Busta Rhymes - The Abstract & The Dragon Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Busta Rhymes:]
One time yo
Watch how I kick it and rhyme slow
With the slimes though
Fleet of Suburbans and Tahoes
Time to push out
Niggas are back, the tools out
Word to King Tut, we shakin' they takin' they boobs out
Bitches frantic
Then fuck with a nigga, I say it best
Bring your girl shorty, both you can come do a taste test
Now they both trynna play though
I love the way they handle me
Could do this everyday though
Let 'em suck it all up out of me
Let 'em loose, they come back and do it the same way
To make 'em sickle down a bit while they give me their ashtray
While they also bring a nigga that money, it's pay day
What the fuck nigga?

[Hook - Busta Rhymes:]
Ain't no way in the world
Shit ain't bangin' through your speaker while we fucking shit up
My chain haningin and we had to build [?]
This shit is ringing and incase you didn't know its The Abstract & The Dragon

Boom, Bap, original rap
Boom, Bap, original rap

[Verse 2:]
Bitch The Dragon is back!
Oh no, with The Abstract
Rappin' and lettin' the bass go
Then we blaze those
Making 'em blacker than disco
With a fist full of money, we bakin' a pistol
Its official
When I come through, my clique whole
Shit to let off, and let the shit blow (Boo!)
Then we all go get this money and pack the paid show
Then we black from the front to the back
See, they know to spot it
Back of the cockpit
The shit is not a secret, niggas know how we lock shit
And how we flock shit when we come and make 'em salute niggas
Back they [?] and pop their shit in the club, and shoot niggas like
See, we back with the bang bang
And the boom bap, nigga we give you the dang thing
Yo, Kamaal, I know you wanted to rhyme
It's my fault, well, I'm excited by the slap you made
Bring on the onslaught
Mister Abstract, I see you done dug up back in the vault
Yeah, we back up in the kitchen and giving 'em what they want
Yeah, we pack shit thicker than niggas in banquets
Get your blankets
Most of you niggas need practice
Rehearsal with the hearses and line up the caskets
Lot of rapper niggas actors and move like an actress
We 'bout to hit you with the heat 'cuz we know when you're anxious
Aiyo, Kamaal, let's fuck 'em up and take 'em through the track list

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Busta Rhymes The Abstract & The Dragon Comments
  1. Robert Josefs

    The cover artwork couldn't be more perfect. It's a perfect balance of busta and old school tribe. If the text was blurred, I'd still know what this was. Oh, and the music is booming in my jeep.

  2. Donnell Minor

    So I have a brief story to tell. I once heard Busta tell Qtip that he had just heard god lives through in the car and it brought a tear to his eye. I'll be damned if I didn't tear up hearing that same song with Busta actually in it. REAL HIP HOP NEVER DIES ✌🏾 Phife Dog


    We are still listening! 2019 to infinity

  4. tyler maloney

    Hasty decisions we made still prevail.

  5. kyle nelson

    This album is so sick . Listened so many times . Never gets old. Dilla Dilla

  6. Thomas Strickland

    Shit still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥late in 2019!

  7. Kevin Burrows


  8. Lwanda M

    Wild Hot... Bus-a-Bus went in and took over at 22:38

  9. Lwanda M

    Classic Busta Rhymes from 58:21

  10. stanis3k

    Yea for real you would think tip and bus woulda had a joint album after all these years

  11. mooman011


  12. Buster Jangle

    Instant classic

  13. Heronim Karczewski

    Real hip hop 4 Eva Big Up from Poland!! One Love!!

  14. Andrew Lees


  15. Kevin Castillo

    13:50 whta's the difference between the original one and the remix? I listened to the remix here and the one I think is the original (from a music video), and can't spot any major differences. The instrumental is the same, the lyrics seem to be the same...

  16. Jussi Roininen Koko Hoito

    No kidds in the area ❤👌😇

  17. MrJenkins

    What a legendary album

  18. gunfuego

    I'm happy good music like this isn't mainstream. It has soul to it....

  19. April Pounds

    Does anyone heard a difference in the snare... Alternating tones. One of the hits almost sounds like a rimshot.

  20. dilldigema

    the last song made my jaw drop no drop that this remix gave me a heart attack at a young age

  21. Kfir Levi

    Still best hip hop in 2019

  22. G One

    You can't hold a torch .... is incredible who produced that shit sounds like XtraP shit 👍🏼

  23. G One

    Lovely did J.Period do this as well. This is 🔥

  24. Juan E. Buret


  25. Jean-Michel Gariepy

    Still listening back a back in 2019

  26. Isaiah Norman

    who's still listen in 2019

    Jason Harmon

    D.T.M.R. death to mumble rappers #boombap

  27. NyanekaHumbi

    “Wild Hot” is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  28. Montrisha Bethea

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  29. Llama Nation

    dope mixtape

  30. A B

    i remember first seeing Busta Rhymes on mf'in "All That" in the 90s performing like a boss. Then I learned of ATCQ and Wu-Tang. And my path was chosen.

