Busy Signal - Do Airport Lyrics

An dem fi know a board an a good note
Board board house
Pay board house
Yea hot head

Dem a do road but mi do air port
Bay port
Dem a do filla mi do air force
Air force in a some things dem never hear bout
Yuh never hear seh Busy an Sasco broke a look no bail out

Dem a do road but mi do air port
Bay port Being places dem never hear bout
Hear bout
Yeh no time fi jail house

[Verse 1:]
Board house rise to the top caw wi naw pree fi fail out
Hey wi wi naw take no jape up
Wi wi no thump nor no box up
Cyan step to gangsters an a act though
Mouth seh dem a bad man dem only chat though
Da jaw yah naw take no box pon
Bwoy dis an haffi run like a tracks man
Dem haffi bolt like blake uan
How dem fool deh come a chase like Juan
Dem a sissy
Dem bwoy deh a sissy
Whole a dem a sissy sissy
Dem bwoy deh a sissy
T.O.K done tell mi seh a yo zimi
Nah join dem company


[Verse 2:]
Hot head mad like a tiger when di thing dem a rail up wap wap
Pree dem a pree man far an near
Dem cyan touch di bran dem wi wear
Clean every day yeh no spot no tear
Me have di gyal dem rocking chair
An if yo ben no come round here
From yuh a men no come round here
Gyal love mi style how mi brade mi hair
Mi chain a glistle like a shandilear

[Verse 1: from di second line]

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Busy Signal Do Airport Comments
  1. M.... K....

    I rate Busy big time!..doesn't necessarily sound like a Do Road response. Mavado did his track so long ago.

  2. _.... ....

    is this diss mavado?

  3. m.... ....

    Caah step 2 gangstas del boy deja ah sisses

  4. D.... R....

    yea a daddy tiger sample dey well landish.......respect busy.

  5. p.... ....

    u a fucking haters

  6. y.... ....

    signal mmmmmmmaaaaaddddddd

  7. N.... S....

    madddddddd tune!!!!! i like that

  8. L.... ....

    busy addi badest outta all..dis chuune is wassup

  9. A.... A....

    wapp ! wapp ! wapp ! nah tech no drape up!!!!!!! eary tiger!!! madddddddddd

  10. A.... A....

    maddddest song out busy