Cage - Eating Its Way Out Of Me Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Feels like I'm walking the same road, you changed clothes
And cleaned yourself with each time you're near, my head explodes
What lit the way was the light in my head
Now my batteries are dying, I'm almost dead
I try to take in what friends say but nothing helps
Why's this monster trying to turn me into something else?
I sit around and wait, I guess we'll find out
As beautiful as this hole is, I need to climb out

Cause you know that you mean so much to me
Even though you don't give a fuck about me
And I saw it coming but I did nothing
Cause you know I don't give a fuck about me

[Verse 2:]
I'd like to switch but I can't change like I rearranged
The furniture in my head now I'm just sitting strange
Everything is so distant, including the pain
I'd like to make it all go away but it's too ingrained
I'm trying to stay afloat, picture a different end
But I can't see the shoreline or which way to swim
Reopen the scab in my head that never healed right
I can say I'm happy, just don't know what it feels like


[Verse 3:]
I'd like to say I can deal, will I escape duress?
When I can't explain the scars on my arms and chest
See the abyss, I pucker up and give her a kiss
She holds me close and puts cigarettes out on my wrists
I'm just a bum-out who's run out of lies truthfully
I guess there's nothing that you or I could do for me
I got a list of prescriptions I should stay off
I guess my overdose either did the trick or was way off

[Hook x2]

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Cage Eating Its Way Out Of Me Comments
  1. DJ Glenn

    I listen to this track a lot cause I fell in mad love with a impossibly beautiful women who wasn't attracted to me but was always pushing me to do good things. Eventually I got mad she didn't wanna love someone who don't love themself, she wants a knight, not a princess. Very valuable lesson and I'm glad she didn't drag it out to save my some hurt feelings cause everything good I am is a reaction from that moment in my life. How she gunna love someone who can't take care of themself and is a burden rather then a gift.

  2. Jesiah Wallace

    Sounds like a fart

  3. atokad reginsneb

    why has no one chopped slopped slowed and throwed this shit yet? get on it pillheads

  4. Brian Hughes

    Reminds me of high school n robo trippin

  5. Roman Kore

    This guy deserves much more recognition like since 90s


    When those trumpets come in.. "I'd like to switch but I can't change like I rearranged the furniture in my head now I'm just sitting strange"

    San3 InSanity

    My favorite line

  7. Respect2theFallen

    "Reopened the scab in my head that never healed right I could say I'm happy just dont know what it feels like." Honestly one of my favorite Cage quotes man.

  8. Joseph Archer

    Insane beat 😲

  9. Михајло Малешев

    Oh boy im looking for this song for sooo long

  10. rebeccaevelynn

    I fucking love this song!!

  11. Chris McDaniel

    I saw it coming but I did nothing.

  12. Maledictus Fato Hominis


    Chris McDaniel

    Me and Palko have dated the same chick.


    @Christopher Hartford Probably like sweat, Prozac and Stony Lodge.

    mio bb


  13. Maledictus Fato Hominis

    Swear I could play it over and over again. Seems like everytime I hear's brand fucking new again.

  14. Michael Hudson

    Cage snap out of this
    It’s just a girl

    Banana Man

    Michael Hudson its just the world

    Emily Gilmer

    This made me laugh so much

    Jey Mysterio

    best comment lol

  15. steven neato

    the goat 🐐 🐐 🐐

    Brian Hughes

    steven neato
    Aesop is the goat

    Lo-Fi Reviews

    Aesop is good but Cage is a better artist