Busy Signal - Girls Tonight Lyrics

Me an the girls lock down
Bare gyal to mi thing send all a dem come
Me an the girls lock down, lock down
Send dem come

Will a we an the girls tonight
Wi a go sort out the girls tonight
A just girls mi a study
Straight girls mi a pree
And the gyal dem know mi a dem honey
An mi naw leave dem lonely

[Verse 1:]
Alright a bay gyal to mi thing cause no man to us
Mi no matter if shi walk foot or if shi take bus
Si gyal inna pretty clothe off a dem wi a lust
A gyal season so gimmi couple fi the Christmas
Sort out the girls make sure dem tough first
If yo give are stone love shi might go take Gene buss
Cause some a dem girl yah move contangarous
Shi goodly link Bambino den draw fi just buss


[Verse 2:]
The gyal dem a mix the old rubadove wid the now a days wine
Tip pon yo toe shi didn't even combine
Wonder if a rubber inna yo spine
Wonder if a rubber inna yo spine
When girls a search fi love seh a me dem a find
Even tho mi busy seh mi haffi make time
Nuff girls mi have paw mi mind
Member a nuff girl mi have paw mi mind


[Verse 3:]
Yow a straight gyal to mi thing mi no matter wa the weather
Gyal season mi get gyal when ever
Naw left dem mi love gyal forever
Me an the girls stick together
Caw mi no know wah some man pree, wa dem prefer
Everyday gyal deh pon mi agenda
9 o clock a Suzie, 4 o clock a Brenda
Mi have gyal fi real mi a no gyallis pretender


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