Butterfly Effect, The - A Slow Descent Lyrics

Picture yourself by yourself,
No tomorow yesterday,
Drowning in your own decay,
You'll never be alone this time,

So follow the trend break or bend,
It's your funeral long goodbye,
Shut tight an open eye,
You'll never be alone,

Over out,
It's all over out,
It's a slow decay,
You'll never be alone,

In the shade of the fire,
No desire for the comfort,
Pleasure's pain,
Lost on your motorway,
Just look the other way again,

And the better the drain,
Force again and the push to,
Stall within,
Cornered by the cinder's sin,
Just look the other way,

Over out,
It's all over out,
It's a slow decay,
You'll never be alone,

Over out,
It's all over out,
It's a slow decay,
You'll never be alone,

All has begun and the empty is falling
Over the edges and in though your walls,
And it's harder to win and harder to take,
And we live for the day,
We're no longer awake and it's.......

Over out,
It's all over out,
It's a slow decay,
You'll never be alone,

Over out,
It's all over out,
On your way down,
All it's lost,
On your way down...

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Butterfly Effect, The A Slow Descent Comments
  1. Brent Burgess

    I am Brissie boy, I met Clint about 10 years ago when he was solo touring Pubs...he played at a venue in Redcliffe, Queensland called the Ambassador (was one of the oldest pubs in AUs, but got demolished due to rich pigs buying off the council...totally should have been heritage listed but I digress) and he was an absolute legend singer even in a pub room that fit 50 people ...voice is magic

  2. Harley Kemp

    Who's listening in 2019

    mike watts

    I'm jumping back on.


    Me I got a butterfly effect t-shirt

  3. John Freyer

    This song was worthy of top 10 status worldwide !

  4. Boro

    WTF. How come i have never heard of them. Great band.


    Even better live.. fukn amazing

  5. Haquihana Wolf


  6. Jason Orme

    Sounds like BoySetsFire

  7. Ben Helliwell

    144p, look out

  8. Saman

    I just got my serotonin surge at "It's all over out, it's a slow decay."

  9. Terry Dunn

    Great fuckin' song, mate.

  10. lozarok

    Esso & Boges , Central QLD Talent ! , good shit boys

  11. Robert Lonie

    So good!

  12. Trish Porter

    Love TBE!

  13. anthonyluckynumber23

    Cant believe the singer and rest of the band have such harsh feelings towards each other!!!

  14. Matt Earle

    Mad song...stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

  15. Archie Ward

    Reminiscent of The Tea Party, now that I'm able to look back.

  16. ozzybungle

    When I was a kid Bon Jovi was cool, 26 years later...

  17. Diego H

    the end of the song is brutal

  18. Diego H

    well, there are so many amazing bands in the states (at least in the past)...i can't agree with you because of that...
    but actually, since I found out those aussie bands (tbe,karnivook,thesunpilots,dlc,...), I'm stuck in these bands and there are hardly 2 or 3 U$A current bands that I'm following.,.

    Brent Burgess

    That is cause Aussie's know hard rock...I mean AC/DC any one?

  19. Diego H

    Too bad TBH split... it's too fuckin bad!

  20. Diego H

    helmet + soundgarden influences for sure. mindblowing song anyway..

  21. waRmt123

    i like the band but am i the only one that thinks they go too far with lyrics, a little too cryptic, reminds me of oldschool pumpkins, just a little too deep, not that i have a hard time with it in anyway, just curious as to why their lyrics have to be see cryptic......

  22. Cuzjudd

    lol what a gig

  23. mulisharobbo

    DAM YOU 240p!!

  24. Erica Martin

    The best part is meeting them all! Haha lucky is the word =)

  25. Зорица Расипанов

    Lucky bastard :)

  26. Erica Martin

    I work in a venue in Geelong and get to see so many brilliant bands play there while I work. The Butterfly Effect played there on friday, and Karnivool are playing there next month. It really is an awesome job lol =)

  27. ween1s

    Clint = magic

  28. Stoneman180190

    they're not breaking up, clint's leaving the band but the rest of them are staying together

  29. 666tReaper

    /hug ♥

  30. Rui Ferreira

    Great band!! I m a big fan from Portugal....
    Australia have some of the best bands in the world !
    Big hug for australian people i love your country....!

    Andrew Sinadinos

    Rui Ferreira thanks bra I’m from Australia

  31. Stoneman180190

    The greatest band there is, the greatest band there was, and the greatest band there ever will be

  32. Filipe Rosset

    Otima banda e otima musica pena que não tem tanto reconhecimento no Brasil

  33. globalchaos1984

    @XXHattoriHanzoXX way to miss the point.

