Butterfly Effect, The - Crave Lyrics

When you crave
Hurts like slave
More the pain

Hold on when it feels like I only want you
And I'll bleed
Only for you

When you lie
I crawl like flies

Hold on, when it feels like flies, oh, crawling their way through me cause I'm empty, I'm empty like you made me
When it burns like lies and all I want is you won't I but it hates me, it hates me like you hate me

Yeah you do, crave

Always and forever yeah
It's hard to be strong when I crave you like I do

Hold on, when it feels like flies I'm only waiting you want me down but I'm empty, I'm empty like you made me
When it burns like lies and all I want is you won't I but it hates me, it hates me like you HATE ME

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Butterfly Effect, The Crave Comments
  1. chrstphrwnstn

    what a band. so incredible

  2. Jet Overgaauw

    I remember buying this album back in the say.
    Most under rated vocalist ever. Awesome music

  3. Macca2003 Macca

    Awesome. Very happy they are back together. But I'm in Europe while they are touring. Bugger

  4. ElizabethShurmer 101

    Love them when i heard them on silent hill i fell in love

  5. vacagalo

    When you crave
    Hurts like slave
    More the pain
    Hold on when it feels like I only want you
    And I'll bleed
    Only for you
    When you lie
    I crawl like flies
    Hold on, when it feels like flies
    Oh, crawling their way through me
    Coz I'm empty
    I'm empty like you made me
    When it burns like lies
    And all I want is you won't I
    But it hates me
    It hates me like you hate me
    Always and forever
    It's hard to be strong
    When I crave you like I do
    Hold on, when it feels like flies
    I'm only waiting you want me down
    But I'm empty, I'm empty like you made me
    When it burns like lies
    And all I want is you won't I
    But it hates me, it hates me like you hate me

  6. Katie Stait

    🔥 🔥 🔥 Forever listening... It's hard to be 💪 when I crave you like I do!!! 🔥 💕 💕

  7. Take My Soul

    Love this shit

  8. Man de Gaturiss

    One of the best
    Alternative Metal bands,
    i want recomendations.

  9. David Philbey

    he was a sic guitarist so good

  10. Haquihana Wolf

    I want that jacket the singer had on

    Tyler H

    Military surplus! I've had a few german jackets.

  11. Mark Bucke

    This song is great

  12. Wormhole Fairy

    Damn been a while since I've even thought of these guys, dem early 2000s feels coming at me

  13. Miss A Omega Ω

    This twin flame pain is no joke.... I too am effected!---- and need one of those t-shirts....

  14. soulsdamnationband

    Sad, melancholic, yet powerful songs. Superb!

  15. Dan W


  16. Gary Naim

    Butterfly are back 2018 tour Melbourne cant wait to see the boys belt it out again in terms of this genre the boys have nailed it from poetic deliverance melodies lyrics rythym and emotion butterfly still to this day hits the spot. clint has one of the best voices to come out from Down under


    Gary Naim crazy that we're getting both cog and the butterfly effect back in 2018. Excited to hopefully catch them both live.

  17. white devil

    Randomly typed them in and remembered I haven't listened to them all their genre in years

  18. Evaristo Power

    no sabia que unos de los stereo3 tenia este grupo!! wena!!

  19. Camilla Candelas

    So good 🤘🏼

  20. Natasa Kovacevic

    I found them when they stopped playing..wtf...Good timing.
    Anyway - awesome band!

    paul djuric

    like theives is an offshoot, same as thousand needles in red. all have disbanded for now

    max power

    Natasa Kovacevic awesome live

    Nahuel Valenzuela

    They are back again, and touring


    if you are in australia they are playing a bunch of shows pretty much everywhere


    Saw them live last night at the Triffid in Brisbane. They're great live!

  21. Michael Reynolds

    Ah the nostalgia. Listened to these guys in highschool. 10 years later they are still my favorite band. Can't find anything as good.

    Matt Cockcroft

    On a school excursion to a museum in the city, I snuck away to go the record store to buy this album. I got in so much fucking trouble when I came back!

    I think you'd really enjoy an almost totally unknown band called The Postman Syndrome. Try a so called Hedgehogs Dilemma, or Amputees Make Bad Swimmers.


    Matt Cockcroft commenting so I can get these bands

  22. Achim Helmutwerner

    Again: I dont know why but i think that this is the best music i have ever heard. Maybe its because its my time to hear this. But all what they do is perfect, the feeling, the sound the beat, the singer, everything. they got all i want to hear in a perfect mix.

