Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold The Torch Lyrics

[Busta Rhymes]
It's funny how the game change, right? Hehe
Shit feel all different
Y'all niggaz complainin left and right about how the game feel all fucked up
Niggaz only been talkin like that since we been sittin out the game
I think the game need us Kamaal, let's talk to them niggaz

So many nights were spent ponderin
Wonderin how we gon' come again
My golden rule is not to focus on the fame game
In retrospect, the game ain't the same mayne
They heart and soul is divided
They ramshack the music, no control up inside it
Now - look at this, it's all stretched out and nasty
But - lettin money pass me
I doubt that, and niggaz from the bottom now
Pumpin hard, wind sleet hail rain or snow
So... you got to get your gate right
No matter what, you got to treat your weight right
On the block if you focused on greed then
Nine out of ten times you be bleedin
The analogy is clear
To all of my peers, I'm a muh'fuckin vet
Don't mean to disrespect, cause

[Chorus One: Q-Tip + (Chauncey Black) + {Busta Rhymes}]
"I write rhymes, I write checks"
(It's clear) Bust, aiyyo what happened to the (love)
For the game (love) for the music (I need realness in my life)
Aiyyo these niggaz in the game don't sound the same
Bust, these niggaz in the game don't sound the same
Aiyyo what happened? {They ain't got in 'em to make a classic}
Aiyyo what happened? {These niggaz can't hold the torch, so why pass it}

[Busta Rhymes]
Aiyyo, I ain't bringin they names up
These niggaz sound trash, straight foulin the game up
Need to change up (change up) sound so trash
When I see 'em feel like breakin they frame up
DuPont registry, talkin 'bout somebody else cars
Muh'fuckers better step up your bars
Instead of frontin in the game like niggaz really are stars
Like we ain't seein through the bullshit, we know who you are
I'm like a blessing to the game when your shit sound dated
I force niggaz to improve, you should be happy I made it
Here to rep the game fully, change my style like the weather
Givin you niggaz new shit to make the game feel better
I'm sayin, I cook in the kitchen and we make the thoughts connect
You forced to humble yourself, give me my big respect
You hurtin the game when your shit sound off y'know
A legend in this shit that's why I move like a boss y'know
You better be tight, cause you can get tossed fo' sho'
Y'all niggaz know whassup, I come correct with money long cause I

[Chorus Two: Busta Rhymes + (Chauncey Black) + {Q-Tip}]
"I write rhymes, I write checks"
(It's clear) Tip, aiyyo what happened to the (love)
For the game (love) for the music (I need realness in my life)
Aiyyo these niggaz in the game don't sound the same
Yo, these niggaz in the game don't sound the same
Aiyyo what happened? {They ain't got in 'em to make a classic}
Aiyyo what happened? {These niggaz can't hold the torch, so why pass it}

[Q-Tip + {Busta}]
Oh my God, they a (uh) come ridin around
Some (uh) old dream and they (uh) can't get down
They (uh) lookin around outside of themselves
And they {HUH} sayin things that ain't really themselves
And they {hah} keep fuckin regurgitatin the same script
Same hoes, same blow, same glock clip {ha}
Same drug strip, what the fuck is this? (uh)
C'mon y'all, raise the bar on this body, shit

[Busta Rhymes]
You sound stagnant, need to progress and grow (uh-huh)
Upgrade your punchlines, progress the flow (uh-huh)
Get your concepts and lyrics together, aiyyo (uh-huh)
Then drop the bomb shit to step up the pressure, y'know? (huh!)
I'm tired of niggaz complainin how the game changed
You niggaz should step up your game, cause you sound strange
That's why you ain't sellin no records, check the SoundScain
In this rap shit I command respect muh'fucker cause I

[Chorus Two]

[Outro: Q-Tip + {Busta Rhymes}]
Aiyyo these niggaz in the game don't sound the same
Bust, these niggaz in the game don't sound the same
Aiyyo what happened? {They ain't got in 'em to make a classic}
Aiyyo what happened? {These niggaz can't hold the torch, so why pass it}

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Busta Rhymes You Can't Hold The Torch Comments
  1. Louis Michael

    jaylib the smootherness too.. love this cleaned up version though

  2. JMAN Certi

    This song perfectly describes music today 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  3. Anthony Henry

    This is real hip hop right here....

