Busta Rhymes - My Type Of Party Lyrics

'Glomerate, nigga
Yo Flizzy, you know we one and the same
This our type of party, nigga
You know what I'm sayin', like...
These bitches actin' out, we love it though
Bussa Buss, nigga
Spill it
Check it
It's my type of party
Scratch it up
Quiet Storm, me and T, nigga

[Verse 1: Reek Da Villain]
It's Strong Island, I'm Neo
Run the jungle with Leos
Blunted but I keep C notes
Kill niggas in trios
Smoke weed with my PO
Pop mollys with Geo
Fuck bitches with Tyga
And I get money stacks with Cee Lo
Birdman is my homie
Busta Rhymes is my brodie
I don't trust these bitches
Carryin' monsters like they Cody
Say I'm trill if they know me
Sue woo to my homies
Saint Ives bottle in my hand
But I'm in the club carrying that 40
Came with bitches that's bocky
Know they bad, so they cocky
Struttin' hard through that lobby
Headed outside to ride my Bugatti
They got drunk in this party
Now these bitches all horny
And I was foamin like Roddie
So I pulled it out and let the bitch blow me
Get my jewelry from Jacob
I don't shop at Benny's
Chain yellow and red
Shit looks like at Wendy's
Money stacks, I got plenty
Look at my feet, my shoes, they say Fendi
In a trap spot I'm vamping like Jerry
Cooking that work up like it's Denny's

Your girl got a cute face
Her friend got a nice body
And they just wanna have fun
This my type of party
Twenty bitches in the lobby
There's plenty bitches in my lobby
And they all drinkin', they smokin'
This my type of party

[Verse 2:]
Bitch we bubble like soda
Sellin' these verses like coca
Bitch respect my persona
Or I'll leave your ass up in a coma
What's poppin'? Slam, okra
Twistin' it good like yoga
Kiss your bitch then I stroke her
They complain 'cause I got too much exposure
All of my meals I eat kosher
Blackout, break a nigga shoulder
Put the ratchet back up in the holster
Sick with it like I was pneumonia
I like your chain but it's a loaner
Can't talk to me, nigga hold up
Short breath nigga, I'm a grownup
See the space shuttle when a nigga roll up
Shift the clusters when I touch that gas
It's must a nigga bust that ass
In disgust the way you lust that trash
While we in the club and now we got it on smash
Smashin' every arena
International Visa
When I'm done a nigga need FEMA
Can't breathe, got emphysema
White lines on a black table, zebra
Sniff coke, become another creature
Tiptoeing on top of the speaker
Bitch, strip club dance like a ballerina
See me move with my army
Fuck you niggas, I'm sorry
With my caviar and my coffee
Bitch this my type of party


[Verse 3: J-Doe]
Bad hoe in my place
Stacked with a nice body
She just talkin' 'bout fuckin'
That's my type of party
Twenty hoes tryin' to call me
It's plenty hoes tryin' to call me
And niggas tryin' to be next
That's my type of party, okay
Ridin' round in my space ship
Fresh off of vacation
My bitch look amazing
Your bitches look basic
Hear your shit and change stations
My style is looking like greatness
Your swag need some donations (hold up)
Shout out to my boy Dom
LA niggas, we on
Tyga, Problem & Kendrick
Game & YG let's get it
I'm killin' the verse with no problem
Don't rehearse and don't write 'em
I just mob in that booth
Whatever I do sound awesome


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  1. Eric Beltran

    sick wit it

  2. Eric Beltran

    sick wit it