Cady Groves - Forget You Lyrics

You, You

Must have been a long walk,
How'd you make it across the other side of the tracks?
Then you ran into me,
And you made me believe in my own laugh.

And every time that we talk,
It's like we're taking a walk around our own little town.
But when we hang up the phone,
All I hear is alone, I hate, that sound.

I gotta put my heart to the test,
Gonna wrap it in a bulletproof vest,
Cause in time, you'll be runnin' to me,
Flowers in hand, but until then,
I won't forget you.

So when the stars come out at night,
And we're watching the same sky,
You can tell there's no surprise,
I won't forget you.
It's like you fell from outer space,
And you can bet your pretty face,
You will never be replaced,
I won't forget you.

It's just a matter of time,
You know what's mine is yours,
I've put it all on the line.
And every day I say I love you more
than I did before and I don't think it's a lie.

This is our bedtime story
That we're gonna tell our kids,
And I'll watch you fall asleep,
While holdin' all three, but until then,
I won't forget you.

So when the stars come out at night,
And we're watching the same sky,
You can tell there's no surprise,
I won't forget you.
It's like you fell from outer space,
And you can bet your pretty face,
You will never be replaced,
I won't forget you.


So when the stars come out at night,
And we're watching the same sky,
You can tell there's no surprise,
I won't forget, forget, forget, forget, forget you.

So when the stars come out at night,
And we're watching the same sky,
You can tell there's no surprise,
I won't forget, I won't forget you.
It's like you fell from outer space,
And you can bet your pretty face,
You will never be replaced,
I won't forget you.

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Cady Groves Forget You Comments
  1. jake aure

    2020 <3

  2. czakis8829 ,

    Smurfs 2

  3. nigento 9841

    An tg I miss you so much #sandy :'v

  4. CameraMan66

    These type of songs are the best, very motivating beats

  5. CameraMan66

    smurfs 2?

  6. ة ة

    your songs are still beautiful as you

  7. Dayaday

    Secondhand Serenade brought me here ahaha (You and I by schndsrnd feat Cardy)

  8. Preji Atsoca

    I hate myself for discovering this song now after how many years of not knowing that this masterpiece exist. BITCH THIS IS SO UNDERRATED.

  9. Preji Atsoca


  10. BigBoyBeans

    Listen to it on 1.25x🙃
    thank me later

  11. supratim chakraborty

    Listening after almost 5 years once again! OMG!!!

  12. ana leticia

    I remember listening to this song when I was 13 OH MY GOD

  13. Jess Fanai


  14. Θανάσης Πλατυκώστας

    Cady is like 2 persons its kinda impressive...

  15. Amirah Razali

    But the guy is so hot, who is he?

  16. Henry Oldspice

    Lovely song i still remember her songs on the radio

  17. Shea


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  19. Joel Morris

    Why isnt she more famous? Why are there rappers who mumble all their lyrics who are world-known, but you never her about her?

  20. Joel Morris

    The title is a bit misleading.

  21. Luz Reyes

    I love this song

  22. Kristina Milicic

    Im inlove with this song

  23. Kutolu Zhims

    One of my favorite song

  24. Jessie Cathren

    so cool love it so much i love your song's and my sis love's you so much

  25. andrew carson


  26. Jo :]

    I LOVE this song ❤️

  27. Ramot S

    that bike is leggit the bike of my dreams

  28. Juvia Lockser

    0:15 wtf so ugly

  29. musical sur

    nice song..still in 2017

  30. jaylynn villalona

    cady grooves looks like aj lee from wwe smackdown right ?


    jaylynn villalona I usually hate when people make comparisons because they usually suck but wow she does look similar to ah lee

  31. DeNeka Campbell

    I love this song sooooooooooooooo much

  32. Myer Werl

    is it just me or but the beat sound so similar to katy pery`s the one that got away


    Amier just you

    Maxinator 2006

    Sounds the same to me too Amier


    Amier Asyraf just you

    Elena G

    Thanks for that, was bugging me what it reminded me of 😉


    Yeah and similar beat to Alyssa Reid's Hurricane

  33. Kayla Kostic

    why is she so perfect!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Sprite [galaxy furry]


  35. Sprite [galaxy furry]


  36. kqwl

    This reminds me of how lonely I am o-o

  37. Annika Grace

    She should get more views

  38. TeamSwifty ForLife

    can't stop singing this song now

  39. copyxerox

    i listen everyday from Thailand.

  40. Yadira Moran

    that my sis love you so much sis

  41. Neffy Guillen

    JEEZ she short but nice voice and hair😋😋

    Catty Gacha


    Satan’s BabyMomma

    Ashley Pink Roblox gaming SHORT PEOPLE CAN STILL CUT A BITCH

    Catty Gacha

    im not short fun sized

    Satan’s BabyMomma

    Ashley Pink Roblox gaming I'm not short
    Just the size to be a boss ass bitch
    *hair flip with male hair*

    ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ʙᴀᴅᴅɪᴇ

    are you dumb you cant flip hair with short hair

  42. Mike Rock

    I love this song and all your videos😄 keep up the great job

  43. Bảo Nguyễn Quốc

    Pretty voice <3

  44. Mr Harry Marshall Webb Barley

    Awesome song my favorite song now!