  23. Robert Keogh

    So underrated Such a beautiful song

  24. John Joosten

    Butterfly effect best band ever

  25. Armand H

    Mark Wahlberg? ...That you?

  26. Bob Stachowiak

    worst feeling in the world: Falling in love with someone you can never be with or just simply cannot date at that moment. It's like asking someone to just stab my heart so it stops wanting her.

    Bob Stachowiak

    +jamie456781 I can see how it can feel that way, but there's only so much baggage we can carry before our backs start breaking. I'm happy whenever someone comfort in my words.

    Bob Stachowiak

    +jamie456781 yep, and for some reason, we fall into the trap that maybe this time, everything will work out. it takes a lot of pain and hardship to finally realize it's over and we need to move on.

    Bob Stachowiak

    +jamie456781 yeah, this is what YouTube should be. Thank you Jaime.

    Dinis Almeida

    Got the same story as you guys ....

    Manet A

    Grow up children, you'll get over it many times

  27. Edward Du Feu

    #love this band

  28. abluecassette

    "It's hard to be strong
    When I crave you like I do"
    Exactly how I feel right now... Such an epic song....

    Suez Tansley

    +abluecassette I know how you feel

  29. hazelsage

    Such a good song

  30. Genive Shuleza Eyken

    Damn... All these feels... This song is beautiful!

  31. sunger bob

    weird times

  32. warmecanic

    Fuck, please remove the entrails of this love

  33. The Shlong

    Boggie ur sick dude u where in my dads band hyphoon barney!!!!

  34. Ihatemy name


  35. Dwayne

    Yea i declared it, my favorite song so far.

  36. Dwayne

    This song is awesome!!!!!!

  37. Yoga Dork

    emotional stuff.  i wanna cry with that guy or give him a hug or something lol


    It was over 10 years ago - I hope he is over it :)

    Bob Stachowiak

    +flyingllama87 Somethings you never get over. Time doesn't heal all wounds. I still find myself haunted by the choices I made 15 years ago when I was just a little kid.

    Mark Bucke

    Not emo. post hardcord metal/metal.I think they sound breed 77.

  38. trollcracker76

    If the singer doesn't bother carrying a mic to record the clip, why does the rest of the band bother playing the instruments? 

  39. daniel bomford

    this song is awesome!

  40. Tyce Markovich


  41. Edgar Salazar

    Concha grande de su madre la tremenda banda.......

  42. Aver Remiss

    Why the fuck does this only have 68,500 views?

  43. Black Reaktion

    man i love this song....where do i download it

  44. Ramhard Ndeep

    Probably cause it came out over 10 years ago...

  45. Pantherbullshark

    Because 'people' (aka fuckwits) would rather listen to alien porn than good music.
    Seriously, how do they call that music?

  46. Lasadie

    Jared Padalecki ?? :o xD

  47. Wobachec1

    should be more

  48. Cheesel Buckets

    62,938. Some one obviously heard you?!

  49. azfaz69

    Saw these guys in '06 at QUT. It was in a small room and it was so loud. My ears were ringing for days. Oh the memories.

  50. Daniel Parkes

    settle down.

  51. Daniel Parkes

    Needs screaming

  52. Aver Remiss

    I'm guessing they actually did. Considering they're from adelaide and nothing happens there.

  53. Aver Remiss

    actually very true and a smart comment. Though that's what it feels like when you have this part of you that needs to conform to others expectations while another part of you wants to just be a good person :)

  54. Aver Remiss

    at 2:56 he gets possessed by Jack Black. :D

  55. MrDustbrick

    I'm not trying to say that the singer is disingenuous or not trying to convey his emotions and/or meaning in the song. I'm just saying that when he continues to show the same "longing-hands-outstretched" pose, over and over for the video shoot - to me it seems to look fake and depreciates the song.

  56. Zushiya

    I love their old stuff :)

  57. ChapelofSuicide

    I doubt that he's faking his longing. Writers don't just write a lyrics to a song because it sounds good. They pour their emotion and opinions and wants and desires into them. He's obviously been hurt by this person, but he wants them badly.

  58. luizjun

    Is this from hell? I thumbed down...

  59. Jacob Randolph

    No, it doesn't sound anything like Chevelle.

  60. Jesus


  61. MrDustbrick

    Is it just me, or is it hard to enjoy this video with him faking his longing towards the camera every 5 seconds. The song's not to bad, but when I see him in that pose (over and over), it slowly diminishes the song.

