Cadet - Gipset Flow Lyrics

This is my Gipset flow, ahh
Gipset flow, ahh
This is my Gipset flow, ahh
My Gipset flow, ahh
This is my Gipset flow, ahh
My Gipset flow, ahh
This is my Gipset flow, ahh
My Gipset flow, ahh
This is my Gipset flow

Aight, cool, let me show them
They think it's all singalong bars and emotional shit
Man, bro, are you dumb?
Everybody from the Gipset Tally been shows
Always have a Gipset Tally [?]
Nuttin' but Gipset Tally in your speakers
MCs don't wear gold in the ends
All of my dogs dem are golden retrievers
Nah, nah, nah, nah, where? Are you dumb?
Don't you know who's in the room?
Man was out screaming sky
Man was out screaming kaboom
Cool, I'm back on my Gip stuff
No motivation, man get lift up
Real talk, yo, ever since that I did stuff
It's like man forget that I'm Cadet, Cadet
Cool, let me remind you
World war, man a typhoon if I find you
Kill an MC calm if I've got time to
Fam have to talk through a box like a drive-thru
A bunch of street fighters
But none of us Ryu
And nah, don't send for man
Cause word, it will get shocking if I write you (Raichu)
Yeah, a tune I can vibe to
Went from a teardrop phone into iTunes
It's my time for the hit like bat 'em up
Got Konan in the back like "pattern up"
Uh, MCs get nervous
All of their shutdown bars ain't working
Mad ting, when I say Cadet, it's curtains
Even had Charlie Sloth like (perfect)
Uh, C-A-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d, I'm back
Man never cared about dough, no
Man only cared about being on the map
Brudda, we had the whole sound from smash
Everybody knew the bruddas, even before we rapped
And that's right now, if I open the shell
Bro, you ain't getting that shell back
And man chat shit, that's Jme, Giggs
Cause man don't really care about all that
And mandem are even forcing punchlines
Well, you ain't gotta do all that
I don't wanna hear man talk about sick
And meaning vomit, bro, that's basic
I don't wanna hear man talking 'bout defeat
And meaning feet, bro, that's basic
Cool, let me show you
How to punchline every line, let me go through
I just wanna sell gold hair, that's Goku
Young nigga tryna eat right, that's Nobu
Sonic in the tunnel, I tell dogs roll through
And they show up at the door, that's postal
Man don't really want beef, that's tofu
Barbarian, Konan flow, old school
Killer, calm, let me switch it
Yeah, they know I've got powers, I'm a Misfit
These girls love a nigga's rhymes, that's diction
So the girls wanna see me, I'm a chick flick
Holding my team together like I'm Pritt Stick
I just wanna get off the ground like I'm a [?]
Tryna be the star on top, yeah, that's Christmas
I can let the girl twist up, yeah, that's lipstick
Oh man

This is my Gipset flow, yeah
This is my Gipset flow, yeah
This is my Gipset flow, yeah
This is my Gipset flow, ahh
Gipset flow, ahh
This is my Gipset flow, ahh
My Gipset flow, ahh
This is my Gipset flow, ahh
My Gipset flow, ahh
This is my Gipset flow, ahh
My Gipset flow, ahh
This is my Gipset flow

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    I know there's the new hype about him being a #rated legend but there's no way anybody can pick up all the word play on this in the first 50 listens. He's a true #UnderratedLegend. Rest easy my brudda! You took no L's and you had all the winnings.

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