shawn pierce

    I agree Omayo9

  96. cometa

    That kid is from Sopranos.

  97. Tyler

    @Profound79 Drugs.. haha

  98. igotkiwi

    The basement looks exactly the same as the one in Fight Club

  99. Michael Harwood

    @emir2479 yea we noticed it. Chris has been through a lot, and most likely is a little crazy. I myself love the persona. It's original.