  34. Moose Can't Play

    @qfbass saw that a few years ago, karnivool opened for the butterfly effect in newcastle

  35. Tom Foolery

    @nightcoil87 I Agree!................ but Australia still shits on U.S :O

  36. merkins87

    @qfbass closest i've been is seeing floating me & thousand needles in red, both bands may be side projects but they retain the same older styles of respective bands!

  37. Luka

    @SRStrollisSRS - Parkway Drive. That is all.

  38. Tim Hansford

    Im sick of indie shit constantly flooded onto out radio stations.Triple j can suck my hairy ugly cock. No strong voices no heavy music just piss weak mousey pussies that they think the public likes??? That station has turned to lolly pop mush.
    Bring back some balls or give the heavy scene of a Australia a go.

  39. dubstepnwithoutshoes

    Australia is better.

  40. SRStrollisSRS

    Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, The Butterfly Effect. the 3 kings of modern aussie rock (in no particular order)

  41. merkins87

    @qfbass you should've been at the metro 9th july, that would've been the closest, with floating me & thousand needles in red under the same roof (boge sings for TNIR & stockman's bassist of floating me; as a bonus their drummer is borich of cog)- best $22 gig ever!!

  42. zgolijan

    Very fucken cool. Rock guys. Contact me if you want gigs.

  43. rhyse maalerud

    so what about The Great White North

  44. Olsteradamus

    I haven't heard any of their music since I imported Begins Here (awesome btw), clearly I've been missing out.

  45. ScatterflyBAND

    @caneytoad except unfortunately COG is over :(

  46. Michael Luxton

    Ive become more Australian listening to UP and RISING OZZIE music !! LOVIN IT !! Go you good things ! ;)

  47. rockstarhenz

    Clint Boge has got to have the BEST vocals in Rock EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!!! OI OI OI!!

  48. caneytoad

    @qfbass Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus and Cog. THIS MUST HAPPEN.

  49. brainfullametal

    @OhNoItsaCounterTroll This aint gonna be as good as your suggestion but check out Cripple Mr Onion, they got 1 song on youtube called "6 days of silence". Both the bassist and lead singer/guitarist play custom made 8 string instuments and believe me they knew how to use them. I used to kick around with these blokes when I was in the New Zealand metal scene, opened for them a few times. The recording and video clip is all funded by their day jobs, so it ain't great but they were an awesome band

  50. brainfullametal

    @OhNoItsaCounterTroll Good call bro, just checked out Chromium on your suggestion. They sound a bit like Killswitch but without all the wank. Will be buying 1 of their albums for sure next time I'm in the music store. Hopefully they stock it in Oz, they look kinda underground.

  51. TanmantheMadman

    @griffin2421 isn't that slighly hypocritical? o.O lol but I will admit a lot of us Americans are rather stupid and ignorant...

  52. AbdullahHep C

    this is a relief to hear with all the "rock" songs of today

  53. Hugh Dalrymple

    @nightcoil87 our beaches are better... :D

  54. maso882

    186,745 views, i've watched this about 86,000 times I can't stop watching it...........Someone help me

  55. axl409v

    @420Guitar420 dont worry dude, its typical oz attitude.

  56. dousty

    @420Guitar420 these days Silverchair is as Australian as Mel Gibson is. fuck selloutchair

  57. Visioncliff

    @benzsherz Unlike my fellow countrymen/women who take offense to your statement of yanks being narrow minded wankers, I do have to agree. I can't say I know all about the Australian rock/metal scene, but I've yet to be disappointed with any Australian band I've ever come across. Australia, to my limited understanding borne in an immensely self-absorbed and xenophobic society, does rock like no other. If I didn't think national pride was abominable in every sense, I'd say yours is well founded.

  58. maso882

    Who cares what all the haters think! All the Butterfly Effect lovers, love the band and don't weight into what all the haters think. Love the music people like I do. If you're Aussie you know what I'm talking about.

  59. lee williams

    australia has the best rockdosnt it

  60. Pedro Pablo Mir Echagüe

    u should hear Chilean metal...Criminal, Delta...

  61. Jerr8504

    @benzsherz not true....I'm definitely american and support these guys as well as a few other performers foreign to america...sure, there are several of these narrow minded 'wankers' you refer to, but we're not all the same

  62. Paulee

    @420Guitar420 silverchair are the biggest poofs in aus music that you could find!!!

