Busta Rhymes - Turn Me Up Some Lyrics

Yea, turn me up some
Fuck goin on, Yo over there, what up brother
Yea, yea
See we got a whole...
We got a gift wrapped package for you motherfuckers
Yea, yo, yo, yo, yea

[verse one]
Busta,I stay with in a nigga tracks so
Hotter than wax yo so tell me why you act so
Yo, I max cuz I make a nigga black till its time to relax yo
Untill you all collapse so, fuck it
Its hardly that the god is getting tired, you don't wanna say that
Can catch a cardiac relax nigga
What, the god is back so you dont wanna in no matter how you react
Blows your black and blue your front and your back
Choose, whatever the round that you choose
wounds so herendous from projects you get to analyzing the bruise
Blows will never come in singular they coming in twos
My crew be starting the ruckus once I get them accused
Or blast from the triggers that will bust from all of my dudes
be the shit that make you niggas run up out of your shoes
We make you back down, havin the facts now
With all the noise you be making you can even see the shit on the news

So you don't know nuthin about it (barking)
Turn me up some
Yo, the heat from of the street will burn you up some
Yo, the shit I'm sure to spit will hurt you up some
I'm sayin
But you don't know nuthin about it (barking)
Turn me up some
Yo, I drink a fith of yack and hurl it up some
Yo, just bang it in the truck and turn it up some
I'm sayin...

[verse two]
Now watch me get a nigga fast, like them bitches with no ass
You corny niggas no class
Yo, I flash on them then I go and smash
Couple holes and then splash on them, flicking a little ash on them
From the blunt we smokin keep it chick chokin
Got them open with flows I suppose and make them soakin their clothes
Keep the shit that make them sniffin, make them open their nose
got them fucked up stuck just like they striking a pose
Yo, we gaining weight nah its just my pockets are swole
From keeping niggers whilein while they drivin smacking the pole
I want to you see, prerhaps while I hold me a stack
hating niggas blab holding me back
Yo, you fool niggers plotting against the god
Must be holding a strap
Because how we coming through you know its a wrap
Moving a crew of gorrilla dudes you know when to clap
I blow some shit from of of the earth or the face of the map
Yo, so take that
Once we give it to you aint no faking or jack
It's funny how you find your face in a trap
Little bitch nigga fronting like he ready to scrap
You better off acting pussy trying to give me your dat
Staying focusd overfiling a dream
The way we spark up this bitter fire the flame probably killing your team

Fuck it, so now we hover helicopters, turn this shit up
And you and your peoples aint hearing me proper
I'm sayin...

So you don't know nuthin about it (barking)
Turn me up some
Yo, the heat from of the street will burn you up some
Yo, the shit I'm sure to spit will hurt you up some
I'm sayin
But you don't know nuthin about it (barking)
Turn me up some
Yo, I drink a fith of yack and hurl it up some
Yo, just bang it in the truck and turn it up some
I'm sayin (im sayin I'm sayin I'm sayin I'm sayin)

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Busta Rhymes Turn Me Up Some Comments
  1. beatsbydawood

    I can like pray to this beat.

  2. Tom Freakin Soyer

    2020 goddammit *****

  3. M V

    Busta is just a killer. Not many could handle this beat.

  4. Allen Analog

    The drums are so fucking clean!

  5. Yvssin

    dilla is so fcking good

  6. Timothy Rubio

    J Dee Donuts

  7. Smash Adams227

    2019 and still bumping 🔥

  8. Bullet Lok

    With all due respect that you deserve just like me be careful what you said in your songs my nigga

  9. Big Smoke

    Busta rhymes steals beat from a famous rapper in our country, and his name is Spens or Спенс

  10. Ey the Mischief

    Busta Rhymes in one of the greatest amongst the greats.

  11. Anthony Truman

    Busta and Dilla is wild haha

  12. dank hell

    phones ringing

  13. dank hell

    im hear in 2019 6019AL

  14. Trigganometry 92

    This version so much better then ab soul's

  15. ashfaq ahmed

    Bang it in a trunk and turn it up some. U herrrd.

  16. DeJacTV

    Dilla the goat of production

  17. J AIR

    Mayne I ride to this 4 in the morning where there's no traffic. Riding in peace in the night heading home listening to this is so dope.

  18. Surgeon Vault

    19 people faked a jack

  19. Surgeon Vault

    the god is back!

  20. Keron Windley

    Song was tight !.. 🔥 Beat

  21. Robert Guzman

    Dilla can do no wrong


    Listening to sza I always thought that was redman on her sample with the “turn me up some” did not know it was Busta


    Doves in the wind

  24. Scrap P Iron

    This dat classic that can be played til the end of all life known to mankind....Dilla Donuts....wish that dude was still here....Dilla beats was always different never the same....and if yall noticed Busta albums never have the same beats.... NEVER....KEEP BANGN

  25. Vantablack

    This is raw testosterone not that effeminate bs out on radio. 2019

  26. King Sobo

    Banging early in 2019

  27. sam hamdan

    THERE IS ONLY ONE J-DILLA!!!!!!!! :)


    Anyone got the lyrics

  29. Spencer Bach

    where da acapella to dis

  30. Sanchez Escobar

    One of my top 10 favortive hip hop trax EVER. Rating from day 1 til now!!!!!!

