Butler, Jonathan - Falling In Love With Jesus Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Falling In Love With Jesus
Falling In Love With Jesus
Falling In Love With Jesus
Was The Best Thing I Ever, Ever Done

[Verse 2:]
In His Arms I Feel Protected
In His Arms Never Disconnected (No No)
In His Arms I Feel Protected
There's No Place I'd Rather Rather Be

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Verse 2]

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Butler, Jonathan Falling In Love With Jesus Comments
  1. Jessica Evans

    I love this song🥰

  2. Paulette Richardson


  3. Trey Thompson

    The bible never says 1 word about falling in love with Jesus!!!!!

  4. Henry Serfontein

    A great and anointed song.

  5. Dhemit vigra

    Fall in love with jesus with every day...🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  6. indianblade13

    Great Are You Lord Cover Acoustic Guitar

  7. Shirley Harrell

    Praise God, do you remember the first time you got the Holy Ghost? God is so good, with him I can do all things, and without him I'm nothing, receive him on today, let his endless light guide you to the purpose that he has prepared for you, kisses and be blessed.

  8. Cookie Woo

    This song speaks volumes..I luv it ...Amen ..pray for me yall.. I need strength ...and peace..thank u Lord. Keep speaking to my heart heavenly father.

  9. Donnie Wade

    I grew up without a earthly father in my life I am now 70 years of age an it took me a long time to accept Jesus Christ as my father in heaven at 35 I decided to give my life to christ fell in love with him an it's the best thing I ever done! Thank u Jesus!!!

  10. Rain3Silver

    I love Jesus! He is my everything! Praise the Lord Jesus, Yeshua Hamaschiah. My Savior, He is my Rock, My Refuge, My Salvation. Thank you guys for a very beautiful song and the very beautiful sound of the Saxophone. Thank you, Thank you!

  11. Annette Resto


  12. Annette Resto


  13. Annette Resto


  14. Itzallabt Gsus


  15. Trina Howard

    Beautiful ❤ I am a huge fan of both J. Butler and K. Whalum. Blessings❤

  16. uche udoye

    Stop writing Jesus with small letter j. Thank

  17. Eagle E

    nice idea but we don't worship music brother but music's Creator, remember this

  18. Chevonne Bartlett

    Not only does the music touch my soul, but the words ring so true!! There’s no place I’d rather be than in the arms of Jesus! I love this song so much.

  19. André Ludick

    Love this song

  20. Joanne Camp

    That's one best one to falling love with😃

  21. Paul Charles

    Sax player looks like Jimior Walker!

  22. Old Dawg's REI Network with Bill Manassero

    This beautiful song had be in tears after reading my Torah portion this morning. Praise Yeshua Hamashiach! He is the Roaring Lion of Judah and He is Holy! He is Lord! Thank you Jesus for saving me. May I fall more and more in love with You each and every day!

  23. E. SALINAS

    Hallelujah💞🙏😇 I love you Jesus

  24. Latanya Burton-Mickey

    The best thing I've ever, ever, ever done. Thank you Lord.

  25. Daniel Paul

    Love the video Im gonna play this a lot. One thing if I could suggest, maybe a edit in the title to give Jesus a capital letter.

  26. Sidney Mullins

    the internationaltha grew ip in 7th ave athlone next to riverside sda school and church

  27. J ME Mae


  28. Jesus Lives Amen

    This song is amazing! 😇❤ The best thing I ever done.

  29. mrdrebella rico

    I really felt the holy spirit through the music,in the name of our father son and holy spirit,AMEN

  30. bigarj2

    Boy, That just touched the inner depths of my soul.

  31. Euraina Conner

    Beautiful lyrics thank you Jesus Christ my Lord

  32. Mike Morbuk

    The King of kings will be back, very soon! Hold on people, keep the faith & don't stray!

  33. Micha 6:8

    41 years and counting, what i have learned , it wasn’t how much I grown to love Him, it was how much he loves you and me!
    Great is His faithfulness and his lovingkindness is better than life!!

  34. Jerome Pratt

    Pure love for Jesus, nothing like it💝

  35. Elsie Thandeka Chauke

    In his Arms I feel protected there's not place I'd rather be

  36. TRUTHintune

    praise God:)

  37. Alexander Opoku

    I love this song, thank you Lord for turning my heart and mind around. I feel like God is working on me. I've come a mighty way from living as a transgender and homosexual, But God touched my life 12 years ago. It hasn't been easy and haven't made it easy with going back and forth with sin, but God.

