Cabrera, Ryan - Say Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm on the corner
Catching the late train
I'm going somewhere
I'm leaving nowhere today
I got my reasons
And my beautiful wine
I told my mama
Said "Boy you lost your mind

I say shut up shut up
You're going to ruin you're name
I say clean up clean up
Don't think just play

S-S-Say Say Say
Say what you wanna say
Cuz I'm gone...Yeah I'm gone [2x]

[Verse 2]
I crossed the border
Watching the sun drown
The seats are shaking
But I don't wanna slow down
Now I'm living
In a beautiful town
There ain't no people
But they love my sound
Say wake up wake up
You got things to sign
Say pick up pick up
Your life is on the line

S-S-Say Say Say
Say what you wanna say
Cuz I'm gone...Yeah I'm gone [2x]

Oh you used to be young
Yeah you used to be wise
You used to be cool
What's with that look in your eyes

Say Say Say what you wanna say
What you wanna say Yeah

Tell me how you like me
Look at me like that
Tell me how you like that
Look at me dancing now
Look at me dancing now
Call me everyday just to say the same thing
Even in my sleep
It's your voice repeating (voice repeating)
Tell me how you like me now

S-S-Say Say Say
Say what you wanna say
Cuz I'm gone...Yeah I'm gone [3x]

Oh you used to be young
Yea you used to be wise
You used to be cool
What's with that look in your eyes

Say Say Say...what you wanna say
Say what you wanna say
Say what you wanna say

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Cabrera, Ryan Say Comments
  1. Regina Gonzales

    This song is awesome I really love this song thank you for your awesome music Ryan keep bringing us this awesome music.

  2. jose lopez

    2018 anyone?

  3. David Manns

    We still love you.

  4. Randy sierra

    Is the police officer Michael Strayhan?

  5. Eli Lopez

    Aunque sea medio!

  6. Eli Lopez

    2:20 Mojo!! <3

  7. XxiluvlollipopxX

    I don't care about this look, all I care is the song and I can say that this song has a lot of combination. It started off with something like the 80s and then chorus changed to something modern. Yea, at least that's what I think :) It's a beautiful song.

  8. Alfredo Merced

    Nice dude. Not bad. Keep up the good work. Thumps up. Remind me of U2.


    is perfect i love Ryan Cabrera...♥

  10. MrDivalover1

    @misstromette it will be good when fye gives me call to pickup my moon under water cd. moon under water cd is when he was dating audrina from hills. i thought ryan found his soulmate in audrina. ryan wiki bio said he had romance with audrina ended 2011. why did they break up?

  11. haveitall

    @MrDivalover1 Hm, I wouldn't say better. Different. It's much more rock oriented and raw, whereas Take It All Away is very polished and commercial. I like both equally!

  12. MrDivalover1

    @misstromette I order his 2008 moon under water and will be getting it this week at my local fye. so is his moon under water better than his 2004 take it all way cd?

  13. haveitall

    I hope a new album really does come out next year. Moon Under Water is awesome and all, but I need something new!

  14. lisamarie24

    He is one of the hottest guys ever !!!!

  15. Anas Zamir

    if you pay more attention to his looks and dont like it , then your not a true fan

  16. Terence Leung

    looked like james may ....

  17. Eben Dela Cruz

    ryan changed his image.. and even a bit of hit of his song genre...

  18. kaosfan75

    lol at the comments. He doesn't look like that anymore ;)

  19. Hassej

    he looks so different :o

  20. Schneizel Veonheart

    what happend to his hair?...and face?.. >_>

  21. @HausOfAlex_aj

    I love U Ryan !!!! :*

  22. KillerCrazyCookie

    I love him when he has blond hair... with those curls looks awful!!

    P.S.: I love this song!!!I =)

  23. Nicole Chouinard

    i love his new look, its freakin sexy!

  24. Linda Loomis


  25. Harlia Kartika

    when i listen to this song, i remember my high school friend.. :P

  26. Brandon Diamond

    Thanks God he got rid of that hair

  27. Crazazazay

    Dirty girl for life- rob dyrdek is in this video, awesomeness hahaha

  28. desoray08

    @wendydorf I was thinking the same thing . I still love the song though .

  29. desoray08

    They play this song at my job were i work ( kohl's ) and while i'm cleaning up the mess in the fitting rooms i jam out to this song . <3 ;;

  30. amber wendorf

    ooh hes lookinh rough

  31. Kristine Culig

    @Brittyisme totally! a little of johnny depp and brad pit combo!

  32. Kristine Culig

    @peacelovecoexist he is still good lookin'. i actually like the long hair. spiky hair is not in anymore anyways! :) no matter how many times he'd change his image, the 'good-lookingness' is still there

  33. Brittyisme

    I met him last year in Chicago & OMG- he reminded me of Johnny Depp.! He was gorgeous! :)

  34. SykoSiren

    he looks sexy no matter what lol but his talent is amazing. He's stayed true to himself and made beautiful music. I LOVE HIM & his MUSIC

  35. Nat Duranceau

    what a song! I love it

  36. HaleyDewit

    like this song!

  37. Ariella Pardo

    Loving this new look

  38. Kevin Matibag

    i like the "TRUE" ryan better.... :(

  39. amandapandapie

    Bobby Light, iz Boddy Lighttt baby xD lol

  40. Albert Hernandez

    please check out my page please check out my YouTube page called "Pursuit Begining" im looking to get noticed and get signed to a record deal thanks so much for your support

  41. Jerome

    wtf. i cant believe their the same person. nice song though. lol

  42. mcflyfreakify

    I really miss his blonde hair.