  31. Gavin Gao

    it’s been years j dilla is still untouchable

  32. Jayden Moore

    "We gaining weight no it's just my pockets are swole for keeping niggas whilin while they driven smacking a Paul" Busta was dope

  33. Sanchez Escobar

    This is one of the best beats I've ever heard

  34. Marcus Taylor

    Hip Hop Hip Hop

  35. Dumang 1

    I recognised that sza beat from somewhere

  36. Major MishMash


  37. Jules Lucas

    j dilla!

  38. DatWilsonGuy

    Sometimes you just gotta turn a dude up..
    Dem Flows.

  39. mrtrill216

    i knew i had heard that beat before....

  40. john1120

    If you just finding out about this song and this classic beat from Dilla Dawg I feel sorry for ya..cuz u got a lot of catching up to do.


    john1120 you can say that again.

  41. Tyler Bonds

    REAL HIP HOP !!!!!

  42. soh loh

    busta is quite possibly the most creatively varied / free rapper theres been he never got enough credit for that, he got sent all of dillas beats that nobody else could rap to, guys a genius

  43. Omar Mukhtar

    You'd be surprised how much better this is with the speed @ 0.75

    carbone or

    😂 fuck you man...i tried your thing

  44. TonySummerz

    Busta was reppin Wu-tang HARD on this album.

  45. camitchell231

    Sza a musical genius

  46. kacper6005


  47. KingDrippyWet

    That beat tuff

  48. Selena Pratt

    Listening to this in 2018

    Todd Jordan

    2019 and still banging!


    and 2019 in france ;)

    Burton Kelso

    Listening to this in 2019!

    Greg C




    Still one of the hardest joints of all time. Painfully underrated!

  49. jamel eason

    this makes feel like I'm in a deep nostalgic Dream til I wake up this shit is memorably intoxicating

  50. Sylvia Victoria

    Dilla taking a page out of Eric Sermon's book straight up.

    YouCanNeverFeelMyPain QB

    West End Gurl a geniuz book!

  51. MrTheCme

    Came looking for this song after I heard Sza too..Almost forgot how much Busta Rhymes first 5 albums CLAPPED!!

  52. Keith Witcher

    Busta Rhymes Turn Me Up Some song is a nice jam. Props to him for sampling Redman's Let's Get Dirty song. I didn't like Busta Rhymes It Ain't Safe No More album because of bad beats. The album cover sucks LOL.

  53. yazid najim

    GRUNT 25....

  54. mrpaulieben

    I use to be addicted to this track! Sza flipped that joint tho! RIP JDilla

  55. KayCii Carter

    Sza doves in the wind low key brought me here 😍💯


    KayCii Carter kys

  56. Charles Julion

    Came here after Listening to that SZA x Kendrick.

    Mark Vandalay

    Ha ha me too! Redman and Busta are goats! Dilla Dilla beats beats!

    Kenny Longname

    Same haha

    b slim

    What SZA song uses this sample


    Sad step yo game up.

    Hamer Paul

    @b slim "Doves in the Wind", not nearly as good imo

  57. Dante Goodman

    Wtf?? This joint bananas

    Greg C

    Word up

    B Jones

    i was on this when the album dropped..still fire

  58. Felipe Sepulveda T.

    2017 baby

  59. MrKapsou

    Rest In Power DILLA

  60. Jamie Calhoun

    little nemo dream master old video game

  61. Jamie Calhoun

    dilla Damn we miss you da best

  62. korynna

    whoever disliked this is a total wuss

    YouCanNeverFeelMyPain QB

    Korynna MLIU gotta consider em misclicks


    word up straight up sissy pillow biters at that...

  63. Vincent H.

    This album is so underrated anyone agree? This and Anarchy are amazing and evrybody forgot about those albums


    Vinny H. One of the best albums ever


    Vinny H. i dedinitely agree fam,He delivered a classic XXL Mis Rated this album it is full of bangers ANARCHY also was a 5 mic CLASSIC!!!!,I Thought i felt like that myself but i see real hip hop know!

    Brandon Williams

    Vinny H.
    anarchy is one of the greatest albums created in my opinion 💪💪

    G-Dub 85

    Because he label didn’t put the legit promotion behind them and flipmode was falling out with the label....most of the songs on it ain’t safe we’re gonna be flipmode songs

  64. Khari 15

    sounds like red man

    Jamie Calhoun

    it is redman

    Sylvia Victoria

    superbeast Overdose2011 Redman - Rocafella (remix)....people don't realize that JD ripped styles off Eric Sermon.


    Busta Rhymes and Redman always had similar beat taste imo. I mean a lot of the production on When Disaster Strikes and The Coming sound like they could be on Muddy Waters and vice-versa. That's just my view though

  65. Cornell Anderson

    This beat is banging

    Omari Jenkins

    Cornell Anderson of course it’s a j dilla beat

    Cornell Anderson

    [email protected] Jenkins Yeah I know J Dilla beats can be a classic.

  66. Jordon cool

    for real

  67. Jordon cool

    this shit cold