  38. Eboni King

    I been in Jesus arms and love 15 years and counting. This year he puts me in the arms and love of the man of holy matrimony I been living celibate 13 + years until marriage. God’s gonna be glorified through marriage.

  39. Anthony Jackson

    Decent song.

  40. MsDee J

    Totally in love with this song.. I falling and grown in LOVE with my Savior Jesus.... Kirk, Boy if you don't play that Sax 2:44-3:18 nothing but LIFE and 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Wednesday Rogers

    Amen sir just let it melt into your spirit and let God do the rest

  42. Franck


  43. Sharon Avery

    Falling in love with Jesus 🙏 is the best thing he opens his arms when I need him 🙏❤️❤️❤️

  44. Kimothy Harrell

    😭 falling in love with Jesus was the best thing I’ve ever done

  45. Gloria Norwood

    I just lost my baby boy about 2 months ago, I know the Master have my sweet boy, I love you son!!!

    Kelly Newman

    Gloria Norwood ❤️

  46. Evelyn Thomas

    I fell in the wrong arms thinking my ❤️ was protected and at the same time I feel in love with Jesus he protected me ,my mind , body & soul I found my self single over & over again because there no place I rather be but in Jesus arms , my thing is you don't want Jesus what's wrong with you , I love Jesus from my mother womb .

  47. Silvana Rodrigues

    Glory to Jesus
    I Brasil

  48. Dorothy Lamar

    I love the Lord! He is the best thing that ever happened to me. Praise the Lord!

  49. Felicia Watson

    Falling in love in with Jesus, is the best thing I have ever done!!
    Oh, yeah Jesus I love you!

  50. Anderson Pontes

    Quanta sensibilidade. Quanto amor.

  51. Rev. D.

    Great way to open devotion this morning. Falling in LOVE with JESUS is the BEST thing I'd EVER done!

  52. Michele Sims

    Love this song!

  53. Natalie Houston

    25 December 2019. Thank you, Lord, for your eternal protection, and love. We thank you, Lord, for your sacrifice on the cross. I come to you with my arms open wide, with love, for love. There's no place I would rather be.

  54. Rivoe Ulberg

    I lived and was under the spell of the devil for 30 years doing drugs, marijuana and alcohol, steal and commit adultery but everything changed when Jesus entered into my life as my personal Lord and Savior. I can imagine what my life would have been if I didn’t let Him into my life. I am 40 years old now and I tell you the last 10 years of my life as a follower of Christ has been an amazing journey. I have witnessed the blessings that come with His salvation package. Seen the sick healed instantly I mean it’s awesome to serve the One True God that hears our voice. Thank you Jesus ❤️

  55. LadyLuv100

    Wonderful ❤️

  56. Claire Windvogel

    There is no place u would rather be

  57. Kenneth Engelhardt

    Aleluya, worshipping the Lord

  58. The Ultimate

    The scariest thing for me about being a Christian, is having to be honest and open with God. I figured, how can I do that, when I hate what I see, what I am? I’m not even honest with myself, 9 times out of 10.

    But this song always melts those defenses and reminds me of the absolute love Jesus provides and Is. It’s hard to hide when God comes calling.

    God Bless.


    The ultimate you are so right and I know alot of us can relate to what you're honest enough to say as a Christian we sometimes judge ourselves harshly, I have these 9 things posted everywhere, something that I read in 1 of Joyce Meyer books to keep me strong, and focused when I'm feeling those things and began to be honest with myself because our Savior already knows ALL about us. Take a moment and repeat and remind yourself as I do: I am loved, I am valued, I am precious, I am talented, I am gifted, I am capable, I am powerful, I am wise and I am redeemed through Christ ☺️. I have to repeat these when I'm feeling unworthy, be blessed.

  59. Christine Tolliver

    My heart got so heavy when I heard this song and tears started falling OMG this song just done sooooo much to me right now!!!

  60. Rose Coleman

    Falling In LOVE 😍 With Jesus was the best thing I ever done ✅ in my life!!!!

  61. TheQueenBarb

    The Best Thing I Ever Did, Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Yes~

  62. Ketesha Davis

    Loving Jesus gives me hope and strength. He is there when there is no one else around. Thank you Father for your love that draws us to you through your son and inspired music like this one. Music for my soul. Hallelujah. My husband nor siblings nor friends can ever fill your space. Your love covers me. Even without a mother or earthly father around I still have hope. Hallelujah. Cover my children Lord. May they fall in love with you Lord. It will be the best thing they will ever do. May my teenage son Kemar fall in love with you Lord. Hallelujah. Thank you Johnathan and Kirk, hopefully one day I will meet you to say thanks. Praise be to God Most High. Bless

  63. Ramon de guzman

    The way Jonathan Exalts JESUS.......SO IN LOVE WITH THE LORD!!! YESSSS.

