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Butterfly Boucher Life Is Short Comments
  1. Eat Shiit

    Life is short

  2. rodrigo lyra

    It’s a beautiful day to save lives, let’s have some fun!

  3. Heath Ledger

    1st Episode 😂❤️✋ Here We Go Again 😭😭

  4. ana carolina tavares

    derek: let's go
    meredith: where?
    derek: to find out if katie's one in a million

  5. Nirbhika Sachdev

    I think at least a 100k out of the 800+k views is me on different timings of different days instead of just downloading the song for once and all.

  6. M Someone

    The cookie crumbles...part brought me here.

  7. xarmanhs k afragos

    Shrek 2 brought me here

  8. Nirbhika Sachdev

    They family have this on YouTube 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Alania Hernandez

    Greys anatomy ❤💕

  10. Rahul Patel

    Could this being ...Life is short..

  11. Henrique Felix

    my life 😊

  12. Henrique Felix

    my life 😊

  13. Alie Smith

    Poor double oh seven

  14. Julia Valomim

    i love Grey's anatomy best serie

  15. Kalli Cat

    When it doesn't rain it snows
    Yeah the cookie crumbles but in who's hand?
    All things said and all things done
    Life is short

    Oh I am young but I have aged
    Waited long to seize the day
    All things said and plenty done...life's too short

    Ooooh could this be....
    Ooooh could this be the day I've waited for?

    Another door to peek in through
    The floor is filthy
    But the couch is clean
    At the end of the day
    That's another day gone
    Life is short....Ooo life is short

    Could this be....
    Could this be the day I've waited for?

    Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...

    Oh I am young but I have aged
    Waited long to seize the day
    All things said and plenty done
    Oh I am young but I have a past
    Travelled far to find the start
    Yes I am scared and I've been burnt
    But life is short

    Could this be...
    Could this be the day I've waited for?

    Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...

    Oorja Bhugra

    Kalli Cat se aaa11

  16. Alex Boda

    I miss Burke!!! Come back Preston!!!

  17. lucas pereira

    muito obrigado.......

  18. Abigail Daniels

    Greys is lit!!

  19. Marc Mars

    "The Days" was the first show with this song. It was a very good show about a family living in Philadelpia or Pittsburgh. This was back when TV still had decent progrmming. Everyone else is late to the party

  20. daat

    cata strokeeeee n.n

  21. Lauren Lozier

    the 1st episode of greys anatomy brought me here.


    +Annika & Lauren
    Aaah, I was just wondering how it got into my playlist. Haven't touched it in ages. Thanks, it would have bothered me all day!

    Arielle Abreu

    George <3

    Camila Castro

    Me too!

    Mutiara yusfah

    Me too🤣

  22. Juliet Cristina

    All things said and plenty done... life still short <3

    Layla Risse

    The cookie crumbles, but in whose hand?

  23. thetotaleclipse84

    Windfall…? No? Just me?

    …ok 😐

  24. yoddlegcoin

    greys anatomy :)

  25. Ana Acapella

    Summerland ! Anybody? No? :(

  26. maicongphuc

    Charmed Season 6 Episode 18 brought me here.

    Katerina Vanessa

    this is from Grey's Anatomy Season 1 from 2005 also :)


    @Katerina Vanessa thanks for your info :D

    Heather Thorne

    Me too 😊

    Alie Smith

    maicongphuc whoa we live in two different worlds 😂😂😂 Greys Anatomy season 1 episode 1

    Shadø Møøn

    I luv charmed !

  27. Alessandro

    Grey's Anatomy - 1x01 - 28 : 32

  28. Randa

    Charmed <3

    Heather Thorne

    Me too. 😊

    Alie Smith

    Purinna R. What episode

  29. Gilbert Tanti

    I cannot help but smile whilst listening to this song, it's so amazing! :D

  30. Gnon Al-MGANEN

    Grey's anatomy <3

  31. Hussars poland

    i love Grey's Anatomy poland

  32. caspen go

    lol i got sent here by charmed season 6 episode 18

  33. Kate Lyn

    Life is short? This song is short, I have to keep hitting the replay button

  34. darkangelss6sic6


  35. Abrielle redacted

    The Days

  36. Sharaf Aktar

    charmed or grey's anantomy
    me was charmed

  37. Sharaf Aktar

    charmed brought me here, and the show went on air befor grey's anatomy


    No one cares

  38. ozorio antonio

    Muito boa musica, Ainda não conhecia essa cantora, mas já pirei nas musicas dela que escutei..

