Cage - Good Morning Lyrics

Homeless cardboard cribs, cops shoot civilians
Vendors rap stars wall street billions
Donald Trump shotgun pumps illegal store fronts
Dollar fifty dutches, at one's and dunks
Skyscrapes planes hit 'em army in the subway
High risk orange alert everyday
My click is a clip that spits in glock land
Walk like I'm from the hood, hair like and indie rock band
Throw fits then pitch from hammers blow lungs up
Before Onyx was telling me to throw them guns up
My style was sick and homeless freezing and stuck
'till Def Jux stuffed them gees in the cup
Now It's the season to fuck shit, piss in the morning flicker
Lights in your head and earn my explicit warning stickers
NY on the fitted shines from the brain inside
So I don't need a Yankee on for a New York frame of mind

I'm trained in the dirt, I strain to be heard
The fame of the words alive in my city
Stray from the herd I say what I learned
painfully burned alive my city
Aim for the dirt, claimin the earth, danger alert
alive in my city
Though the same that desert, I remain when they
mirk, claim a grain of the worth in my city

Knocked up Jux, they had a monster I'm TV on the street
In the cabbage patch with premies on my feet
I got a New York bop itchy index like a New York cop
Sick in whichever city my tour stops
So by the time I get home, I'll have spread so much enjoyment
I'll create the vaccine, then destroy it
I pull immaculate concepts from thin air
Implemented by the listener to learn until I get there
I'm most alive from one to five
In the morning Thursday's KCR gave birth to weatherman, then died
Homeland security advisory system won't work
Until the danger rainbow jumps into red alert
Divide quickly, a few can ride with me when martial law hits
Pack up the whip and hide with me
Until the eve of destruction paints a town black
And anarchy ensues you'll have the soundtrack


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Cage Good Morning Comments
  1. snake knife

    Like most rap sucks donkey balls

  2. Merciless Midus


  3. pulverwise dee

    THIS BRINGS BACK memoreies...


    My hands and lips are literally shaking a bit, but thats something else, HA!

  4. isrv

    Damnn cage been in 2019 14 yeara ago 💀💀😰😨

  5. christopher optimus prime

    Well good morning to the pits of hell

  6. Vince C

    so fucking good I want to see cage live but not opening for ICP
    fucking Donald Trump soo funny

  7. Cannoncocker94

    Listening to this in 2018 is unsettling.

    m fay

    For real

  8. Tim Hoffman

    Cage needs to return to the style he had on Hells Winter and Depart from me. He came into his own here. Sam Hill is going to SUCK


    sam hill is dope

  9. Adam Churchman

    who produced this beat?

    Seán Ó Cuinn

    Sounds like El, defintely. A bit of RJD2 influences in here I can hear as well.

    Sean A

    El, he's even doing chorus vocals on this song

  10. Jameson Jeffery


  11. Matthew Coolness

    "Until The Eve of Destruction Paints the Town Black, & Anarchy Ensues, You'll have the Soundtrack". Nobody writes rhymes like this. That's part of the beauty of true Art, you can see (or listen to) what's been created, & learn something about the person who created it. It's also why pop music is treated like trash. It has no substance, & only exists as a piece of corporate bullshit, to make money. " Hey everybody! listen to my new Club Banger" 😒

    Kangabear Schlieter

    I always took that soundtrack line as reference to his song "The soundtrack" deticated to killing his stepdad.

  12. foxtailedcritter

    More of a fan of his older stuff to be honest.
    His new stuff is nothing like this.

    lewis lighting777

    Its cause a kid came to his show wanting to smoke pcp with him so he dont talk bout lotta shit i guess heard it in interview

    Willz __

    Yea duh, he became shitty emo.

  13. Implausible Kid

    I just love how this song is somehow more relevant 10 years later.

    Kangabear Schlieter

    Donald trump, shotgun pumps

  14. Waydeeper

    Cages last good album 


    @Sam Green I liked it because how experimental it was :)

    Harry Ballsonyaa

    he still puts on dopeass live shows tho I'd highly recommend going to one

    RIFKIN 666

    KTA was fire.

  15. gibby

    @ZenGamer97 This came out long after Eminem was already majorly famous.


    @gibby He meant his shit from the way back.

  16. ZenGamer97

    Incredible. This dude influenced Eminem massively.

    Frak Beats

    Not exactly...






    correct. responsible for early rage and jealousy, heavy influence on rabid white boy style everywhere.

    Stephanie Smith

    Factoid: eminem and cage had beef when eminem recorded infinite. It's Em who was highly influenced by cage. On Em's first major LP he knocks on cage. And vice versa. Listen to infinite. Em was soooo different. Cage has always been cage

  17. Michael Veks


  18. Terret

    this hands down one of the best albums on earth!

  19. Cassandra Gutierrez

    Love Cage and he is amazing to see in person wish he'd come back to Denver

  20. Morbus Reagan

    Дядя Женя)

  21. Jay Bulgier

    great song