  4. DollaSign Napo

    Use to love this heavy and still do.. Shit sound like magic

  5. Jayepizzle NyC

    Thus album goes hard but thus track right here. Its just a different vibe , not a lot of dudes can relate to this. This for grown folks right here. Best track on the album

  6. D prince87

    My shit

  7. StayGold PonyBoy

    My old rap/hip hop soul needs this

  8. Darnell Walker

    Who in the fuck thumb down this track .One of the dopest track ever Q-tip , Busta , and Dilla .Come on son really .

  9. Rich Collins

    Tip Busta 2006 nuff said ✊🏾

  10. Maccabee Ministry

    I love real music

  11. RaeRae Jeru

    This is my favorite track from this album and one of my all time favorite Busta tracks. I'll say this though, without Kamal, i wouldn't rate it as much! Two of some of the most unique and original mc's ever!!!

  12. sirresebethea

    True Shit here

  13. Joe Gurnee

    Keep fuckin reguritating the same script..same blow same hoes same Glock clip 👐

  14. anjiemaree

    Still bumpin this in 2019 #Classic

    Fairplay Terrific

    Yeah Classic! Makes Me Shed A Tear....

  15. C4C


  16. Eunace Huntley

    i use to be playing this while I boot up my mpcs and protocol system smmfh....yeeeaaaahhhh...

  17. SemperAugustusBubble

    Chauncey and Trevor KILLIN IT! This is one for the ages.

  18. Abdalah Josma


  19. Bruce King

    A WARNING of was 2 come & is sadly NOW here!! Smh

  20. Marcus Boone

    This song I think is the best mix/ reinterpretation of Minnie Riperton's song - Inside My Love; ATCQ - Lyrics 2 Go and J Cole - Everybody Dies also used the same sample. #DopeChordProgression

  21. WoozyCally314

    GREAT ALBUM !!!! All the way through real hip hop

  22. Ąlēxąñđrę Xąňđåñ


  23. Damon Wilder


  24. Bobby Middleton

    Do y’all remember tribe called quest lyrics to go that’s all he did was loop that track and added a hook but this shit is 🔥 fire

  25. Carjack Malone

    Funny back then I wasn't a huge fan of this record. Revisiting in 2018. Album is dope. I always did love this track though.

  26. - smoke -

    Sounds straight out of midnight marauders

    Louis Michael

    Sounds more Love Movement honestly. And I believe it was produced around that time

  27. octoberlibrahunny

    We miss you, James Dewitt Yancey #RIPJDILLA

  28. AMR13


  29. Cheech Wizard

    people should blast this every time some lil' rapper tries to spit. Get your shit together 2018 rappers.

  30. Tyler Moore

    This makes me so happy

  31. octoberlibrahunny

    J-Dilla Changed My Life... One hell of a musical genius

  32. Michael Philbert

    "DuPont registry, talking 'bout somebody else cars
    Motherfuckers better step up your bars"
    One of the best lyrics in hip-hop history.

  33. Ronald Rayford

    one of the most slept on rappers of alltime no lie when my money up busts will be at my party

    Satu Ra

    what are you talking about? Busta has never been slept on.

  34. Paul Woods

    This song is underrated. This is dope.

  35. rhyme hossain

    Surely the cords in the beginning are sampled by J cole in everybody dies

    Sound Money

    j cole producer as a good ear. producer Harry fraud took Smalltown Boy and sampled it on WOH currency ft styles p.. killed it

  36. Keith Sinclair

    Dilla leaving gems for us to listen to FOREVER!

    Props to Busta & always to Q-Tip for ATCQ (RIP Phife) & for continually keeping the Spirit of Minnie Riperton alive through her great music!

    Song has even more meaning in 2017 with state of music industry.

  37. Joshua Reed


  38. ryan freeley

    it would be dope if they made a clip for this song but then again it's so cool they didn't

  39. james hayden

    Lyrics To Go PART 2.....As Far As I'm Concerned.