  63. Arfalasien

    My friend just introduced me to this awesome music! How have I missed this??? So proud to claim them as our own :)
    Oh and @jacklimon89 - lets not bring Tolkien into this :P
    And @tintonious - if you don't like it, click the thumbs down and just be done with it

  64. Dominique Bandiera

    tintonious I am betting your one of those people who listen to Scribe? or whatever his fucking name is. I personally dont like him but if you do not have respect for Clint's voice or the band you have been sleeping with sheep

  65. Jordan W

    Anyone know the chorus time signature? I'm getting 4/4, 7/8, 4/4, 4/4, 9/8, 4/4. That works but when you count it, it sounds really off-beat and out of time. There is probably an easier way.

  66. muntedewok

    Seen these guys live about 5-6 times. They NEVER cease to impress me. Top 5 all time bands for me ;)

  67. Johann Schultz

    The Kicked ass at Conception day yesterday

  68. Beau Parkman

    @iamthenumber12 aha same here I say, same here. Know anyone from melbourne who would want to start up some music such as these bands.?

  69. madelynf

    I watched them live back before they were big cuz they came from my area x)

  70. showurworthit

    Had the pleasure to see these guys live a few nights ago... it was insane. Just want to relive it over and over and over.

  71. Simon Burfoot

    I can't believe I snubbed this band when they were first recommended to me. Nearly every single one of their songs is so magnificent that it makes me feel quite dizzy. This song is no exception; I need to feel that riff at a live show before I die.

  72. boozedupbarfly


  73. Pandamone

    @iamthenumber12 Totally agree with you here :)

  74. wazzaboy04


  75. Angela D

    Have seen these guys twice live! They rock! Love that riff! Awesome!! :)

  76. Chris Mcardle

    @chopstIXZ31 should be unreal! cant wait.

  77. Chris Mcardle

    i hope they sing this on the 21st of june!!! :D

  78. fred smith

    not a fan of emo rock these days but the Butterfly Effect kill it

  79. Obey Banksy

    is he saying "its a slow decay' ? cuz it doesnt sound like descent

  80. Diego Avila

    gr8 band, im surprise not to have heard of them before

  81. SeethingGita

    yeah, we have great bands ... don't forget "Birds of Tokyo" and for the progsters ... listen to Karvivool.

  82. David Gorman

    Australa has had amazing bands for years and years, some include AC/DC, Midnight Oil, The Living End, Powder Finger, Silverchair, Jet, Wolfmother (debatable) etc

  83. Hardcore Hazza

    Kickass song!!!!

  84. rekojah

    Awsome Song

  85. dousty

    Beginning to? ;)

  86. Nate Carter

    Music played on American stations isn't our own music thank you. Part of the music industry is conquering other parts of the world with your song, for any non-american band it is a huge leap for them to even get CD's here as is for American bands getting their stuff played in other regions. Hell there are bands in the US that don't even get played. I myself enjoy anything that sounds good and I order CD's from across the world. Not everyone is narrow minded, making your comment ignorant.

  87. sirshwack

    fuken oath!!!!

  88. two005

    my enemy or chardes by the aussie band cog

  89. Living Vegan

    People who download the music, will more than likely go to their concerts. The band will get more money from ticket sales than what they would get from someone purchasing a CD. Often those who download the music end up buying the CD later on anyway. And for those who don't have the cash, if they didn't download it they wouldn't know whether they liked the band enough to see them in concert and they also would not then have the music to promote to others by playing it in their home/car stereo.

  90. noodlePancake

    i play in a band. i write music. and i couldn't agree more. my opinion is irrelevant. it is what it is. perform or go home. welcome to the future brother

  91. thatrsdude

    This is one of my favourite Australian bands at the moment.

  92. Jack K

    This is totally incorrect. Almost everyone who downloads music for free does so because they either cannot afford to buy the music, or they would not fork out money anyway. Either way, those people would never hear the band otherwise, which means no one hears about bands, which is why artists go nowhere. And if they DO go anywhere, they get picked up by a big label and don't ever see any of their hard-earned money from record sales. The majority of bands get most of their money from touring ~~

  93. Luke Bridley

    Karnivool man :P

  94. Leith Hore

    cog and electric horse are a good start

  95. fastfretjazz

    That's why these artists get nowhere, because everyone downloads their music.

  96. InnocentFilth

    Fucking epic :)

  97. Nathan Carlson

    Karnivool, Mammal

  98. jake k

    these guys came to gero the other week and a few mates seen live they went off aparently

  99. Nick Bennett

    hey can any one send me a butterfly effect album or the link so i can download them coz im broke buyin a new guitar...but not conversation of kings i own that already thanks

  100. James

    F.U.C.K. Y.E.S