Cabrera, Ryan - Photo Lyrics

A photo can say a thousand things
But it can't say the million things I wanna say
A photo can capture the way we were
But it can't capture the way we are
'Cause you're far away
What it's like to know you
What it's like to touch you

When you told me that you loved me
were those just words
You can't tell me you don't need me
and I know that hurts
'Cause I'm looking at your picture
'Cause it's all I've got
Maybe one day
You and me will have one more shot

Timing lost minutes and moments
And I might be lonely girl
But I'm not afraid
In a second
It all comes right back to me
Nothing's forgotten now
Yeah everything's saved
What it's like to touch you
What it's like to know you

When you told me that you loved me
were those just words
You can't tell me you don't need me
and I know that hurts
'Cause I'm looking at your picture
'Cause it's all I've got
Maybe one day
You and me will have one more shot

You were my life
you were my faith
You gave me hope every day

When you told me that you loved me
were those just words
You can't tell me you don't need me
and I know that hurts
'Cause I'm looking at your picture
'Cause it's all I've got
Maybe one day
You and me will have one more shot

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Cabrera, Ryan Photo Comments
  1. Ahiza Mendoza

    This is also may favorite song wayback when in my high school days 2000s era, and yet still precious ryan cabrera song's made part of my highschool days ❤ #timemachinepls #bestofdecades

  2. Ylisha Hernandez

    2020!! ♥

  3. Rab C

    🇵🇭 💕

  4. Jeanette Calhoun

    Still Listening in 2020. This song is so beautiful 🖤 also I LOVE her hair!

  5. Always Unit G

    Mesmerizing song and with heart

  6. twiston43

    Is that Howie Day's brother?

  7. Britt Q

    Here because of The Hills new show lol. HE is with Audrina on it!

  8. WinSpk Win

    looking for this song for many years

  9. Qeera Mirdad

    Here at 2019 xx

  10. Stephanie Holey

    randomly picks up guitar in beginning of video

  11. Justhoni Nievera

    Dedicated to ashley simpson : (

  12. seth sazli

    before john mayer n ed sheeran, we have this guy

  13. Jeanette Calhoun

    I looooove her hair! 💖... and this song too obviously 😁

  14. Nuch Siri

    Anyone listening 2019 😊

  15. Wafa Romero

    Still listening in 2019. Dedicated to Mr🦊

  16. Revi Rezky Riady

    Almost 2019

  17. Always Unit G

    The lyrics ❤️

  18. neverboy uchiha

    2018 :)

  19. anti Anti

    Cute ryan 💖

  20. fizaidly fikry

    Nostalgia hmm

  21. Rachel Gwenny

    4th of July on 2018 and still ma' jam!

  22. stan the rose for clear skin

    This is the song that needs....
    * A Grammy Award
    * To be #1 on the billboard charts

    This song is so underrated and has beautiful lyrics to it, the music nowadays is not what as it seems to be anymore... This is the kind of music that needs to be listened to more often ;(

  23. Danny lewis

    I hate her.

  24. neverboy uchiha

    2018 here!!

  25. Drake Pagcaliwagan

    Lisa from the Veronicas, so damn beautiful..

  26. WillyBP

    i was 7 years old when first time listen this i'm 17 years old.. time flies away so fast..

  27. Irna Nena

    2018 :)))

  28. Angela DiPalantino

    Saw you're coming back to Philly! I went to your shows here almost 15 years ago. Really looking forward to it. I've always been a fan! Hopefully we can catch up! It's time for a duet! -Angela Everwood

  29. Lindsay Winkfield

    Wow. What happened to him. He was so talented

  30. Audrisse Noelle

    It's almost 2018 and I still listen to this song ❤️

  31. Budi bowo

    Good old mtv days

  32. LifeGoes On

    Hes aged so much this guy...

  33. Theresia Risadi

    This song make me remember my ex.. And this song is our favourite..
    Happy wedding my ex, hope you had happy ever after with her.. 😥

  34. Narumon S.

    Still listening in 2017.

  35. Phillip Beckman

    Not even a half million views? What is wrong with this photo?

  36. ying maensri

    still listening in 2017

  37. Valerie Rodriguez

    That voice!😍

  38. Anna D'Amelio

    Randomly started listening to Ryan tonight. "You Stand Watching" was the sound track of my freshman year of high school. Miss those days...

  39. ShaylaNadeen

    A song about Ashlee Simpson(Ex) ft his current girlfriend at the time Lisa Origliasso (Now Ex)

  40. bellefire17z


  41. Hanushaa Sive Dhassen

    i was obsessed with this guy when i was a teen, is he still active?


    About to go on tour with the my2k tour featuring 98 degrees, O Town, Dream, etc

  42. Chrystal Yau

    this song is one of my favorites, you are so talented ryan!!!! wish I can meet you again! :) love your music. .see you July 16th my2k baby!!!

  43. Rizqi Fahma

    I listened to it first time 3 years after its release. But now, 7 years afterwards, still sounds beautiful to me.

