Bynum, Juanita - Any Crown Lyrics

Any crown I've ever won
I lay id down
Any praise I've ever gained
I give it all to you
There is nothing in the world
That can compare
You alone are worthy

You are near to those who call upon your name
You're ever giving, ever loving
You remain the same
For you open up your hands and satisfy
Give you all the glory
Give you all the glory

You are worthy oh Lord of all honor
You are worthy to receive our praise
In your presence I live
And with all I have to give
I will worship you

You are near to those
Who call upon your name
You're ever giving, ever loving
You reamin the same
For you open up your hands and satisfy
Give you all the glory
Give you all the glory

You are worthy oh Lord of all honor
You are worthy to receive our praise
In your pressence I live
And with all I have to give
I will worship you [repeat]

All my years
Glorify your holy name
Glorify your holy nam

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Bynum, Juanita Any Crown Comments
  1. eric ntengu

    super chasson ...

  2. zandile masilela

    Indeed you Worthy Lord... 👏

  3. Fhedzisani Ramudzwagi


  4. thembisile nkomo

    You are alone are worthy oh Lord!!!

  5. Zachary Lavender

    Beautiful music!


    Beautiful worship song.

    Trudy Love

    BREFA SAKYI yes oo

  7. Mthokozisi Sikhosana

    You are worthy Oh Lord !!

  8. University of Ghana Ent

    Salute this God general

  9. Rebecca Attoh

    Jesus... You are the source of my praise

  10. Victor Ngoepe

    When i don't know which way to turn im gonna bless your name.

  11. Samkelo Kufa

    It makes you think of where God has taken you. LORD I thank you for your love and mercy. i will forever glorify your holly name.

  12. KING J


  13. Era Love

    ***ONE LOVE
    ONE GOD***

  14. Virginia Meekins

    still takes me in every time!

  15. Virginia Meekins

    still takes me in every time!

  16. Francisco Doceta

    Aleluias ao poderoso e majestoso Deus, aquele que era e que a de vir, JESUS!

  17. Vanessa Rodriguez

    JOHN 14:6
    PSALM 24

  18. Juliet Lewis

    How great is our Jehovah God!! He is the King of Kings and Lord of lords, the Mighty Lion of Judah!! Amen and Amen. FOREVER AND FOREVER!!

  19. Kathy Jankovic

    He is worthy to receive all the glory, honour and praise. Beautiful worship song.

  20. Phanos Maphupha

    he is near to those call upon his name...

  21. rejoice deffor

    I'm fully satisfied with God...

  22. Miguel Rodriguez

    I will worship you all my years, glorify your holy name.....even when I don't feel like it, you are so worthy....oh Lord

  23. Blessed

    Worthy are you O lord.

    Fredrick Murphy

    Blessed Jackqueline

  24. Simply Thebest

    This song is giving me new inspiration and revelation. We need a new type of worship like this one. God bless Juanita.

  25. Notlyn Mwanjira

    I love this song with my all ... we need this kind of worship

  26. Kaone Pitso

    A Piece Of My Passion Disc 2 🙌🙌🙌🙌😭 this whole entire disc blesses me so much! "Any Crown" just makes me want to cry my heart out and worship my Lord with my ALL!!!!

  27. Tshireletso Mackenzie

    This song blesses me more n love with it

  28. Imaobong Kufre

    I am so blessed by this song. Thank you Jesus. I will live to worship you.

  29. Claudine Rigney


  30. Marvin Jackson

    God is good all of time

  31. Effe Nkrumah

    worship HIM , for He is worthy

  32. nabatanzi sharon

    for real God is worthy
     to receive all our praises indeed.he is able to do mighty wonders

  33. Monique Ballard

    I get lost in this song ....😍

  34. Collins Amponsah

    Very poerful song, this song changed my perception 3 years ago

  35. Simon Chigwanda

    Powerful worship. you are worthy oh Lord of all honor! Give you all the glory.

