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Buzzcocks You Tear Me Up Comments
  1. Josh Hatfylld

    Wait. How are they playing a Discharge song?

  2. Óscar Murcia

    Pop d-beat.

  3. Thiago J.D.

    RIP Pete!

  4. Miguel Castorena

    My own son a d-beat raw punk! What do YOU know about war? I’M the one who went to Korea!

  5. Fender Rockab

    Rip pete..

  6. Avelino silva dias

    A pop version of discharge 😉

  7. Jawbreaker

    Who'd have thought the Buzzcocks of all bands would be the ones to invent hardcore punk


    What about a band named Blast? They played something that sounds like HC in early 70's, what's pretty incredible.

    Monty Ryan

    Aborygen We’re specifically talking about the D-beat


    Aborygen brought them up because one of their songs uses the same exact drum beat.

  8. Cold Fito

    This is the song that started that whole "D-Beat"sound

  9. daniel velez

    los creadores del dbeat

  10. Róna Punk

    The real Buzzcocks :)

  11. Sterno Screech

    This sounds like bad brains doing dbeat

    gaz riley

    No it doesn't

    Otto Acid

    The Buzzcocks are so much better than the Bad Brains.

    Marcus Chavez

    anyone who disagrees does not understand sounds or jokes

    martk fartkerson

    Like early Bad Brains before their first studio release.

  12. Programador Punk


  13. Marc Marti

    fathers of d-beat totally
    sure sure... Discharge and so on... old story :P


    They may be the first within the British punk "movement" to drum like this, but a much older record used a similar style, Blast - Damned Flame (released 74, recorded 72) I definitely recommend looking that song up on YT it's posted several times, sometimes in relatively low-fi versions, but still shows the incredible hardcore sound it has.

    Motör Punx

    @ mroldnewbie I'm so glad somebody mentioned Blast. That 7" with Damned Flame on it is HEAVY

    Lions Hardcore

    @mroldnewbie Blast really should get mentioned more when talking about old hardcore and punk. I gotta say though that - for a "proper" dbeat - the cymbal/HiHat hits should go along with the kickdrum. Blast have a straight HiHat 4/4.


    @Lions Hardcore You' may be right, but I didn't know there was such a definite requirement, it seems very un-punk to me.

    Langdon Michael

    Maybe its proto-d beat

  14. inhalandopegamento


  15. JT DC

    Who ever had this album original better save it. This is real art

  16. M Graf

    Solid as fck! And wtf with this moaning? You yt music experts imagine yourself on the side.. Lookin smart? You bloody swines!!

  17. junkinuse

    Still have this album in the original bag that came over the cover. It is one that survived different moves all around the country.....Along with 300 other great albums.

  18. ANTITODO323

    the OG D-BEAT song

  19. Cheetah Thunders.

    drum sound of the band discharge, and bands influenced them, like varukers. heavy brittish hardcore punk of late 70's and especially early 80's.

  20. Carlos triviño

    discharge make d-beat in 1979, in the 77' sounds more like sex pistols

  21. oveja_negra

    buuzzcoks los pioneros del punk d-beat!!!

  22. NixonAddict

    Nice.. buzzcocks rule

  23. Roxana Castro

    what appen to john maher? ope es not a alopeeshu misfit like me

  24. Pauleymack

    Shelley defo influenced by Ramones. His guitar work i mean, barre chords etc.

  25. Pauleymack

    What the fook is d-beat?


    something way less cool than the buzzcocks thats for sure....

    Hide Ann Kawakami

    A type of hardcore punk drum beat

  26. wideernie

    Discharge weren't playing d-beat in '77. They hadn't heard this song to completely copy until '78

  27. ZEDUser

    ...this..tears me up, every single time...

  28. Deathculture

    @MingauDbeat lmfao buzzbeat XD

  29. Andrew Sugars

    discharge 77? crass? oh dear? you ladies were at a later party! Its all from the ramones! guys get over it! It was of its time no way any repeat or copy will compete IMO. rock on!

  30. Ian Fleming

    Pop-Punk gave birth to d-beat!!! Hahhahaha

  31. NixonAddict

    @franzzzle d-beat is basically a drumming style made popular by discharge in 1977. I also like how at 1:55 they switch it up to a crass beat for a bit.

  32. franzzzle

    d-beat wats that? lol its all just punk

  33. Rodrigo Jáuregui

    solo 25 likes? solo 5800 views!? q mierda!? esta cancion es increible!
    y la puta de lady gaga tiene como mas de 300 millones!
    q le pasa a esta cagada de generacion??!

  34. postnuclearradio


  35. texasBMXer

    Loving the d beat! Ear massage!

  36. DilbertHernandez

    this album rules

  37. sockrepairman

    fuck yeah that d-beat

  38. jaehaus

    WOW! I've heard these guys were the originators of the "D-Beat" but never bothered looking it up 'til now. I always figured it would just sound kind of out of context to the rest of the music, but this whole song actually rips!