Buzzcocks - Paradise Lyrics

Where in the world are we
Everything's fake nothing's real
I guess it just depends on how you feel
Why are you wasting my time
With questions when everything's fine
Why are things so nice
Is this the place that they call Paradise
Oh it's Paradise

Look around you day by day
See the people on their way
On Friday nights collecting their pay
So don't tell me what's wrong and what's right
'Cos a knife fight on Saturday night
Is the only kind of justice not nice
But it's the only kind that's given here in Paradise
Oh it's Paradise

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Buzzcocks Paradise Comments
  1. Steve Aydt

    R.I.P. Pete Shelley, departed too soon.

  2. Leslie Schmidt

    my fav. lp. rest in peace, Pete Shelley.

  3. Global Reaction

    My high school yearbook quote from my graduating year in 1983 was from the first lines of this Buzzcocks' song: "Where in the world are we? Everything's fake, nothing's real. .... Is this the place they call paradise?" Still true as ever. RIP, Pete.

  4. Newscruiser Spearhead

    Rip this one made me wanna be who I am

  5. Brewzerr

    RIP Pete Shelley. Thank you for all the great songs and gigs.

    Newscruiser Spearhead

    Brewzerr this one stands out even amongst the stand outs


    Agreed. This song, and in particular this album represents my favorite era of Buzzcocks. They were notoriously taking a lot of LSD when they made “A Different Kind Of Tension”, but they also poured their hearts into these songs. I can’t believe it’s all over now. They just seemed like one of those bands that would be around until they were too old to stand up. This is a HUGE loss for me. Buzzcocks were not only the soundtrack to my youth, but to my adult life as well.

    Newscruiser Spearhead

    Brewzerr not trying to promote whilst mourning but, you might like a band called “real sickies” we... I mean they are heavily influenced by this album and the bands that followed them. Cheers.

    Newscruiser Spearhead


  6. Mike Graham

    One of my favorite tunes. If Buddy Holly had been born 20 years later.