    Will B. Smooth - formerly KardiFan2000

    Also check Slum Village - "Look of Love (Remix)"...same sample. This one is a better flip of it though, IMO.

    Nolan Flemmings

    james hayden Every Song with a Minnie Rippleton Sample is FIRE

  40. Neil Wilson

    That beat is so cool!

    Vlone Wrld

    Neil Wilson curtesy of J Dilla

  41. OH AYE

    Madlib definitely used this beat, I think I even have it on vinyl but I can't remember what its called or where I heard it...On madlibs version he keeps saying "you gotta" and then a "turn it up" sample gets scratched in. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

    Tarek Ali

    Jaylib - Smootherness

  42. Goodtimez Productionz

    Favorite song right now. J dilla was/is incredible!!!!!!


    Whenever you see a city dump in your city that's where you'll find today's hip-hop #STRAIGHTTRASH&GARBAGETRUCKJUICE!!!!!


    The original theme of Today's Hip-Hop

    james hayden



    Reginald Crawford yes

  45. Lynita F.B. Jones

    heavy rotation in 2006

  46. Iana Gomes

    hip hop de verdade

  47. David Marte


  48. George Coulston

    produced by dilla

  49. Sanchez Escobar

    I can't believe one of the best albums in the last decade (2000-2010) flopped. SMH

    Julián Barquera

    I don't think we slept on it. I fuckin love it, just behind When Disaster Strikes. It went no. 1 when it dropped, didn't it?

    Ken Freeman

    went platinum wasnt a flop ..


    Ken Freeman gold actually. But this album is a hidden gem from hip hop.

    Sonny Bravo

    This album had big hits and did well on the charts. What are YOU talking about?


    It took a LOOOOONG time for this album to sell 500,000

  50. Sound Money

    Man.... speechless trying to describe how this album was back in the day..

  51. mizzy mauri

    Glad i got good taste in music!! thank you Buss q-tip and Dillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Jasen Hampton

    we should have more rap legends corlberation like this old School joint.

    Kelvin Prince II

    Tip sounded different yet highly familiar at other points

    Dwayne Louis

    @Jasen Hampton these 2 been collabing since 91'

    Dwayne Louis

    It's a great beat, but basically "Lyrics to go" 1st cousin. 93' Midnight Mauraders

  52. Tilus Qariuqi

    favourite banger and album ever produced by Mr rhymes


    Produced by J Dilla


    Better educate!

  53. Humphking

    Good god this album was amazing, this is probably the best track of his career

  54. Quest4Loot

    I listen to alot hiphop this was one of the greatest albums ive heard.

  55. Luis Macedo

    This song is perfect for the hip hop that's on today

  56. Ken Freeman

    onee of my favourite albums of all time

  57. sipho mollo

    my Word, just got reminded of what Rap used to be.... still Poppin this 2016 brah!

  58. Charmaine Brown

    on repeat

  59. Louis Caprani


  60. Deonte Merritt

    I use to have the Big Bang CD back in the day it was alright the only album released on Dr.Dre label Aftermath.

  61. ant Cee

    jay dee!!!! r.i.p!!!!!

  62. Tiffany Abron Nelson

    Still ILL

  63. Jorge Perez

    This shit is sick

  64. Justin Hayes

    Dilla + Buss + Abstract 👑👑



  65. Erica Daniel

    Listen at Minnie in the background.

  66. jess pell


  67. SERIES _

    kill that

  68. Buffalo New Yorker

    These cats just can't hold the freaking torch! So these songs can't hold my freaking attention!

  69. sirresebethea



    I love Q-Tip's flow on this. Big Bang is classic by Busta fuck what you heard.

    Tiffany Abron Nelson

    +KNWLDGE My all time FAVE album from beginning to end!!

    Kevin Dibo

    +KNWLDGE tip,mos def always go deep intellectually

    Sonny Bravo

    I think Big Bang was actually Busta's last really good album. The "Back on my BS" Wasn't too great to me. It would've been ok if it wasn't Busta and the bar wasn't set so high for him, but I expect nothing but fire from him. It's his fault for putting out so much flame over his career. Certain artist can't come mediocre or just good because of that. It has to be GREAT. This track is that!