  36. Susan Ghanny

    Wonderful worship song give GOD the glory thank u JESUS for dying for my sin

  37. Belleleurette henry

    Beautiful worship song, there is such an anointing on this song

  38. Nozipho Dlamini

    Any Crown, takes me to 3rd heaven, our God deserve all the glory, He is worthy to be praised

  39. Fashion Ov3rstyle.

    Just the glory of god I am happy With. He is just and made me See my happy back.

  40. Macnack Mercelien

    yes i remember this song.........wauw.........can you feel jesus in this...? i can. used to sing it everyday .......lost in holiness...

  41. Earlene Walker

    My love for god. Glorified your holy name tears running down I'm going tp bless your name.


    You are worthy to be praised, my Lord and there is nobody like You. You are the King of kings and Lord of lords

  43. clinton brewster

    I love this sermon


    So strong song!!

  45. Mane Attractions Hair Weaving in Bowie Md

    Yhvh  the One and Only true God.

  46. Faith Sunday

    You're worthy to receive all my praise Lord

  47. Mabhiza Shongwe

    worship GOD

  48. noura tito

    Wow! My God! This song is so powerful! She has a great anointing. God bless you Juanita Bynum

  49. Darren Young

    I've noticed that Minister Bynum sings many Contemporary Christian Artist's songs and gives them new life and a different audience in Urban Gospel-and does it very well. 

  50. Ingrid Phillip

    I know when you're feel like giving up. God is working. I must say  this week was one of my biggest challenge, thank you Lord. 

  51. Thembi Ndzimandze

    I am so in luv wt this song jus can't stop listening to it....I have even made it my ringing tone..Great worship song im so blessed thank you Juanita.

    Terrance Chriss

    Thembi Ndzimandze v

  52. L'un connue

    I love this part 4:40 ...
    Thank YOU JESUS ! i'm gonna bless your Name !

    Elly Eleanor

    On Christ the solid rock

  53. Tamika Burrell


  54. Princess D

    You open your hands and satisfy...thank you Lord

  55. Ononofile Tlaang

    how can i download this to my phone, sm1 heeeeeellllllllpppppppppp

  56. Henry Mkumbira Phiri

    should be renamed 'you are worthy' that's the original version from Hillsong

  57. Love Rebecca Malope


  58. W Brockett

    lovely music listen to and worship.......

  59. Asoadigu Anthony Sedison

    Cant just help but worship anytime I am listening to this, its just the song for worship.

  60. wilhemina tawiah

    u r worthy oh LORD

  61. Amanda JE

    Hillsong has it as You Are Worthy x

  62. Déva mwana Nzambé

    Malgré les combats de la vie, le Seigneur est présent pour chaque combat que je vis, et je sais qu'il me donnera la victoire quoi qu'il arrive quand bien même la victoire tarde à venir, Dieu me la donnera, car il est le Dieu tout puissant, il est digne de recevoir louange et gloire. il est mon tout, ma joie et ma force, cette chanson me pousse adorer davantage le Seigneur....

  63. Gladys dede Tetteh

    I really love this song, you are really worthy to receive all my praise oh lord.

  64. Kholekile Richmond Dyele

    i absolutely luuve this song it brings the worshiper in me.
    frm siyasanga gwebecimele

  65. Sonia Thomas

    love this song!!! You are worthy Oh Lord Of all Honor....

  66. Ja-el Grant

    god bless thank you

  67. Colleen Tarkington

    1:58 is gods name in Hebrew. YHWH. Which translated to Jehovah,

  68. Ultimate Gaming Weekly

    Praise be to Almighty God. Praise be to you Jesus Christ, my lord and savior!

  69. Melanny manuputty

    Amin God is great ..Jesus is Lord forever ..;-)

  70. itai67

    really good song

  71. joseph okito

    I can't anything and i have just one choice : to believe in JESUS.
    lord i know one thing, that my problem can't change your divinity but your divinity can change all in my life. you are worthy to be praise you alone lord.

  72. IntouchWithChrist


  73. Muabana Invicta

    @elizaking179 thanks :) To God be all the Glory who inspired me.

