Buttress, The - Funeral Lyrics

I didn't mean to, but the evil thing grew
Until a tree bloomed and it bore fruit
(The babies are in the bathwater)
They had a bad father, and now I've made for him a memory
Remember me? The one that bore your seed?
Well now they sleep
I lined 'em up one by one, daughter and son from old to young
Joshua, Noah, Matthew, and even Abby, only one
Crying, I baptized them
I'm sorry, my child, close your eyes for a while, mommy loves you, goodbye
They were the sweetest, remember how they needed us? Like Jesus
Pleading, crying "Mommy, breastfeed us"
I'm sorry, my angels, but the world is not a safe place for babies
They won't blame me, my whole life's been wasted
The crime was committed against me first when I gave birth
I'm not a nurturer, so I sent them innocent back to the earth
Now I'm standing here reminiscing, sharpening these knives in the kitchen
I think he'll be coming home soon, I wonder if he'll miss them
You weren't aware of the female hysteria?
It's scarier than miscarriages and the plans you weren't aware of
In prenatal, premeditated hate I lied in wait
And now with my fatal rage this genealogy's been erased
An empty cradle remains, they'll say I was a monster
Heartless for committing the darkest arts of the postpartum
The Mother Modern Worldly Cast to Hell
But what will become of the children?
Well, I guess only time will tell

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Buttress, The Funeral Comments
  1. SnowyOwlArt

    I found this song through TikTok and I love this song!

  2. natalie chan

    this is a fucking gem

  3. Izzy Rose

    This is the good shit

  4. ellie bricknell

    You're music is so fucking good..I swear Behind Every Great Man is one of the best hip hop albums ever

  5. Mark Arandjus

    If you're in the mood for some horror, the story this is based on is all manners of fucked up:

    Andrea Yates' husband Rusty wanted to have a ton of kids on some weird religious obsession and they had one after the other, but after the fourth she became depressed. Andrea started shaking and chewing her fingers and attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. She was admitted to the hospital and after her release she begged Rusty to let her die as she held a knife up to her neck. Once again hospitalized, she was given a cocktail of medications and her condition improved immediately and she appeared temporarily stabilized. Eventually she suffered a nervous breakdown, then two suicide attempts and two psychiatric hospitalizations. She was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.

    A psychiatrist urged her and Rusty not to have any more children, as it would "guarantee future psychotic depression". They conceived their fifth and final child approximately 7 weeks after her discharge. She stopped taking meds and seemed to be coping well until the death of her father. Yates then stopped taking medication, mutilated herself, and read the Bible feverishly. She became so incapacitated that she required immediate hospitalization. She was treated and released. But then degenerated into a "near catatonic" state and filled the bathtub in the middle of the day; she would later confess to police that she had planned to drown the children that day, but had decided against doing it.

    Eventually released again, she had to be supervised at all times. When Rusty left for work one day his mother had been scheduled by him to arrive an hour later to take over for her. In the space of that hour, she drowned all five children. Fuck.

    During the trial, Rusty maintained the position that Andrea would be found innocent. He had fantasies of having more children with her. He worked his way through various fixes for their damaged lives, such as a surrogate motherhood and adoption (horrifying her family, attorneys and Houston psychiatrists) before giving in to reality.

    While in prison, Andrea stated she had considered killing the children for two years. She told her jail psychiatrist: "It was the seventh deadly sin. My children weren't righteous. They stumbled because I was evil. The way I was raising them, they could never be saved. They were doomed to perish in the fires of hell." She told her jail psychiatrist that Satan influenced her children and made them more disobedient.

  6. gloomyelves

    I've been interested in the psyche of Andrea Yates since I first heard about this case. This song made me feel like I was in her head; what a weird, interesting experience. Thank you!

  7. Claudiaa Pandispan

    We have the same problem in our country.

  8. hair frizzle

    god I fucking love this

  9. Thotimus Prime

    And people wanna act like Billie Eilish was the first to put quirky white girls on the map

  10. YaBoi BruceWayne

    This reminds me of the old Eminem

  11. Violet James-Gillum

    She is just amazing

  12. Logan Gagne

    Could someone please please tell me what is said during the 911 call in the video, it’s kinda hard to understand and there’s no captions for the video, thanks in advance!

    Xander Lynch

    "911, what's your emergency?"
    "I need a police officer."
    "What's the trouble, ma'am?"
    "I just need him to come."
    "Alright ma'am, well we really need to know why we're coming. Is your husband there? Is he in the house?"
    "Alright ma'am, well we really need to know what the problem is. Are you having a disturbance? Are you ill or what?"
    "Um... Yes. Yes, I'm ill."
    "Do you need an ambulance?"
    "Yeah, yeah send an ambulance..."

  13. Daisy P.

    I found the song again god love it

  14. Shane Fox

    Please film at 24fps

  15. Tonia Lee

    Horror masterpiece

  16. Jaime Lauro

    I feel for that poor mother though ...the fact the she came out of her delusions and now knows exactly what happened.....great portrayal... holy shit that’s the 911call!!


    congratulations, you are, as far as i know, the only person to have ever noticed this!

