Busta Rhymes - God Lives Through Lyrics

[Hook - Busta Rhymes:]
I always wanted to rhyme on this shit
Yea... La La La La La La
La La... I always wanted to sing that shit

[Verse 1 - Busta Rhymes:]
Yo, when I come with the excitement
Like a baby when they speak they first words
So compelling when I speak can even burst nerves
Skyscraper rhymes flying like the first bird
Penthouse view I help ya see the earth curve
I scorch the street and you can search for burns
I think sick before I speak my thoughts hurt the words
Here I come, I come to get you what you each deserve
Feed the street the shit that make em want to eat the curb
Well if you lookin for me, here I am, run
Because you can't erase me, accept it how it come
You might as well embrace me, somehow I'm never done
Maybach Zeppelin, call em metallic plum
And while im having fun, we gotta keep it bouncing
Unraveling another bag of the money, keep counting
When a cup runeth over like a broken water fountain
Here I am like I appeared at the top of the mountain
Or here I am back from vacation, see ya boy is home
Parading for the kid, they respect cus the cornerstone
Invading strips so incredibly like im local homes
Connect the hoods international like a global phone
It's so magical how I hold my own or with my brother Kamaal
Or when I hold the chrome, merciless with my advesaries
I'm so alone, i'm in a place into planetary i'm in a zone
Insighting wires int spots see how I get em
Got em wild see how I be smilin when i'm with em
Then I remind em, see i'm right behind em when I hit em
Cus when I finally kill em got them bottles in ice buckets
You know we gotta chill em, touching us over the streets
See thats how got up in em, then im back to my city
To properly put em on and make an everlasting
Impression, my people sing along now


[Verse 2 - Phife Dawg:]
There's a million MCs that claim they want some
But see I create sounds that make your ears go numb
Peace to Sayres Ave., yeah you know how we go
My best friend Steven at the Home Depot
Laurelton is in the house, I can't forget Southside
Walk past MCs like that girl did to Pharcyde
I'm labeled as the cat's meow, the MC with the know-how
Act like you know, not now but right now
Beast of the East, on MCs I have a feast
I'd eat that ass like quiche, crack a smile like Shanice
Straight outta Jamaica, seen? Jamaica, Queens
But you could find me out in Georgia, or anywhere in between
Now if my partners don't look good, Malik won't look good
If Malik don't look good, then Quest won't look good
If the Quest don't look good, then Queens won't look good
But since the sounds are universal, New York won't look good
Picture Phife losing a battle, come on, get off it
Put down the microphone son, surrender, forfeit
Did I hear something 'bout a crew? What they wanna do?
You better call Mr. Babyface so he can bring out the cool in you
Or it'll be a sad love song being sung by Toni Braxton
And I'll dissect you like a fraction
Oh, you wannabe top cat MCs, I'll pop you like a zit
You wanna be the champ, you more like Chief Some-shit
Big up myself every time when it comes to this
MCs be running scared as if they're watching the Exorcist
I kick more game than a crackhead from Hempstead
My styles are milk, man, you'd think that I was breast-fed
You know the steelo when the diggy Dawg is on the scene
I dedicate this to all the MCs outta Queens
That goes for Onyx, LL, Run DMC
Akinyele, Nasty Nas and the Extra P
You need a chart, straight up and down man, there ain't no other
Nuff respect to all my peeps that made the album cover
Yo, Tip don't worry none you know I get the party jumping
Get on the mic and break 'em off a little little something
Yo, Tip don't worry none you know I gets the party jumping
Get on the mic my man and break 'em off a little something


[Verse 3 - Q-Tip:]
We got the funk doody don shit, clearly it's the bomb shit
So recognize me, kids memorize me
Everyday, I be scrounging, really I be lounging
I play the down low, very very incognito
Aries is my sign, I know that I can rhyme
Sometimes I rhyme in riddles, plus I make the honeys wiggle
Intellect is the major, some heads like to wager
The skills on the hill, overlooking dollar bills
Man, you're crazy, thinking you can phase me
The Ab doesn't study mere nonsense, money
Life seems to need me, MCs seem too cheesy
With their doody ass renditions of defeating competition
I rock to the roll man, yes, I'm a soul man
Bet your bottom dollar Vinia will make you holler
As you stand at attention, did I forget to mention
MCs will give me twenty if I sense that they act funny
Lyrics are abundant, right there, I sound redundant
Just mentioning the fact that the area is fat
I dwell in the under, so honey it's no wonder
That I get plenty of tail, well I even get white
I'mma bet hitting head crack, there money, take that
Breaking niggas off, cut their bank, then I'm off
While my Nikes match my Lo hat, beat joint is mad fat
Got the cutter of the box if a kid think he's ox
For tier means creator, the poetry relator
It's hemmed like Betsy Ross, let me tell you who's the boss


Queens got a...
Brooklyn got a...
Bronx got a...
Staten Island got a...
Long Island got the zone
Jersey got a...
Philly got a...
Milwaukee got a...
L.A. got a...
Oaktown got the zone

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Busta Rhymes God Lives Through Comments
  1. Forgotten KingzTv

    2020 - infinity ATCQ4EVa Rip Phife 🙏 Rip Dilla Rip Baatin 🙏

  2. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    This song feels good

  3. Mauri Martinez

    2019 anyone!?


    This song breathes life...

  4. Yirmayahu Yehudah Ben Yasharal


  5. Pete Giovine

    Having Busta rhyming on this is so great. It completes it in a new way.

  6. J Throwbac

    New Artist from Memphis Tennessee 🔥🔥🔥🎶

  7. mark

    This is why i miss phife the original was the best line of its time. " I kick more game then a crackhead from Hempstead my styles are milk man you'd think that I was breastfed!" Jesus!

  8. Bigtrek34


  9. cdawg145236 S

    so this is just the original song with that weak ass Busta verse added?

    Eddi O

    watch ya mouth nigga!
    don't disrespect the legends

    Max Wolf

    yeah Busta hot but that verse is wayyy too wordy

  10. vibonacci

    This album is full of hidden gems. Should marketed this album better Tip, it deserved more than to be put up as a lost tapes type of deal.

    Will B. Smooth - formerly KardiFan2000

    You realize that most of the tracks on that mixtape are from the 90s/ early 2000s right? You don't "market" music from 15-20 years ago, you compile it.

  11. Diogo Costa

    You know the stylo wen the diggy dog is on the scene,
    I dedicate this to all the mcc outta queens....
    What classic, guys Portugal representing.. Peace bros

  12. Sean P

    Busta you should of stayed off this classic you made no sense brother. .

  13. Mizzy Mauri the Producer

    Phife's verse is probably the best verse i have ever heard and its sad that only 16,000+ people have been here..

    cooper sanders

    Mizzy Mauri the Producer this song was original on midnight marauders but this is a remix with busta rymes

  14. Brian Reid Voiceovers

    Phife tears this up!

  15. cdawg145236 S

    busta is fucking weak on this one

    SHAO 73O

    Dude he's been weak since LOTNS died.

    Joe Woodard

    cdawg145236 S you out your mind nigga

  16. clutchbuckets420

    r.i.p Phife Diggity