Cage - I Found My Mind In Connecticut Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm not afraid to fail, got time but I hate the smell
Let's stop to sniff the rose's thorn, send me straight to hell
Been on this raft for weeks, no sign of help or a beach
I lose sight of the bigger part
And I'm really laying on the airbed at Sean Martin's
Bleeding and starving, looking for a niche, nothing to carve in
Except my left arm which is already scarred
And I'm not them or a mirror, I'm the dog shit in the garden
Haters are so dumb and plus they don't got to front for us
Especially me, about to jump in front of a bus
I bought a plot but I won't tell you where I'm buried
Leave your debit card over my eyes so I can pay for the ferry

Every morning I just lay in bed cause I don't wanna wake up
Pick my stupid face up, give my shit away
You'll take it from me anyway even if I go away
I will never go away

[Verse 2:]
My skin is changing, I'm becoming what's inside of me
You guys should start a band that's called The Four Girls That Lied To Me
You want me in looser jeans, more opinions, less assholes
Why you looking at my legs? That line's from Wes Eisold
Goes from good to bad, from bad to fucking worse
She said she wouldn't judge me then a gavel fell from her purse
My brain left me in PA, departed CC
Then begged me take it back crying in a bar in CT
Life is so strange, so is God with games
The one wrapped tightly around me like a dog with mange
Kick me in the stomach, I shit myself in the damn street
Left for dead, wanna be knocked out like that but can't sleep

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
I lay and lurk with kooks, pain hurts but suits
What if Ian Curtis were to climb down from the noose
That's what I thought that dangled from my neck in amazement
Struggled, undo hanging myself in my own basement
Sometimes I think I should be more private, keep it secret
But the open book of my life, is it really worth reading
Cover to cover, there's something pointing towards leaving
Don't give a fuck what you think, when you finish I'm not breathing
You think the world of a girl and she becomes your world
And then you lose your grip regardless of what you curl
You clean yourself up you get laid more, great work, Columbo
Truth is she just fucked me cause my bro is D. Palumbo

[Hook x2]

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