Butterfly Boucher - Take It Away Lyrics

There was a time when it moved me
A time when it was all I had
And although I had to grow up
I miss that place

It used to be so clean-cut
Everything was there to see
A place for me to be me
And then it all got serious

I want the fire back

Take me away, take me away
I wanna feel the way I did when I felt young
Take it away, please take it away
I wanna feel the way I did when I felt young

If and when I find you
I won't let you out of sight
'Cause the road at times looks bad
Kind of like you did

And all the time in the world is slipping away

Take me away, please take it away
I wanna feel the way I did when I felt young
Take it away, please take it away
I wanna feel the way I did when I felt young
Take it away, please take it away
I wanna feel the way I did

When I had all the hope in the world to carry me on

Take me away, please take it away
And play it loud like it used to sound when I was young
Take it away, please take me away
I wanna feel the way I did when I felt young
Take it away, take this shit away
And let it move me like it did when I was young

Play it loud like it used to sound when I felt young
Let it move me like it did when I felt young

When I felt young

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Butterfly Boucher Take It Away Comments
  1. Fatemeh

    I discovered your music today! <3

  2. pbemm44

    This is so raw and powerful. I love it!

  3. Saba White

    i love her music, and i just found it today! 

  4. laylo honny

    Honey and Blood, Butterfly never flinches.

  5. Mel Simpson

    This song makes my heart feel as though it's going to fall out of my chest. It's beautiful and heartbreaking. Was great to see you at Pride in Brooklyn and in Melbourne. Thank you for your gorgeous songs. So talented.

  6. Michael Murphy


  7. Ana Griselle Guzmán

    You are angel singing for people.. i have to say this song just went straight to my heart.. dont ever stop making music.. you make a big difference in people.. like me.. thanks a lot for such beautiful songs, you are amazing.. =)

  8. Erica Davey

    Just listened to whole album playlist for the first time, amazingly beautiful. So happy that I came to Katie at the Vanguard in Jan with a friend and discovered you. Still have trouble deciding if I liked that gig, or Missy + your concert at the Seymour best... third place in 'best concerts' has to go to you + Katie + Van Hoorn at the Camelot!

    Please keep making music and coming back to Australia to share it with us!

  9. Gloria Cabrera

    Since I started listening to Missy Higgins, I had no found another voice that make me feel so lost in the melody 'til I found yours. Thanks for making me feel this way.
    Greetings from Mexico, hope you and Missy come soon!

  10. Betti Kern

    glad I'm at the office surrounded by people. it would have been really embarrassing starting to cry in the safety of my living room instead...

  11. jesseejo

    It's artists like you, that let people see deep into their souls, that make music worth listening too. You are absolutely amazing.

  12. Wagner De Assis

    Great songwriter , great singer and great musician !! What else can I say ? I really happy that I discovered your music today and I can't wait to share this moment with some friends that appreciates good music as well as I do !! Keeping doing your thing , be real and be you , that's what's missing in the music world today !! Greetings form Florida USA.

  13. Dusty Bear

    There are some songs where I never hear the words because of the beauty of the music. This time (maybe the sixth time) I heard the words. Wow what a song What a Voice What Music.

    Please keep doing it.

  14. GraemeMarkNI

    Why wasn't I told about you earlier?! I feel cheated by my elders, Ha! This song captures a feeling like very few others I've heard. Thank you :)

  15. thebutterflyboucher

    Glad to hear it!

  16. thebutterflyboucher

    thanks for taking a chance and diving into my back catalog! my Scary Fragile album (2nd album) kinda flew under the radar which i thought was a little sad, i was really quite proud of it, glad to hear it's found a home with you. cheers bb

  17. thebutterflyboucher

    Wow, what a lovely thing to hear. that means a lot, hits me right in the heart. thanks.

  18. boucherettes

    Uhh - this song gets me every time.

  19. banksiasong

    If ever Butterfly wanted to delve into another of the arts, she'd be fabulous in acting, especially on the stage. The drama in this performance is just breathtaking.

  20. Ingelief16

    And your piano skills wow goose bumps all over, i wish i could have the notes for that play i want to do this on the piano to, is there a sheet of it anywhere??? Please if not can you butterfly make it public??????? LOVE

  21. Ingelief16

    i love this! The live version of the album is so much better even than the album it self, so please dear lovely butterfly, come to holland, and make us european happy by doing a gigg here. :) And than all live, its amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU

  22. ParArdua

    Beautiful Butterfly, I hope you know what a difference you make to our lives.

  23. natacha ayramdjian

    That is really beautiful..truly..

  24. jesse3sv

    Hello! Question: Is this material going to be released as a Live album maybe? Can we buy it somewhere? (either video or just music..) It's so good!!! :) thank you!

  25. wadjela

    singers like butterfly make it easier to cope with the shit in life, and to look for the good bits.

  26. spearofgod1

    Thats quite an intense experience watching this video. The lyrics are very evocative and your delivery is something else. Thank you for sharing this.

  27. chitchant

    I keep on wanting to find my favourite on this album, but each time I listen to these videos, the answer changes. Don't want to sound twee, but it really is an album which tells the tale of a journey and each step is performed beautifully.This song though with its wisdom and maturity will always be so special. Thank you.

  28. thislittleduck1

    I've got the album and love it to bits, and it'd be great to be able to buy a DVD with these ten performances. Stunning and beautiful, all of them. *Big ask I know.

  29. tippngthevelvet

    Speechless, sorry.

  30. Kat F

    so much emotion here! i feel like I'm intruding in on a really private moment just be watching this, It simply amazes how you can convey so much emotion and feeling to what your singing through the internet !

  31. chitchant

    Outstanding intimate performance.

  32. banksiasong

    **know and respect

  33. banksiasong

    I know and Butterfly will have a setlist on this tour, but I so hope this song is on it, though I love everything BB does, this is a really special song for me. Thanks for coming to Perth, wow.

  34. laylo honny

    I love the intimacy

  35. thebutterflyboucher

    I was nearly crying by the end of this song when we were taping it! My hands started shaking right after we stopped recording.

  36. alishasguitar

    Very good butterfly. I kinda like it there too. Wish I could write lyrics like you and missy. This was great.

  37. Oda Tonstad

    My favorite song of your album! It’s amazing! :D

  38. Mitholas

    Listening to these made me go pre-order the album. Amazing music!

  39. John Mann

    Such an emotionally charged song. This version really got the tears flowing. Thanks for writing such a beautiful song!