  71. Hugo Arruda dos Santos

    "And Dilla is still king..." - Madlib


    For all eternity

    Scotty Rob

    Hugo Arruda dos Santos And forever will be.


    I’m comin for the throne boys even if it takes eons

  72. Birot Watskey

    Q-tip the god!

  73. Raanesha Johnson

    Minnie riperton❤

    Scotty Rob

    Raanesha Johnson Inside My Love

  74. Devin Svennson

    The rest of this album had that typical, club sounding production common to most Dre associated albums post 50 cent. Hip hop is all about fucking money now. Sold their souls for the mighty dollar

    Dwayne Louis

    How the fuck is "Been through the storm", "In the Ghetto", "They out to get me", "Get Carried Away"ft Nas, " Get You Some"...etc,,,"Common" to most dre associated albums? Re Listen duke. None are on some club shit! MAYBE Get You Some, that's only cuz you listen to the chorus probably. You sleepin

    Quan Chi

    Devin Svennson It's cat's like you who give hip-hop a bad wrap. The album is a straight classic. if it's not ya flava then keep it movin but don't make comments like you actually know wtf you're talking about.

    Sonny Bravo

    Ur very wrong. The album does not have a club feel at all as a whole. And I was going to name songs to pro even it but I see that somebody did already. But 1 that I immediately think about is NY shit. How is God's name is that club to u? I counted 2 clubs songs. Maybe 3. THREE! That equates to a club album to u???

    RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    Retarded ass comment right here lmfao

  75. Taylor Cole

    J Fuckin Dilla man.


    @Taylor Cole I know right. May he rest in paradise.

  76. SteelerCell2K8

    Crazy to think a huge album like this, that made appearances on BET, MTV, and so on, had production from J-Dilla. It's trippy to think that. You won't see that these days at all.

  77. Anthony Louis Johnson

    This is from the collab mixtape "The Abstract & The Dragon".

    Adrenaline Kev

    It was re-released on The Abstract & The Dragon.

    Harry Zumwalt

    +anthonyjohnson211 Yeah The Abstract & The Dragon is mostly just a compilation mixtape with some original stuff sprinkled in.

    Jam Starr

    Originally from The Big Bang released in 2006.

  78. D. Jermin

    Love of the game, love of the music.

  79. Parryaku

    Did a dope cover on this beat, check it out on my channel, even has a lyric video with it for you slow ass listeners! I'm from the UK and looking for my own lane. The tracks called "Josh Leat - Pause" 

  80. jshnfrk1

    uhhhh donuts?

  81. Vern Emcee

    Busta is still great muhfuckas. and arab money was funny as fuck, the music video was funny as fuck. not a song to bump on the regular but its like a joke cuz he jus talkin bout money n says funny shit.
    he has plenty of other songs that cant be fucked with

  82. otinzek

    ça se paaaaaaaaaaasse

  83. 1trx2

    6 years after this drop, busta sounds like a hypocrite on this now. After he dropped that BS arab money, i was thru with him!

  84. RasToniacandraI ClarkD

    Dap!! hella true!!

  85. Cbert

    got that right

  86. Kamari

    funny how Busta has turned into the kind of nigga the lyrics of this song are explaining. "ayyo what happened to the love for the game, love for the music?"

    Kazzy Kaioken

    Listen to Bustas last verse 'im tired of niggas complaining how the game changed, you niggaz should step up your game cos you sound strange' Hes always been about making what will sell at the time, with excellent lyrics and delivery. in the 90's and early-00s hip hop was good so he made good music. thats my interpretation

  87. Kamari

    Busta used to be so nice, he has just disappointed me with this bs he's doing now. Q-Tip, my favorite MC of all time. and of course, the best that ever did it, J DILLA. this track is priceless. peace.

  88. jshnfrk1

    dilla made the beat sooooo ya?i mean busta and Q-tip are dope but I myself came for dilla :P

  89. King Lewis

    ...for real!

  90. Quake SRK

    you only came for dilla but Q-Tip and Busta is on the track?