Cady Groves - Never Enough Lyrics

You need some time to breathe,
I need a chance to speak up.
I never was the type to believe in anything,
From anyone, oh.

But the trickery is fooling me,
I'm not the one.
Your memories, more than anything
I ever felt from anyone, oh.

You wanna go back home, but
That's exactly where you need to go.

I beg you, release me.
Go home, 'cause she's probably up waiting
You want me,
She's got the ring
She'd die if she found out about me.
Yeah, we had a good run
It was real love, but..
I'm never enough.

We've gotta seperate,
Before I fuck up your life
'cause you've sure done some damage
To my head.
You shouldn't say the things you've said to me,
To anyone at any time, time.

'cause, ohh.
I'm keeping my mouth shut, but
I know it's a bitch, but..

I beg you, release me.
Go home, 'cause she's probably up waiting.
You want me,
She's got the ring.
She'd die if she found out about me
Yeah, we had a good run
It was real love, but..

It's never enough..

And I know, that you know,
What we know,
And thats all that's important,
So, promise you'll forget.
(go home) [x2]

I beg you.. release me.
She'd die if she found you here,
With me

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Cady Groves Never Enough Comments
  1. Kelsey B

    Dated a guy for a few months and he cheated on me and is now married to her. He would joke and say things like what if he had another girl and if I didn’t cook or clean for him then why would he choose me. Mind fucked me

  2. bubble fly

    Reminds me.... Of me

  3. Giraffe_Whiskers

    Only 16, never had a boyfriend, never loved anyone (if you'd seen the guys at my school you'd understand), can't relate to this song, but I've heard enough of her life to know half of what it's like. I love this song, any guy does that to me though and they'd be listening to Little Girl while running for their lives.

  4. Skylar Lucht

    No, I was in Cady's spot once. This guy I liked for a year had a girlfriend in another state. He wanted to mess around with me, but I knew I was "never enough" for him.

  5. VegetarianChick

    Your a cheater?

  6. scenequeen13x

    i think i'm in love with this song!! :P

  7. Skylar Lucht

    Why does Cady Groves have a song for every situation in my life? Gosh, sometimes I feel like she's stalking me and writing about my life experiences 0.o haha.

  8. Emily Gamez

    Thanks for uploading this!!

  9. Chris Alder

    hey can u send me a link to download this song