    Jaime Lauro

    Buttress oh wow cool really??? surprised no one else noticed Yeah you did it word for word ... I thought that was great part of what you did.. all And all loved video another great one from you... :)

  17. Diamonds And Dynamite Cosplay

    This was the first song I heard from Buttress, 2 weeks ago, and now I'm obsessed. The visuals in the lyrics alone do it justice but with the music video as well, it adds even more depth. The beat makes you uneasy, the hysteria in the rap versus the stillness of the spoken at the end is shocking, and the way the lighting is used in the video is magical

  18. Fio

    is this a reference to the yates murder?

    Bored As can be

    Abrianna Fiorelli yes it was.

  19. 1111 99900

    this is genius

  20. Jimmy Joe Bob

    You're one badass. Appreciate you bringing to light the struggles women face

  21. thy saej

    this is amazing

  22. Michelle Chudley

    @cardi b we need a colab my woman!!!

  23. emilio

    always forget how much i love you. then i listen and im reminded all over again

  24. African Village

    mommy loves u gud bye

  25. MonsterKat

    I am not interested in most of your music (not hate just my opinion) but this video displays raw talent. Very impressive stuff!!

  26. MonsterKat

    This beat is next level

  27. Dead_Dove13

    The fuck

  28. Doran

    I haven't listened to this in such a long time. But damn it's so good.

  29. Katie Wagner

    is this about Andrea Yates?

  30. HARRY CLOUD 666

    this is amazing

  31. zoe hatsune

    you need more attention, ugh ily.

  32. Lovebug_taffy 22

    I've watched this literally four times in a row I love it

  33. Marissa Mariya

    I just checked the bio on this and I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE ON BANDCAMP! lol

  34. UptownGirl27

    I heard this on Spotify and it was so deep, disturbing and jarring I had to check to see if there's a video. I'm blown away this is literally giving me goosebumps. So Dark. Well done

  35. PizzaDragon

    Buttress where have you been my whole life

  36. motel6 hooker

    was this... inspired by andrea yates?

  37. Olivia Eastman


  38. Nachtgnosis


  39. Kitty Purrs

    tell the other assholes... you have a lady with a baby to visit... perhaps try to choose to serve others in love ... selflessness.

  40. Cody B

    Rapping about truths people aren't ready to admit ... Awesome :)

  41. Greasy Steve

    The cinematography on this shit is lit what's good buttress

  42. PrettyBitchGore -PBG-


  43. Lumi The Impaler

    Such a sick track! Fuck anybody that hit the 'thumbs down' on this! 100x better than most other rap you hear nowadays.  100x more creative too! 100. SALUTE!!

  44. Nathan K

    Quit rap = Come make Black Metal girl ! aha
    Sick song , greetings !

  45. Cameron

    I've known this song for a while, avoided the video, bc ya know, Andrea Yates...

    I must say it... fits the song.
    I can't decide if it's fascinating or fucked up.

  46. Evnoiia

    really felt like i was in the mind of andrea yates tbh, i loved this.

  47. Chris h

    Is this about Andrea Yates?

    Jade Uhhh

    Cheis h yea

  48. Johan Sharffe


  49. yass waddah

    In some strange way I like Bethanys' lies. I knew a girl with similar stories as The Buttress in real (even more scary smtimes). Fair enough for me.


    it's a song how is it a 'lie' -__- im not out here giving speeches. u backhanded compliment people are annoying

    yass waddah

    Art is a lie. A lie is an art. Simple as that.


    deep bro

    Lolita clo

    almost as deep as my pussie call me bb

  50. Cam Christine

    She reminds me of Pennsyltucky on Orange is the New Black

  51. cake

    im obsessed with this omfg

  52. Kaufman

    Rap game Henry Spencer

  53. Jerianne Ramirez

    dopest shit ive ever heard.

  54. Sev

    Pretty good stuff! You remind me a little bit of Qwel and also Eyedea. Have you heard of them, if not check them out.

  55. rain

    i finally remembered the mother she was talking about, andrea yates.

  56. Carlos Araujo

    What the fuck is this garbage?! I'll flash a blade and make this bitch cry...

    Peppermint Reefer

    One shitty hater amongst all the love. Doesn't even understand the context of the story being told from a tragedy that occurred from the hands of a mentally ill woman, not a literal interpretation of the artists life. All I see is a hot head with too much self importance.

    Lolita clo


    Carlos Araujo

    trahy fat sad trash can learn English before you talk shit fuck face ....

    Lolita clo

    lol bitch u mad that u cant hit 1000 views rat

    Lolita clo


  57. kaly

    Why am I here. How did I get here.

  58. misocosmis

    ii love you pls repky to jnw

  59. fartbutt

    Andrea Yates drowned her children because she had severe postpartum depression, not because she was just a heartless mother. read up.