  39. sherryberry007

    It is the theme song for a short lived ABC tv show called The Days.

  40. Jim

    using this for school project on what we believe

  41. Kayde Roper

    i love greys anatomy which is where i know this song from ..

  42. James Pressley

    I heard this on Grey's Anatomy years ago and I've looked for it ever since and I've finally found it thanks to Yahoo answers! :D

  43. paxixamelo

    reminds me of some tv serie but cant remeber wich one ! :/

  44. JTube

    Reminds me of all my other music

  45. JTube

    Herd on Grey' Anatomy.

  46. konjo410

    This fucking lie... it's so fucking hard, so long! Life ain't short, it's long, it's long, God damn it!

    Multis 7

    for some people it short quit the hate


    konjo410 I agree.

  47. Cam Bush

    The Days, not Grey's Anatomy brought me here actually.

  48. Greypax

    wait, it's not?

  49. Gabriel Ethier Poisson

    but life is the longest thing you will live!

  50. Mirku98

    thumbs up if Grey's Anatomy braught you here!

  51. MaxGoofy Roxanne

    Grey's Anatomy Rules!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Replicvnts

    this song isnt long enough :(

  53. iSharon

    Grey's anatomy <3

  54. legendofman12

    False, Life is the longest thing you will ever encounter

  55. random person

    Are most people here because this was on Grey's Anatomy?

  56. Liv2828

    Grey's Anatomy brought me here :)

  57. MarS

    Life is short

  58. CreativeLouise45

    @Benioff1 I remember watching it on Grey's Anatomy!
    MAN that show is AWEESOME :]
    I never really finished Summerland; I should probably get to that during the Summer since it kinda goes with title itself and the fact that I will be on Break will let me have more time to watch it :)
    and I'm only on Grey's Anatomy Season 4 :-B
    Both shows are fantastic.

  59. Benioff1


    "Summerland" was the show that helped me seek this song out. I first heard it on "Grey's Anatomy" though

  60. Mia B

    The Days<3<3

  61. CreativeLouise45

    @sharmaine24 I don't watch that show, but thanks for letting me know! :)

  62. Ja An

    Grey's Anatomy <3

  63. jordan Smith

    lolz this was on grey's anatomy...great song:)

  64. CreativeLouise45

    Really nice song, heard this on Summerland, Episode 5, Part 3 near the end :)
    Good melody! :)
    Nice lyrics too :)

  65. Kat S

    i'll use this for my graduation video :)

  66. AlwaysfightFangirl

    i love this song thanks to greys anatomy

  67. harobmx123

    could THIS be the day i've waited for?

  68. L.V.

    Am I the only one with the uncontrolable urge to dance??

  69. Rorzie Green

    I now, Life is short
    so i need to get of the computer. (:

  70. Rorzie Green

    Hi Butterfly!

  71. hauntedlover

    heard it on charmed loved it

  72. L.V.

    @babybluejs06 me too! I love Charmed!

  73. Valli Keller

    Love it! Like AthosAmo I typed in "life is short" and came up with this gem.

  74. AthosAmo

    I typed in "life is short" because I was thinking of that and I clicked on this one but was close to not doing so. Glad I did.

  75. Emma Cooper

    the song is great even without being on greys anatomy

  76. tatmavril

    This makes me feel so good in the morning at 7 a.m. =D

  77. Jana Kumpf

    @CantStayAwake season 1 episode 1

  78. Erica Peterson

    heard the song in the GA pilot LOVE ITT

  79. FranzLiIi

    cool !. ;D

  80. Sara N

    when was it on Grey´s??

  81. Daniizle

    this song is awesome :D

  82. HalloKitty93

    I looove this song!!! Everytime I watched the first episode of Grey´s Anatomie I wondered how the song might be called and now I´m so happy that I finally found it!!! <3<3<3

  83. Sillemausi1

    the same with me. Heard it and loved it!


  84. 123

    I Love Butterfly Boucher :D

  85. heath haris

    yeah i did too ChDeGMX !

  86. Mikayla Mathews

    i found it on charmed too.All my fav. songs come from that show. :)

  87. BareWithAndria

    i love the song! =) i first heard it on charmed (my fave show). they play lots of good songs after the theme song

  88. DragonBunni

    i love this song. in 7th grade winterguard we always warmed up/stretched to this song. ;) the instructor from that year moved :( and now our new one who we love is moving too *-_-*

  89. Life's Good

    such a song ! really get sense!

  90. Liliess

    first heard it on grey's anatomy, i love the first sentence!