  62. chrisxdeathxinfiniti

    aston kutcher dont like the butterfly effect );

  63. Jon Shea

    so many good bands coming out of australia right now! check out dead letter circus and karnivool! Incredible music, fairly similar to this

  64. ween1s

    Golden vocals -

  65. Chris Van Elsen


  66. JarnackJaco

    Estos tipos la llevan! son realmente increíbles... ojala acá en américa se dieran a conocer más...

  67. beeraddd

    yeah well is was a good time. now every band has poofy haircuts, sings with that much echo on their mike it sounds like a group of 30 people singing, and use electronic dj's to throw in some dubstep effects. todays music is watery and hollow in comparison.

  68. pinpal101

    "Shitty old days of nu metal"...

    3/4 headliners at this year's Soundwave were nu-metal bands... Whoever says nu-metal's shit is obviously trying to be all indie...

    FTR, Butterfly Effect isn't any genre except kickass...

  69. starsnskulls

    fucking awesome i havent heard this song in years ftw !

  70. Sal Rodriguez

    Nu metal 4 life

  71. skywhisp

    Being 16 sux balls when their FINAL TOUR is ALL 18+

  72. William Thomas

    "The Butterfly Effect wish to inform their fans and media that singer Clint Boge is officially leaving the band to pursue other musical interests.The remaining members of the band will continue to work together and will announce their intentions in the not too distant future.
    Clint’s departure is an amicable one and the band are giving fans a chance to see them perform together for the last time on the club circuit by announcing the “EFFECTED” national tour starting late April 2012"

    Barney Rubble

    William Thomas back together. 👍👍

  73. DrkVce

    @keepwalkin1010 Hey tiger, jump on itunes and check out Thousand Needles In Red, it's Clints new band ;)

  74. lakingfish68

    might want to go see these guys now. Clint is leaving...

  75. supervillan

    this i why australian music scene neds better coverage!

  76. Hugh Stuckey

    the singer looks like he is craving CRACK!!

  77. Nicky72130

    incredible this song just gives me goose bumps everytime I hear it! been listening to it for years! xx

  78. streatcarp

    @keepwalkin1010 Funny man. This is the first tune I heard from them too. Late at night, on Scuzz. I was living in Waterford, Ireland at the time. May 2005. I ordered the cd and the shop got it in for me! Fuck yeah!!!!!!

  79. RaghNaye

    ONE person disliked this song!!!! Well I think we should all DISLIKE them. Is that a bit too harsh? naawww

  80. Janet Tideswell

    What a freaking awesome song

  81. jlax87

    most underrated and amazing? Sorry haji its not underrated
    its just not played to the masses.
    All radios in aus "I crave a good radio station"

  82. Gary Purkeljc

    I wish these guys would perform at the Deni Ute Muster.

  83. Sam Dickinson

    I dont think health and safety would be happy with leads all over the floor like that. tut tut

  84. korn74

    @Reiyhn I agree Karnivool kick ass live

  85. tickaz84

    I have seen TBE 4 times and clint's new band A Thousand Needles In Red once and every time he is cutting sick

  86. Reiyhn

    @AUSS1EN1CK What about Karnivool? I would say they are a decent band - top 5 for live perfomances but dude...you have to check out Karnivool if you havent yet.

  87. acceptjesusorburn

    oh shit im friends with clint's brothers and just realised they all have the same tatoos.

  88. AUSS1EN1CK

    Best live aussie band of all time seen them everytime they are in sydney or newcastle he has a voice that rivals jeff buckley. Big call I kno but im making it

  89. muntedewok

    Saw these guys for I think about the 6th or 7th time live just recently at Metropolis Fremantle in WA. They NEVER cease to amaze me with how strong their live performances are. One of the few bands around whereby their live act is actually better than their recordings. Top 5 all time band.

  90. JayOfWar

    @1macaron If you don't like it, fuck off and go somewhere else.

  91. krychadesign

    if you prefer a happy song - listen to Spice Girls

  92. raahhh

    These guys blow the roof off ya head when you see them live!

  93. sho gunn

    this is the dumbest song i have ever heard ,makes you wanna commit suiside

  94. Blaziken

    what the fuck can't you like about these guys?
    full of emotion, amazing band all together. <3

  95. Luke Drewery

    wow. love the singers passion.

  96. Sam Morris

    @keepwalkin1010 Check out Sydonia and C.O.G while you are at it.

  97. Ellen Rodrigues

    This song is so good , that not even a justin biebers fan , 'unliked' this song :DD