    Ahrion Davenport I Don’t Think They Wanted To Make It Obvious That The Song Is About Andrea Yates. They Changed A Couple Of Things, Like How One Of The Children’s Names Was Mary, But They Changed It To Abby.

  60. blindgumby

    I know lyrically there's important links to femininity and expectations of motherhood and as someone who 'should' be able to have kids but can't (and doesn't particularly want to) this really resonated with me.

    aside from my personal feelings however, all I could think of was Chris Benoit, even though I know it's a little contradictory lyrically.

    this song made me feel fucked up, but in a gut wrenching eye opening kind of way. I enjoyed the experience.

    millie moo

    I believe the song is about andrea yates! She drouned he children due to some post traumatic depression and schizophrenia

  61. Victoria Lynn

    Isnt this about the andrea yates case?

  62. Trevor Tappe

    this is so sick

    Jaime Lauro

    Trevor Tappe this was based off a true story

  63. imogen x

    Holy shit this is so fucked up but awesome song!

  64. Robert Tidwell

    I saw that you don't consider your music horrorcore but I think this is the dopest of any horrorcore I've heard in decades. Most horrorcore is like Look at me I'm scary, but sometimes it's got a lot of emotional depth to it. King Gordy's Lucifer's Apology, Eminem's Stan. Jakki The MotorMouth's The Tunnel. A lot of it is just garbage.

    Anyway, I hope you don't mind that I'll think of your music as easily the most interesting horrorcore I've heard in years.

  65. nicolette sloan

    pure poetry

  66. Cody Bradley

    the real queen

  67. Reilly Holden

    this is fucking amazing

  68. Aliyah Kellam

    this shit would be good if you could understand what she's saying better & she rapped on beat

    Juliana Shurte

    Then listen to something else lmao


    There are lyrics online. The point of the song wasn't to rap "properly", and you'd understand if you read the lyrics.



  70. Sunshine Smith

    ion understand 💯

  71. Boss Galaga

    Felt like I was watching a movie listening to this...crazy dope

  72. Fangs of Yima

    I feel like Ive been dragged through hell. But I like it.

  73. Jael Jarvis

    More, I want more,

  74. A. Paré

    This is like, the OG Buttress that I really dig.

  75. ghetto mystic

    this is fantastic! I love it.

  76. loveshadowdays

    this video is fucked but i love it

  77. Samantha May

    She's got crazy talent, but man, I feel fucked up watching half of her shit.


    +Samantha May if it doesn't effect you whats the point

    Samantha May

    @BasedEMPtaticz I just said I feel fucked up after watching some of her stuff, so technically, it does affect me. Regardless, I wasn't worried about it. Just felt compelled to share my opinion. 

    mk ultra butterfly

    +Samantha May ...that is what BasedEMPtaticz was saying... learn2english.

  78. mike wargo

    I like the shock value. Shot and directed awesomely. Liking your stuff.

  79. Louie V

    Your the reason white ppl shoot schools

    cheyanne johnson

    I can't breathe 😂😂😂😂


    +Louie V lol. true



  80. elisabeth

    why the fuck didn't i know about her before now

  81. Egg drop Soup

    I'm usually the first to jump on white people for " cultural appropriation but she's incredible. She is really good at rapping and has her own style. Like she is versatile and spits fire.

  82. Jamie M

    Holy shit this is raw

  83. mckenna white

    The best thing about this is that it is dark, but people can take different things from it. Art like this is open to perception and I personally love this song. Keep up the music!

  84. it’s Laura man


  85. Andy Iraheta

    LOVE THIS . Omg love you so much your music is life

  86. Maddie Ashton

    Man, I remember hearing about Andrea Yates one time like 2 years ago while exploring the dark part of YouTube. This video is dope!!!

  87. itsnyacuhh

    ...its kinda scary bc she looks a lot like her...

  88. Kekko Show

    Big Up!!!

  89. Rhyolite _

    At the time Andrea Yates killed her children I lived very close to where she lived. Matter of fact the day police were involved I remember getting off at the bus stop (I was in first grade) and noticing yellow police tape and police officers just standing outside. When I found out she had killed her children I didn't think I took it very seriously because I didn't really understand the concept of death at the time but hearing this stuff again just freaks me out.

    Good stuff, Buttress.

  90. IThinkAlone24

    Her flow reminds me of Immortal Technique. It's so dope.

  91. Cory Jamal Andriani-Williams

    fkng beast!

  92. n333ri

    why does this remind me of eyedea and abilities? absolutely love it though.

  93. Jordan Cain


  94. DEEg

    ur music is life

  95. Sasha W

    love this

  96. Melissa Melgoza

    this is so deep I'm in love. The people hating on this don't understand the actual story behind this song. Look up Andrea Yates on here and watch the documentary about her. I did, and now this video and song are so genius to me


    love dis. reminds me of Gravediggaz :)