  64. David King

    Falling in Love with My Lord! & Savior Jesus Christ! Is the best Thing I've ever done.

  65. michael barnett

    thank you, Jesus

  66. Sanjaleeta Exotic Eyes

    I was once blinded by Hinduism, now saved by Grace I’m blessed to say I’m a Born again Christian ✝️ Thank you Jesus for saving me 🌹

  67. gwendolyn smith

    Falling in love with Jesus, is the best thing I’ve ever ✅ done. Every day!☝️❤️❤️❤️🔥🙏🏾🌎⚡️💥👂✊✈️🔑The Holy Spirit inhabits the praise of his people!!!👂🎷💕In his arms , I am well protected.He is our strong tower!!!💫🎷🎷🎷Sing Jonathan!❤️🔥The Holy Spirit inhabits the praises of its servants.💥💥💥🎷🔑Jesus hears👂you And Jonathan Kirk!!!!💥🙏🏾pestilence is not of God.🎸🎹❤️🎧🖐🎼👂💡🎶💥 He showed me how to be humble. My friend’s death that weekend hurt me terribly because of what was done that day at lunch to her!!!!! Her death shocked them.🙏🏾 I was sad but ok because I didn’t mistreat her! Pray for us.🙏🏾💥

  68. Deborah Dixon

    Wow, to hear a atheist say,this them want to praise God that's a beautiful thing.i pray y give God chance to prove who is to ypu.

  69. J. Milton [LIVE] 'The Concert Whisperer'

    Prayed Up!

  70. Halaliswa Ntimbane

    😭 Jesus the lover.

  71. Delicia Jardine

    Falling in love with Jesus it took me a while but I did and there's no heart break ,head ache just tears of joy . I'm glad I'm able to house the holy spirit and reverence him

  72. Emmanuel Dechanez

    A worship full of light !! Thank U !!! 😃💖💓

  73. JAZZ henriquez

    2019 in his arms i feel protected

  74. Sitembiso Dlukulu

    I fell in love with Jesus at 13years. I'm still in love with him at 35yrs

  75. Uneek1 Adams

    Just love Jonathan Butler

  76. Dawn Hector

    I love Jesus❤

  77. Lisa Flynn

    Falling in love with the one and only one. Thank you for beautiful music to praise!

  78. felix owino

    Anyone still listening to the song in 2019. I really love this song

  79. dennis graves

    A made this song back in the day but i song we both Deserve each others love, Jesus Christ is My Saviour.

  80. Lufuno Ndou

    2019 anyone???

  81. Nisu Eliezel

    Hit like if you still here in September 2019🙌❤

  82. wynton henry

    The Fool says in his heart there is no GOD...

  83. Keturah Garcia


  84. I AM FREE Spiritual Advisor

    Love this song because..... falling in love with Jesus was the best thing I ever done!!!🙋‍♀😇

  85. Akilah

    Amen 🙏🏾

  86. Zion Song

    In HIs arms, I feel protected. In His arms, never disconnected... Love this song! Praise the Most High!!! Beautiful!!!

  87. Rodrigo Fernandes

    Não canso de ouvir.
    I Love Jesus!

  88. ScarlyScaarl


  89. Sarah A.K.A Shine girl

    I always feel blessed when my spiritual father sings this song....it's still the best for me

  90. Joyce Agommuoh

    This is not a performance.

  91. Your Safe space

    Why was this on my recommended? 😂


    😭😭😭The best thing I have ever done🙌

  93. shakenya walker

    I love this song so much 💞

  94. Nickie Richardson

    Falling in Love with Jesus truly was the best thing I’ve ever done!!

  95. sherrie drummer

    July 1st 2019 still loving and listening to this song. simple but meaningful song. no place I rather be.... God is the best for me.

  96. Didi Ema

    I am falling in love with Jesus afresh each day and how awesome it is. Thank you Lord 🙏

  97. gmgmusic02

    The ANOINTING of God is all over this song. Thank You Jesus!!! TFS ✝️🎷🎤🎹🎸🎵

  98. bridgette anderson

    Thank you JB for this beautiful somg all of us in south africa are so proud of u brother