Cage - Fresh Out The Morgue Lyrics

Fresh out the morgue
Dip Newports in a corpse rolley
Nah this ain't a bottle of stoley
I'm higher than Jeff Spicoli
Unholy, hope you got hands like the goalie
No need to call fam
Cause Cage got balls of steel like the tong man
You see the snakes transform like deceps and cobra
You wanna see jehovah dump some of this ketiset in your soda
Somebody really needs to teach these babies
Half of this throwback shit wasn't poppin' in the eighties
If she in the mix she gonna be in them flicks
You want to start a revolution stick a key in your kicks
I'm laid back like the GTC posts for PCP mostly
End up just using chicks for heat that's fructose
And this the real raw rap I keep the fitted on my thinking cap
Anti-freeze on the rocks why you drinking that?
Cause shit is hot and this the coolant do you know what you're doin?
Apparently not, your kidneys is one of my students
Drugstore cowboy killer no luck in crack rocks
The only canon's they holdin' is rockin snapshots
Too smart for prison no phelonies got me merry
Cause I'm only six months away from a license to carry
Gats for the rats that scramble to find cheese
Cause they Gucci and Louis all made by Chinese
W-E-A-T-H-E-R music, room and board in the morgue record then loose it...

I'm goin' back to Stoney
Six months for Vay Cay
Let my balls re-energize
All them dead baby milkshakes you clones are drinkin'
Mas Uno what up?
I'm in the rocks with the M21 Starlight Sniper Rifle
You can't see me what?
SA what up? Yo we mixin so yeah, mix that up
Nah, dip the whole pound...

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