  74. Muabana Invicta

    @ariesofwar kinda late... but you are welcome :)

  75. Herinchrist cogic

    @12345geefee You can't speak for us all. There are Holy Black american's as well as other colors. The spiirt of the Lord and his word must be deep inside everyones foundation. Repecting and dieing daily to all sins. Many do play games, not being real nor repected. Any color has the game player. It's Holiness are Hell for all people. Keep away from the luke warm sets.. of any color. It's one way!! nothing in the middle.. It's all about Jesus..and the real Holy Ghost and word of God

  76. tceestg5

    @imarkee Ahhhhhh, I understand now, I just mean this version Juanita's version is called Any Crown on her album. But yes Hillsong wrote it. I'm sorry about the confusion, but I do like both versions I love Hillsong, and Juanita, but mostly I love who the song is about

  77. puka ka

    @tceestg5 the song first appeared on a Hillsong album called For All You've Done (2004). Track listing: Disc 1: "You Are Worthy" (Darlene Zschech) Worship Leader: Darlene Zschech - 6:15. Darlene Zschech - Songs: You Are Worthy, Glorify Your Name

  78. tceestg5

    @imarkee yes i have the album as well, and it's called any Crown

  79. puka ka

    @calmwhisper i agree. i am so blessed by darlene and juanita's ministry. i just wanted to give hillsong publishing the credit for the copyright of this song. no harm meant. peace!

  80. calmwhisper

    Any Crown or You are Worthy, I am sure Ms. Zschech and Ms. Bynum would both agree, all the Glory goes to Jesus. Thank you for putting on this song. I love it by both singers. Both bring something annointed to it.

  81. puka ka

    @Anahel77 @PrincessTiawrites This is a song from Hillsong Church written by Darlene Zschech which was first released on the album For All You've Done. Search for You Are Worthy on YouTube and you'll see Darlene leading worship.

  82. Lorraine Thorne

    awsome and so true .

  83. sexiimamii808

    am so so blessed by this song....the renewal in my spirit from listening...the lord is using this song to work on me...been listening to it continues for 3 days straight now...thank you jesus for forgiving me my sins once again....n truly letting me know you really love me, and that is why u allowed your son to shed his precious blood,just for me in times like this when it truly washes n renews me..what a gift.i would have been totally lost without its doing its job in my life for 3 days now.

  84. Tawo

    been listening to this over and over.. beautiful :-) You are SO worthy of my praise Lord, when things have changed in my life, You have been constant. You remain the same!

  85. Lorraine Thorne

    I to cried as this is my desire we all need to here this as this is His desire its not of who or what we are ,all will lay down our crowns at His feet.Praise you Jesus.

  86. sheilasimsbooks

    "Divorce and Remarriage -- Divorced Christians Can get Remarried" is my gift to you. I invite you to visit my utube video "sheila sims books; where I am "Answering Difficult Questions" I love you, and now can give something back; something the Lord gave me to give to the Body of Christ (and to the world). . Divorce and Remarriage is one of the ways in which God delivers His people from their past mistakes.

  87. Anthea O

    @imarkee yh it definitely is Any Crown

    You Are Worthy is another song

  88. Muabana Invicta

    @imarkee I have the album and it says Any Crown...

  89. puka ka

    the correct name for this song is You Are Worthy.

  90. Godreignseternal

    Great worship!! God bless Juanita!!!!

  91. Blessed_WRX

    Love this song!
    God Bless All!!!

  92. Blessed_WRX

    Love this song!
    -God Bless You All!!!!

  93. Yasmin John

    i love this song

  94. Camille Boutt'e

    luv this song...

  95. gee baibe

    AMEN!! Yeah! You are worthy to receive all, Praise! He ever gives! He opens His hands and satisfies! I give Him all the Glory!! In His presence I kneel, and all I have to give, I will worship You, Lord! AMEN!!

  96. sykobs

    Thank you

  97. sykobs

    Thank you

  98. Godswonderwoman

    @liltweety87 wow! Powerful message. Praise God!!!

  99. Trin Destined

    @liltweety87 praise god, he is so worthy.....

  100. Survival of the Fittest

    I just cried to this video. ANOINTED SONG!