  43. Jaakomika

    i like kind of his old album ..
    the better lyrics

  44. natazianatazia

    mine n harleys fav song other than nsync ones. aw ryan cabrery<<< thats how my dad says his name, yikes.ahah i really do like this song surprisingly. after hearing the screams of hardcore n metal alot its nice to slow things down.

  45. Afterdeathx21

    LMAO random bobby light ahahah omg

  46. V Fuhrmann

    Bobby Light xxxxD lolz Love this song <3

  47. Tarckini Danielle

    bobby light?

  48. Chisi A Xiong

    @hollistergrl08 Wait are u saying he's going back to his old image? I mean not that the image will change how I feel about his music, but i'm just wondering

  49. aisha islam

    ryan cabrera is so hot and i love his songs. he is so full of talent.

  50. Sabrina Paquin

    is that Bobby Light aka Rob Dyrdek i see in the begining?

  51. double00blonde

    WHY! he hair was so nice....I liked his music whether or not he was super hot

  52. Riko Oda

    that's him?!!!! O_O

  53. jodelle6

    holy shit! he changed so much! 0_o not so good this new look

  54. sweetestpoison16

    WHO CARES about his look, what matters is the music

  55. sweetestpoison16

    love the song

  56. Lucie Duverger

    He looks pervy... but his music is good :)

  57. pedro soliano

    as ryan would say "s-s say say say,say what you wanna say" xD

  58. Elin S

    he changed O.o
    love his voice though and song

  59. Ahisahar Solis

    Everybody need a change =D .. and whatever .. him is so cool !!

  60. Saveria Bartucci


  61. EvaMimosa

    love it :)

  62. Alex Chang

    i met him in september, hes got his old look back now haha.

  63. Nerina


  64. Chen cc

    I actually kinda love this song. But I really prefer his old looks...

  65. korlisbeeg

    Agreed...he really let him self go. Very unprofessional looking.

  66. Nat Duranceau

    i <3 this song! and i like the way he looks now :p

  67. Liona Rietdijk

    he looks like shit.. what happend to him?!

  68. wasabi inocentes

    the song could get quite annoying, but i guess that's the point..he is annoyed that whoever doesn't know what they want..ugh..i can totally relate to that frustration right now..

  69. K33

    i saw him perform before he was like famous famous. He was tagging along with Jewel and played with her in a concert.

  70. Zachary Sullivan

    What what, Bobby Light?

  71. aisha islam

    im in love with ryan cabrera and i wish him alot of success in his career

  72. Almenara Mor


  73. ashleylovesowls

    yes me too ;)

  74. mickayla razzo

    in an interview, he said he changed his image because he was sick of people only buying his record and listening to his music because they thought he was good looking. he wanted them to like him for his talent. (i dont know about you, but i can appriciate the good looks and the talent! lol)

  75. electrodinobot

    my gf got to take a pic with him

    he was at WWE Summerslam

  76. nathan messervey

    loves this songg!!!

  77. Lauren Sergesketter

    yeah i saw him two days ago....his hair is totally back to normal. : )

  78. ashleylovesowls

    wtf is up with that hair?!

  79. Angeline Ng

    wat can i said i miss the old him... But he seem happy i felt happy too

  80. perfectfiresky

    The song is awesome! And actually, he still looks kinda hot with that hair ;D provided that he doesn't tie it in a ponytail or keep it tucked behind his ears cause that just makes him look kinda fat XP although chubby Ryan is still cute <33

  81. HallieBird

    not likein theee longer hair...he looks good wif the short clean ctut.....

  82. lia eduarda

    LOL. ew he used to be reallyyyyyyyyyyyy cute D;

  83. krissy crossway

    i know right?!!!!!! i mean dudes a great singer yeah, but....thats kinda a let down!

  84. Arctophile2000

    wait- why is ryan on the lirr?

  85. Georgina G

    he looks old with his hair. how old is he?
    i used to love him before, but not really now. but he still have an amazing voice.

  86. Madeline Staddon

    the dog is just jammin out LOL

  87. Kara Keen

    look at the puppy in the back at
    he's so adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  88. rgms38

    I love his hair like this!!!
    he is hot either way!
    its his voice that makes him his hottest!!

  89. EvaMimosa

    i love this song *_*

  90. TheMinchen94

    He WAS so beautiful !!
    Ahh. please cut your hear and be sexy teeny-idol 4 ever ;)

  91. Ann Duran

    i think he sang "on my way down", i'm not exactly sure tho.

  92. Daphine holland

    ew thats nasty some comments are never ment to post and this is one them

  93. Syira Wahed

    wow he has changed a lot.

  94. Syraf Rotter Rockdríguez

    wow! love it

  95. Chantal van de Laar

    last time I can remember I saw him was with that exploded hair... this is a shocker xD but I like this look too

  96. pedro soliano

    he looks like Scott Stapp of Creed with long hair

  97. Mauriceiam H.

    This song makes me feel somekinda wayy

  98. MartiniTali

    where's ryan?!

  99. esrioas16

    that hair make him look much older!!!!!
    this song's ok
    i like "true" better