Cage - Captain Bumout Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
She grabbed me by the hand and she started to dance, man
I said "Oh this is great now I look like a transplant"
She put my hands on her hips and started to squish me
I felt her ass it was exactly where it should be
My drink was in the air I'm not really sure what it was
Or why it was in the air I guess it was because
I was with you I'm just so depressed forget it, alright already I got it, you want to dance, I get it

I danced with you, just because you danced with me
I just want you to see, that there's more to
Being in a club than gettin drunk and one of us thowing up and wakin up like "We're in love"

[Verse 2:]
I'm such a misfit in social situations I hate it
Depression medicated yet you're insecure and naked
I'm trying to loosen up, you're dying to read my sullen eyes
This intellectual black hole reeks of cologne and lies
This song is making me sick I tell myself "It's fine"
But the DJ will play the beginning for the 6th time
I hope somebody pulls a gun out and sucks all the fun out and levels the playing field for Captain Bumout


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