  44. Tyler Buck

    Photo I love that 2005 hits by Ryan Cabrera. This is the best 2005 songs ever

    Adrian Buck

    Yeah, Me too

    Tyler Buck

    I like that 2005 hits

    Adrian Buck

    +Tyler Buck Me too

    Tyler Buck

    +Adrian Buck Nice

    Adrian Buck

    +Tyler Buck I love that song

  45. Adrian Buck

    That song was not made in 2007, it was made in 2005

    Tyler Buck

    But this is not 2007 hits, it was 2005 music

    Adrian Buck

    +Tyler Buck I know

    Tyler Buck

    +Adrian Buck I like the 2005 hits

    Adrian Buck

    +Tyler Buck Me too

    Tyler Buck

    This song was made in 2005 not 2007

  46. Al Kenth Saligumba

    still listening in 2015. This deserves to have a million views :/

  47. Johanne Kai Maraya

    I was 11 when I heard this from MTV now I'm 18 hahaha

  48. Cj Ancheta

    Still listening at this song whenever I miss my childhood years. Make more music like this!

  49. Jernelle Jitterbug

    Maybe one day you and me will have one more shot!! :-)

  50. romeoalfanta

    I was 13 when the first time listen to this song and now im 23. God, times flies

    nur suhada

    +HachiKayoubi same !

  51. Juliana villagomez

    Que recuerdos *_*

  52. Emy Elisa

    isn't that lisa veronica from the veronicas ? 

    Kat Potts

    Yep, it's Lisa Origliasso. :)

  53. coylen1

    "Photo" by Ryan Cabrera 

  54. acoi900

    I miss u singing again ryan cabrera..
    Hope u sing again for this years 2015..

  55. Just Me

    I remember they gave me his EP for free at the mall once lol this is my fave song though.

  56. Rosh Sendin

    maybe one day u and me will have one more shot <3

  57. Jenn Mina

    is that the twins from the Veronica's group?

    pedro soliano

    yup he dated her once! (:

    Muttu G

    Jenn mkn

    Always Unit G

    @pedro soliano whoah! And Ashley Simpson???

  58. geekindapink

    Even still listening in 2014

  59. aniq ishraf

    brings back the memory every single time listen to this song

  60. Arian Arnesto

    thumbs up if you still listen to RC songs like these 2013

  61. junyao phoon

    is there anyone still hear this in 2013???

  62. John Vincent Leon

    how can i download this!whooaa!its not working on YD!

  63. Jane Janet

    wonder how long I didn't listening into this. I missed you.

  64. jayvee e

    now,thumbs up if you still watching and listening to this in 2013

  65. Chrissy Marie

    Still listening in 2013. :)

  66. Adrian Stephen

    bitch please, i'm still listening to it in 2013 !

  67. Jerry edwin

    when i was still a kid always thought he was Brad pitt.

  68. AllisonNMiles

    Thumbs up if you're listening to this is 2013:)

  69. Aleksandro Demetrio

    Lisa Marie Origliasso, one of the singers from the veronicas.

  70. Hugo Figueroa

    una mierda la cancion

  71. ass96823

    i'm so like this song

  72. Vivian Arpa

    Thumbs up if you are listening to this in 2013 :)

  73. Annisa Talitya

    I still love this song. <3

  74. Giovanna Serrata


  75. franz beckenbawer

    exelente cancion me trae muchos recuerdos :( buen tema ryan deberias sacar mas videos

  76. Chris Bouvier

    This is awesome, Lisa+Ryan

  77. joshua bolinao

    this is what you call music not those yo yo yo kind of ugly shit....know what i mean? ^_^

  78. bluntstickification

    the unspeakable things id do to him.......

  79. Chelsea Underwood

    1st- the song wasn't inspired by ash. 2) that wasn't his gf at the time. I was.

  80. Roseanne Torres

    i've been searching for this song for two months now finally worth it :))

  81. bluntstickification

    LOVE Ryan:)

  82. christa dumortier

    he is cute!

  83. Samantha

    its funny how this song was inspired by Ashlee Simpsons photo with him ; but his new girlfriend is in it . No wonder why they didn't last . lol

  84. Charlie Cheong

    he deserve more likes !

  85. Kari Solomon

    My best friend and I, growing up we loved Ryan Cabrera. I found this song and posted it to her Facebook, and we relived our childhood.
    I miss those days sometimes.

  86. Sarah Aziz

    Thumbs up if u still listening in 2012 =)

  87. marco yohan

    i could sing this all night long dude... I've memorized the lyrics since 5 years ago till now ...

  88. TheAshchronicles

    @jaycart22 no, it's not the hair. I think his head is just big. XD

  89. NovemBurn13

    who's is lisa?

    Sidney McMillin

    The girl in the video. She's from The Veronicas. They dated, he cheated on her.

  90. Jaycee Sarmiento

    listening to this song makes me..

  91. EryVeronica

    go Lisa!!!!

  92. Abhishek Sahu

    i miss my girl.. so much

  93. Sam Sanderson

    Lisa was WAY too good for him ♥ Love you Lisa :D