  31. Ancient Astronaut

    Redman's verse and cadence is in top form on that steppin' it up track. Glad I found this album. TY for the upload

  32. JokerDen

    Thanks to youtube recommendation algorithms

  33. Sebastian Kleinod

    Reimemeister und Ohrestäbli...hehe.

  34. Johannes Wissler

    my god this shit is doooooooooooooope yah

  35. Jeremy2k3

    56:12 is a blessing

  36. Brian Reid

    QTip the illest Emcee that also produces!

  37. TJ Simms


  38. JK Gray


  39. matthew binyon

    defo my favourite album its just a beautiful creation

  40. 노무현

    BommBAp original Rap

  41. Megan Robinson

    #3 - I remember the Salt n Pepa version. I am glad I found this.

  42. Maze One


  43. Juan Gonzalez

    That real boom bap,that thank you!!

  44. Isaiah Norman

    Buster rhymes is killing it

  45. Sam Song

    EXTRA !

  46. what other food? Fish

    The ads make it unbearable.. Smh

  47. K¡nR!CK 24

    great album

  48. lunch box tooth pick

    Any one else noticed this was published in 2013 and it says rip phife ...and he died in 2016

    Will B. Smooth - formerly KardiFan2000

    You can edit descriptions on youtube at any time...

  49. Marvin Reg.

    Damn minute get down is a fucking Monster of a Track

  50. MINNS

    This is what rap should sound like glad I stumbled on this

  51. Justin Mcleod

    What a fantastic mixture.

  52. Sumfood4u

    Simply greatness all over

  53. izludesf

    Too many ads

  54. McDread

    hot shit

  55. Jeremiah Paul

    This was garbage because it was regression! The unnecessary nastiness & vulgarity on this album was unbecoming & beneath them! I hope they never do any bs like this again! I sound like a No Limit record 97. Yuck!

  56. A Mendes

    Oh yaaaaaa why have i not looked this up earlier. Some jamzz RIP PHIFE


    Stay away your fired.


    Stay the fuck away from me.


    Beast more

  58. TheSupaLuna

    Kanye gets hyped up on Thank You.

  59. spainman2020

    Smh... I'm so out the loop on music, on today, May 25th, 2018, I just NOW realized there was an actual whole collab album... well mixtape. I heard Thank You and Torch, but my slow ass being half ass wondering all this time if they ever did a whole joint. Love the cover art.


    Yo June 2019 and I just found this. It's a crime this a hidden gem and not mainstream.

  60. brainstorming123

    i know its a mixtape, but: VINYL PLEASE

  61. KAiSKAjO

    i was invited to tour with Hopsin, but because i dont have a car to go to Hamburg, i couldn't show up...

  62. Sonar Eskoh


  63. Caribe Baker

    Go @ Dey head BUSSABUS!....

  64. Cheeky Monkey

    Capture the abstract!!! Eh

  65. Bilal

    I would love to know who EXACTLY who Busta was talking about when he told the engineer to turn the beat off.

  66. Big V

    Just stumbled across this in 2018....what yr was this actually made?

  67. DangoLand

    42:16 has got to be the greatest exclusive teaser I've ever heard. It's so nostalgic


    I'm Home!!!!!

  69. VM S

    15 ads- sick

  70. Tavis Banks

    BUSSA BUS!!!!!

  71. coolassclay

    Excuse my language, but this shit is fuckin' dope! Now THAT's what the hell I call real hip hop! ✊🏾🤘🏾✊🏾🤘🏾

  72. Tommy Boykin

    Real hip hop...

  73. Juan DelMagico

    fire fire burnin

  74. João Samam

    1:03:44 - 26. Busta Rhymes Feat. Q-Tip -- Ill Vibe

    "I hold you hand, black!"

    hey, yO.... fuckin' tuuuuune!

  75. James Walker

    Yo the track Light works and that beat? Fuckin bananas shit got me car boppin and I’m sitting on the couch. Rip J-dilla

  76. Vancral Charles

    Busta Rhymes is DOPE spit fire so flame flow TOO respect to ATCQ so much LOVE

  77. Oscar D Growch

    83 ppl don’t know true hip hop

  78. Michael B

    I've slept on the my head what

  79. Snuggie The Goblin

    See I like to get down Jack! this gives me the feels!


    More than you know.

