Cady Groves - Crying Game Lyrics

Woke up to snow, it's Christmas again
But you're still not home, got thrown in the pen
And I'm six years old sitting here thinking "Why am I always alone?"

So I watch my momma from the back of the van
She drove along, and having seven kids
Must have been hard, but daddy couldn't stay out of the bar

It's a crying game, seeing him in prison on Christmas day
Twenty years later still such a shame to have a broken heart at such a young age

Now it's all the same, it's a crying game

I missed the call and woke to find my brother was gone
That's when I lost my mind at eighteen years old
Wondering how life could be so cold

But we came together, like never before
All my brothers and sisters kept momma at shore til we lost another
It's hard to know just what to think no more

It's a crying game, to have to put my brothers in their graves
Life ain't perfect, but it's such a shame
They left behind the stories that they never made

Now it's all the same, it's a crying game

Living and loving gets me through the pain
Don't take for granted a soul or a day
Anywhere I'm going it's crazy to think
That there's a million other people out there playing
Crying game
There's no winning and no one to blame
Life is fragile and can slip away and let me tell you when it does, it's such a shame

But it's all the same, it's a crying game

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Cady Groves Crying Game Comments
  1. silly sloth

    I love you Cady love me

  2. Shirley Ross

    WOW How beautiful!

  3. bluntman9956

    So sad 😞 and such a true story!!

  4. fabiot 03

    A donde te fuiste?,me encanta tu música.😥

  5. Hattie Kelly

    Omg cady this might have not happened I'm not judging but it's kinda like my story and my mama had 9 kids I know it was hard and .....3 of my brother's and one of my sister's went when I was 17 it was horrible

  6. Shahrul Naim

    Ur voice is kind i like...Hope i can meet you😍

  7. Kari Waller

    we all do the crying game

  8. Jane Robinson

    Everytime, i hear this song i start crying alot but overall great song!

  9. aelan_ l

    this is my life in a song my dad was always in jail on holidays nd i used to hate him for that but he still loved us now he's gone rip daddy 7•8•18

    Devante Porter

    aelan_ l that was on my birthday!! I’m sorry to hear that he’s in a better place now 🙏🏼

  10. Crystal Cook

    I wish this song was not about my life

  11. HC Wildlife

    It’s such a shame that cady, you come up with such good stuff and I love it but, you just take so long to make it you couldn’t. I do love your music though.

  12. Madison Willis

    This song is my fav song NO JOKE !!!!!!

  13. didit kozank

    Still hearing this lovely song till now . Love you so much cady from Indonesian 😍 . Please release your demo song "temperamental" to an official video please i beg you 🙏

  14. Ashley Thomas

    I love this song, can I get it on iTunes?

  15. moonlight dust

    I love your songs

  16. おっとり桐ちゃん


    I can not speak English well.

  17. CathyHeron


  18. Tiernan Oler

    Where can I buy this song

  19. xMystic

    Um... its lonely to be the only one in October 2017 watching.

  20. Crystal Cook

    Why did you write a song about my life now when I hear this song I cry My Dada can't stay off drugs and 1 morning I woke up to find my big brother dead

  21. Savannah Weber

    This is such a good song! You came to Kansas for the dam music festival and had me in tears when you sang this song because I to lost 3 sisters! Beautiful song!!

  22. 202 Cruisin

    Just shared your music with the Brazilians! They enjoyed every second. 😎

  23. Donica Abalos


  24. John Miller


  25. Taylor Kahn

    NOOOOOOO I miss her long hair

  26. kittable

    I hate the world.. what happened to songs like this? Now its just crappy stuff like friggin Don thrilla and people rapping with curse words and everything bad.. jeez, even the biggest singers have gone down so far in quality. I wish we could go back in time to when there was still songs like this. This is TRUE music!! Its so inspirational <3. You've come so far, Cady! You're so strong going through all of this <<333


    EpicGalaxyKitten expect for more mate because the generation is fucked up already

  27. Maddie Casale

    Truely beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes almost immediately after putting this on.😩😍😍😍☹️

  28. Emily B

    I have the same haircut

  29. a bertless

    I can relate.. my father passed when I was only seven. Share the love ❤

  30. RandomZ5

    Amazing, simply amazing! 💗

  31. noodles

    I just realized, she cut her hair? D:

  32. Aly Brown

    This is SO beautiful! I'm so very sorry, stay strong!


    i think i love this girl!!!

  34. Tia Avutova

    "It's a crying game,to have to put your brothers in their graves" That is so sssaaadddd annndd~sniffle~ powerrffullll~sniffle~AAAAAAHHHH~sniffle~

  35. Lauren Lown

    I wonder why this song isn't more popular. She's so talented.

  36. creepa -chan

    i wis my dad was always bar because its worse when hes here

  37. Aeryan

    I remember watching you live on the highschoolnation tour. you were amazing

  38. doll maker.

    this how I feel.

  39. lesbilen

    one time my dad went to jail on Christmas Eve.He got out, but him and my mom divorced.. I don't really care though

  40. Tsubaki Maye

    honestly, I wish my dad was in jail for what he did.

    Miracle Berry

    Tsubaki Maye awww. I'm sorry for what ever he did to hurt u 😔😔

    Tsubaki Maye

    @Miracle Berry its okay, I've gotten through it with the support of the people who actually care about me 😊

    Utahraptord 123

    I know what you mean girl I think the same for my dad don't worry you have my support

  41. Mauricio Mendes Lanzonni

    menina eu te amo tanto 😻😻😻😻

  42. laura flynt

    yeah you know a few people not a lot she didn't know the few people you know

  43. Mr. One-Way

    Ms. Groves was Twittering us lil people again. Got one!!! It was grand!!!