  45. I.O Meg 3

    best song ever bye from italy

  46. Unicornique

    Ahahaha, and then there's Never Forget You. 😂

  47. DJ Jenny :3

    Omg such a beautiful song T_T

  48. KOMaru

    I thought this video would be about forgetting the person, because the title is ' Forget you' lmao ok bye.

  49. Garrett Emert

    your beatiful

  50. Garrett Emert

    you are my fav singer and your brothers went to school with my dad willis and track

  51. Michaela R

    Still a good song. It's still liked from before when I first heard it, I guess. Seriously been a long time. <3 though.

  52. Therahlee Guevara

    the best song in the world

  53. 뤼바

    Really Pretty Voice

  54. samantha deitz

    is that her real boyfriend? ?

  55. Christina Zhuo

    those freckles tho

  56. Isabella Rhinehart

    I love all your songs I love this little girl the most haha take that Dom Dom boy

  57. Bryan Navarro

    i love your song so much

  58. Lenora IsCheesed

    my best friend left me.............. if he sees this Gabriel , you're like my big brother. <3

  59. Hailey Webb

    my little sister makes me play this song all the time and she's two

  60. Kawaii Desu Chan

    Holding all three??? Dey must have a lot of sex

  61. Lorrane Karinne

    essa música e linda

  62. Kaitlyn Thomas

    She performed at my school

    Jaden Parker

    +Kaitlyn Thomas Was that when she was doing those high school tours? Cool though.

  63. Ellen Ellen

    She has just such a pretty voice♥○♥

  64. zezu zaza

    hi cady. how r u ?

  65. Ain Nad

    Apink's Showtime :")

  66. Lynn Mendoza

    Beautiful Song ❤❤

  67. Ressa Shahfiz

    BEST SONG EVER 🎤🎤🎧🎧🎶🎶

  68. Myah Binda

    Ur amaing cady witch I get I ur name mixed up ith candy or katy. Anyway I wont forget cuz ur awesome.

  69. Squidlee

    you derseve more subs

  70. Emilyyy Babbyyy

    I love your videos . you are my idol

  71. Farming sim is awesome 14


  72. Flower Wolf

    U look a lot like Selena Gomes.


    In what universe does this girl look like Selena Gomez?

    Flower Wolf


  73. Grecia Aldetete cuba

    i love you boy and i love you cadry

  74. HoldTheDoor

    Who else came here after watching mix & match ikon 😄


    @***** hey they played this song during jinwoo went and meet his dad and i immediately got hooked by this song. Yeah they are :))

  75. Isabella Garcia

    love her hair

  76. Evan

    I cum in her ass

  77. Jackie Rose

    She is so underrated omg....

    Discord Drowned

    +Jacqueline Nisall I agree.


    Playing this song on repeat

    Jeremy Muniz

    you are rood


    @Jeremy Muniz rude, use your grammar please

  78. Juliette M

    I cant figure out where the hell I've heard this song before but I know I have!

    Juliette M

    @filip8099 Oh of course! Thanks XD


    +Juliette M (TotallyPepper) You're welcome 😉

    erica sambogna

    +Juliette M (TotallyPepper) It's from the second "Smurfs" movie

    Juliette M

    @***** I haven't seen that but yes I am a k-pop fan XD 

    Cody Brooks

    +Juliette ESC&K-POP (TotallyPepper) maybe she was too short to reach the pedals m8

  79. Alex S

    She is gorgeous! OMG! 😱❤️

    Alex S

    And her drink looked so nice 😂

    Connor Nicholas

    +Alex S LOL

  80. Kenny Ken

    Sadly, she became famous because she was Blake'smistress

  81. hazey vlogz


  82. BM5X5

    Who the hell is she?

  83. Daniel Hurley

    You could never forget me!

  84. mike thomason

    i cant sing worth a damn but i can hear good music maybe because im blind so i cant judge her on looks is she pretty so i judge on what i hear and i dont hear true feelings in singing. you guys have to remember anyone can sing today with all the tech. we have today but you dont put the true feelings in it its nothing .

  85. gacha soul

    nevermind found it

  86. gacha soul

    THIS IS A GREAT SONG but i cant find (Forget you) the song in Spotify :(

  87. djjazzyerf1

    Bless her heart. She's a terrible little singer. And her music sucks. Homewrecking aside.

  88. Rebecca Lopez

    Miranda is alot prettier then you and i just think Blake downgraded because you look like a kid not a woman.

  89. sea hoon

    I prefer her with the short hair.

  90. Genie精靈


  91. Amara

    She looks like Sierra!

  92. Adrianne Monique

    She looks like LIGHTS when se smiles

    Paige Eevee

    I thought so too!!!

    Lolitaaa -


    strawberry bob

    omg yes i totally see it

  93. Brittney Smith

    I liked this song so much I wrote the lyrics and sang it  in front of my family. Yep.

  94. la pyae

    so good

  95. Johannes

    There are 2 different forms of Cady. If her boyfreind is cheating on her its like : This Little Girl. but when he does not, it is like this song :)


    😂😂😂😂😂 Dead

  96. Cookiecake

    This little hit is capable of murder if u hurt her.... 2011 luv