Cadet - The Commitment (Intro) Lyrics


See the truth is, I just want a buzz
Man, I feel so alive on the stage
I'd do this for free, even if I weren't paid
I care more 'bout telling you my pain
That world nigga, that was solo
And some would say that I come from the roads
Used to hide the white girl in my nuts
Now I got these white girls on my nuts
But, I just gotta keep shit positive
Have faith in my craft and pray for my soul
If you keep my 9-5's so I can focus
I chose to not make money off the roads
That's no more F money, or grab money
Truth is, I ain't eating well
But as long as you don't hear that story about me
And before I buss they said I went jail
But I can't lie, it pisses me off
When I see yutes do too much for the girls
And I ain't a hater, believe me
It just hurts when I can't do that shit for myself
Balenciaga this, or Giuseppe that
They ain't spent one day on the job
And I swear to you if I weren't doing music
These are the same fuckboys I would rob
But, now I can't think like that
Looking in the mirror like, "Cadz, you can learn from your father"
Got about a thousand DMs from yutes
Saying that because of me, they're gonna grind harder
Man, I can't lie, that's pressure
But I'm three hundred like I'm stepping out of Sparta
So more time, I'm just sitting in my car
Trying to pattern up a fresh dime like a barber
I get voicemails from fans like
"Yo, Cadet, you're gonna make it"
I get voicemails from fans like
"Cadet, you're gonna make it man"
I get voicemails from fans like
"Cadet, you're actually gonna make it"
So now I'm sitting here with these grills in my mouth
Like, fuck everybody, it's time for me to make it
I don't really care about P's, I don't really care about cash (C-Cadet)
I don't care about your watch, or your [?] bag (C-Cadet)
I don't really care about girls, I don't really care about cars (C-Cadet)
Only really care about family, and getting rid of these bars (C-Cadet)
See, I done what I supposed to
Got a whole list full of pain that I could go through
Me, I done music for years
So man, look me in my face, and no, I don't know you (Nah)
But I'm still gonna bust like I told you, even if I don't involve you
[?] warm up session, mad
My G I've been levelling up like I'm Goku
But I don't wanna rap like them
It's not every day that you talk about being in the trap
And I don't wanna rap like them
It's not every day that you talk about bending over yats
And I don't wanna rap like them
It's not every day that you talk about sipping on the yak
[?] found my pain in the game
Truth is that, I'd be rapping like that
But it's mad now, everybody seem glad for me
It's like everybody family
You see, first things first, I'ma welcome myself
'Cause the passion cannot weigh on the clarity
Man, I been in the studio with my idols
That's because of these bars
But I can't stop now, 'cause hard work will do better than talent
And I'm tryna work hard, so I gotta grind
Truth is I did a lot of time
Coming from the darkest place, I gotta shine
When it's real truth, you ain't gotta rhyme
It's like, I'm gonna buss, ayo, I'm gonna buss
Ayo, I'm gonna buss, ayo, I'm gonna buss
Ayo, I'm gonna buss, yo, I'm gonna buss
When I give you everything, I'm so see-through
Until I'm with the angels bro, that's what I'm into
You see them, they rap 'cause they want to
Me? I rap 'cause I need to

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Cadet The Commitment (Intro) Comments
  1. Kathy Tran

    “I don’t really care about girls
    & I don’t really care about cars
    I only needa care about fam
    & gettin rid of these bars”

    & that last fuckin bar.
    RIP King

  2. Jordan Marsh

    Rip Cadet a real talent & beautiful soul gone too soon always smiling & being positive you inspired a whole nation we need more rappers like you keeping it real rest in Paradise rated legend❤💙👌

  3. Eno'z Maddness

    love u rip

  4. Judyxbh

    RIP bro

  5. Buzzman182

    RIP Cadet the Underrated Legend!!! You were one of the greatest, realist and one of my faves in the scene I put you on the same level as ghetts, p money, Wiley etc! UK lost a real star, thoughts go out to your friends and family!

  6. michael smith

    RIP , so sad

  7. Cait_x

    RIP CADET ! You will always be a legend , you are no longer an #underrated legend ! 😔💔💔

  8. Kyle12 129867

    RIP ❤️❤️😭💔💔💔

  9. Joshua Cunningham

    Can’t wait for the new fire coming from this beasts mouth🔥 CADEEEET CADEEEEET🗣

  10. Tom Gray

    Album still bangs ❤️🙏😅

  11. brandon waugh

    still banging this album

  12. Kurt Hulme

    c a ddddddddet

  13. Yg All or nothing

    💯🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 too much #underrated

  14. Screamz 247

    Banger soon to blow #cadetcadet