  44. brianna shires

    Been following you since Real With Me. You have a unique voice! Beautiful story. Very relatable

  45. Jessica McCaskill

    this song I relate to because I understand the feeling of being lost and then getting pushed over the edge when someone dies.

  46. Gwyn ShadowFlare

    I love her songs, so many emotions go into them

  47. KOMaru

    ^ That comment is probably a comment about something sad
    < Nothing.
    v Same as the first one

  48. Bradley Stone

    Keep it real, Miss Groves.

  49. Chris Romanov

    putting brothers in the grave was the hardest thing I had to do, some never made it home to their families.

  50. Maygan Camellia

    its a crying game to have to put my brothers in their grave. ik that feeling

  51. Belinda Cheney Drakes

    Love this song

  52. Meme Tofly

    awww my story just like hers

  53. Sam Soby

    This is not on iTunes because why? I really love this song 😻

  54. Ryan Cole

    I watched my dog throw up blood he didn't make it I cried so much I was 6

    MelloGachaGaming Love

    Ryan Cole omg I feel so bad for you god bless you

  55. Cookie dough

    this song makes me cry in a good way

  56. kylie stubbs

    aww who was at jail.... I hope I didnt aska personal question


    Dad because of drinking

    Shakira Gull

    I can relate

  57. Girl Springtrap

    I know this feeling I'm still 11and my mom is in Massachusetts and my step dad went to jail and my brother went to foster care my sister's live in Dover and my baby sister all most died and my moms arm is broken

  58. Jax Whitmire


  59. Hope Cook

    Is it sad that 'King For A Day by Peirce The Veil' popped up in my recommended?? I listen to that song too much XD.

  60. Emmanescence Davis

    Cady needs to. Make a movie based on her life

    Wilma Magby

    Ik no one will Belive me but this actually happened 2 me my brother Jamie died and my dad could not stay off drugs and it makes me cry how u guys are like she's so brave I went through it 2 she's not the only 1

  61. Funny Comment Guy

    If I could wife up any girl it would be cady, or Scarlett jo

  62. Heather A

    This song has a great message

  63. Heather A

    This made me cry

  64. Anthony Allison

    Anyone who can channel such pain and turn it something beautiful to paint the world with brilliant colors has been touched by angels. Cady, I hope you know that your past has paved your path to heaven. Thank you for crossing my path.

  65. krine astronimous

    my mom was in prison because of drinking....... i know the feeling

  66. jaZz pLoX

    Well i cried during this song O-O

  67. Melodie Sherrill

    I love this song

  68. Stellandhailey

    i love her hair voice and everything!

  69. Katherine

    Your short hair is cute

  70. Izzy

    My sister help Cady Groves with wardrobe but I never got to meet Cady

  71. brianne oreilly

    This made me cry

  72. Olivia Messner

    omg, I'm crying so much. This song is so true

  73. Hope Hicks

    Your a survivor your awesome

  74. itsayumiduh ღ

    When you have taken her order at the ENID, OK Starbucks so many times and always thinking that she looked like she would be a famous person either singer or actress and then I saw my boss on Facebook promote her music video and now i feel stupid 😂😂 she's so short and I literally wish j could pull of short hair like she can😍😍

  75. Kara Baker

    Is this considered country?

  76. Abby Holt

    this song explains kinda what ive been through

  77. Jamie Hui

    I love her voice! <3

  78. Skyler Day

    I can't stop listen to it it is so great good job

  79. Ember Bixby

    Love the song but why the hair

  80. Laylah barakitty

    I relate to this my dad was in jail until I was five snd I didnt know who he was but then 14 years later hes in jail again for seven months...:(

  81. Evan

    Wyf did she do to her hair? Soo ugly

  82. Llama Lovers

    love it llamalovers6000

  83. Llama Lovers

    love it

  84. Brandy Cepeda

    This is music! This is artistry! But sadly the world doesn't appreciate truth anymore.


    So true. Truth isn't what people want. People want entertainment. The world is so corrupted nowadays

    LIW :3


    Alyssa Ellisor

    MinecraftMaster :3 your awesome I subscribed to you... your like my twin

  85. enya zatarain castro

    I love your voice

  86. DustinRitt

    I love this.. I don't know your story, but I'm sorry life has been tough. Hang in there Cady. You'll move mountains.

  87. Jacob Johnson

    I've been looking for this song for such a long time! I heard it once on an ad a while back but it never came back on again :/ Glad I found it though! Thank you for the great song, a lot of great emotion conveyed in your music. Love it when singers insert emotion into how they sing!

  88. Boo Burdier

    Omg *touches face* REAL TEARS Your such a good person ;D

  89. buster1979100

    im an 15 year old girl and i went through alot of this that she talks about and this song made me cry before the the first verse ended

  90. DrKARMA

    when's the new song, girl :c you crushing me :c

  91. dodgethese balls

    So beautiful you are amazing :) <3

  92. Cody Cunningham

    They will be back in the new world. I promise you that they will. And if my promise means nothing to you, then maybe Jehovah's will. God's Word assures us that there will be a resurrection on earth one day. Your brothers will be there, as will my best friend. Faith ='s hope ='s endurance ='s strength, all of which are surrounded by love. Pure & true love.

  93. luvpup!! ! !!

    I agree with you all accept blank studios  Cady you've gone through a vary hard time and your surviving!!:)

  94. Lauren Jessup

    YO, WHY CANT I BUY THIS ON ITUNES ????????!!!!!!!

  95. Meganlovzu

    Omg you are so amazing at singing