  80. John Barrett

    Keeping noggin's bobbing since 1989. Big up Fife Diggy . J.Dilla , Jerobi , Ali Shaheed Mohammed, Native Tongues , Bussa Buss, Tip , and everyone connected with the mighty ATCQ.

  81. LyricalComa

    Sick beats but can't listen to it coz I like to feel the bass but I can't turn it up coz there's like 30 fucking adverts so each time one comes on I gotta stop whateva I'm doing to turn the advert down. Then wait till I can skip so fuck that

  82. K. Muhammad

    Abstract Dragon DAmmnnnn

  83. Ridiculous Eats

    Better than most of this crap called hip hop.

  84. Benjamin Tam

    Great mixtape. If Li’l Wayne would have been left off, it would have been the best mixtape. Still good.

  85. steven Braxton

    They just schooled every mumble rapper and bodied them! BARS!! Busta, Q-Tip, and Phife (RIP), RedMan back slapped the shit out them! With Authority! (Mic Dropped smokin'....)

  86. Horst Kevin Kasupke

    Also ich finds guet


    This destroys ANYTHING out there today, and so does "Thank You for Your Service".
    My god, what the fuck has happened to Hip Hop since the mid 2000's? These dudes are nearly twice as old as today's so called rappers, and yet they still get it done.

    jackwell 90

    new new york florida rap jcoles camp in alt tde in the west grow up old head

    Der Thilo

    why you say Busta doesn't rap anymore. fyi, the day you wrote that there was a fresh single out featuring Missy Elliot and Kelly Rowland

    Der Thilo

    and 'Don't forget that the only hip hop you remember is the commercially successful one, in general' goes for the most, but not every person in general. hell the rappers i know personally may never get successful >_<

    JR Weeks

    jackwell 90 that comment just mind fucked me m8

    jackwell 90

    JR Weeks why

  88. Tavis Banks


  89. The Phone Booth of Time

    Nice Cover

  90. Ben German

    0:00 - 1. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- Intro
    2:05 - 2. A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Busta Rhymes -- God Lives Through
    8:21 - 3. Q-Tip Feat. Busta Rhymes -- Gettin' Up (DJ Scratch Remix)
    10:33 - 4. A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman -- Steppin' It Up
    13:50 - 5. Busta Rhymes Feat. Q-Tip, Lil Wayne & Kanye West -- Thank You (Kid Capri Remix)
    18:26 - 6. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- Always Add On (Interlude)
    18:59 - 7. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- The Abstract & The Dragon
    21:10 - 8. A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Busta Rhymes -- Wild Hot
    24:11 - 9. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- Speaks (Skit)
    24:19 - 10. A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Busta Rhymes -- One Two Shit
    28:54 - 11. Bust Rhymes & Q-Tip -- We Taking Off
    31:38 - 12. Q-Tip Feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil Wayne -- Renaissance Rap (Remix)
    35:15 - 13. Q-Tip Feat. Busta Rhymes -- Get Down
    39:10 - 14. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- Butch & Sundance
    42:00 - 15. Shaheem Reid -- Speaks (Skit)
    42:16 - 16. Busta Rhymes -- Pardon My Ways (ELE 2 Exclusive)
    43:23 - 17. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming (Skit)
    43:39 - 18. Busta Rhymes Feat. Q-Tip -- For The Nasty
    46:51 - 19. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- Come On Down (Skit)
    48:20 - 20. Big Daddy Kane Feat. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- Come On Down
    52:14 - 21. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- J Dilla (Skit)
    52:31 - 22. Busta Rhymes Feat. Q-Tip -- You Can't Hold The Torch
    56:13 - 23. Busta Rhymes Feat. Q-Tip & Talib Kweli -- Lightworks
    59:35 - 24. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip -- Chris Lighty (Skit)
    1:00:34 - 25. Q-Tip Feat. Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliott -- Vivrant Thing
    1:03:44 - 26. Busta Rhymes Feat. Q-Tip -- Ill Vibe
    1:07:13 - 27. A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Leaders Of The New School -- Scenario
    1:11:24 - 28. A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Hood & Leaders Of The New School -- Scenario (Remix)

    Rest in peace, Phife. One of the GOATs.
    Respect to all the legends on this album.

    Quetzal Zavala

    What’s the song playing during the intro tho?

    Ben German

    Quetzal Zavala

    that song is really just called "intro"
    If you mean the main sample they used, it's "How Long" by Charles Bradley

    Gazzy Marípane

    Ben German I

    HazzaHipHop 95

    Not all heroes wear a cape :P haha thankyou for taking the time to do this! :D

    Lior Antsel

    thanks man!!!

  91. Thomas T

    man this is the shit :) BIG LOVE TO LINDEN BLVD

  92. Orlando FLA

    still bumping in 2018

    Sander De Cocker

    and 2019