Busted - Psycho Girl Lyrics

She's so weird, it scares me
I don't think she likes me.
And thinking of her name is driving insane....

She's my psycho girl
My psycho girlfriend,
Everything I say, she takes it the wrong way.
She's my psycho girl,
My living nightmare
She's everything I need,
But I can't stand her

I can't change her thinking,
But she's so good-looking,
And thinking of her name is driving me insane...


We spent the night in,
We started fighting.
Since then it's never been the same.

Thinking of her name,
Is driving me insane...


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Busted Psycho Girl Comments
  1. Xodreev

    If season 2 of You was a song.

  2. Megan Prim

    Omgosh this song is hilarious! I wish this was on the us version of thier CD!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. alex chung

    is it only me feel the.. "sigh" at the end of the video...? >.<"

  4. kelse latoski

    i’m still here and it’s not on apple music😭

  5. Joey Thomas

    i'm gonna make a crossover ship of this song, it's gonna be king from nanatsu no taizai and chara from undertale

  6. JoesWorld&Adventures

    Sweet But Psycho: The Prequel told from their POV

  7. Aren longchar


  8. Jordan Booth

    Henry Morgan

  9. Popstar1539

    There's legit only three different lyric pieces in this song.

  10. squidthesquid360

    Anyone's else here from RWBY Theater?

  11. David Rubin

    this is the worst thing i have ever seen

  12. The Smol

    OMN phyco gal is dat really u?!😚

  13. Maurice Cherry

    Amv hell brought me here

  14. Psycho Girl

    why did I make my name psycho girl


    thats what i was going to comment!


    im eating pizza right now!

    Pyscho Girl

    Psycho Girl :you are my favorite iv listened to all your songs and I've
    liked all of them.

    Ruby Rose

    hey Psycho gal remeber me your friend ?

    Ruby Rose

    Psycho Girl

  15. mo taylor

    This seems like long night time car trip music and I love listening to it at night

  16. stuart sandilands

    My favorite Busted song

  17. Yuno Gasai's Pet

    Truth. I'm planing to use this as her AMV

  18. Jong Gook Kim

    u're so so funny

  19. Jong Gook Kim

    Good music in car driving

  20. Fendo5k

    hahaha yeah! I just went searching for a mirai nikki amv of this song, and there is one!!

  21. Maira Wilson

    ... charlie left the band to concentrate on Fightstar

    Matt and james decided that they wouldn't continue on as Busted without charlie :'(

  22. Crazy Man Gaming

    this about my gf

  23. Oliver A Owen

    This song reminds me of someone. <3

    John Kelly

    Oliver A Owen reminds me of a few people Lmfao

  24. DocHoliday023

    AMV HELL 5

  25. lakestarliam

    where can I find Karaoke version`?

  26. iatemyhatontuesday

    @Ledgendveemon you're welcome. :)