Busta Rhymes - Gettin Up (DJ Scratch Remix) Lyrics

[Busta Rhymes:]
Ay Yo Scratch what up
It's Busta Bust homie
Hey I just got off the phone with
The brother Kamaal Fareed AKA Q-Tip
You know i mean he told me ya'll were
Doing the rea hip-hop remix
To "Gettin Up"
You know you can't do that without me
On it, let's get it poppin, Cmon!

[Verse 1 - Q-Tip:]
Sent you a message, sent you an email
Hasty decisions we made still prevail
Both needed breaks, we both needed to bail
Walking through the corridors of my mind
The hideaways and nooks, and things with good times
Memories certainly yes they still bind
Still a common man and yeah that's for sure
Still a bankroll and yeah still couture
But man this thing we had was much more
Come back home, don't be out in the world
It's a rat race and no place for a girl
Amongst the scavengers,I found a pretty pearl
It's for the faint of heart who never get enough
Gotta get tough, buckle em up, we calling guts
And we, and we and we ahhh

[Hook - Busta Rhymes:]
Now you know what to do
Get off your ass you heard what i said
Before i light up a fire up under that ass
You see we back and got the party on smash
And if you want us to hit you to get you better
You see we back to light up this whole shit
That's right we're here to give it to ya non stop
Cus it's the real hip- hop.. hip-hop... hip-hop...

[Verse 2 - Busta Rhymes:]
Hello bitch
See the real hip-hop shit is returning
Beat you in ya head util you niggas start learning
Scratch ya veins, fiending, i know my niggas been yearning
For the good cook-up, see the stove and the fire is burning
This shit goes out to whomever this is concerning
From overseas back to the burroughs to Mt. Vernon
The games coming back to the truth
Tables are turning, I'ma preach
Bitch lemme give you my Eric Sermon
A lot of niggas is gettin shine they ain't deservin
Ringtone money goin out, they pockets is hurtin
They bitches leave em, see niggas like me and get to flirtin
Take em to the telly poke em now listen how they be cursin
Tip you know this joint is the shit, nigga we workin
We back flooding the street, like we quenching they thirst and
We bodying the situation, we never let up
Get out ya and get off ya ass, everybody get up


[Verse 3 - Q-Tip:]
Come over here baby, don't look so grumpy
This kinda lifestyle could be so comfy
We could start a clan just like the Kennedys
You and I again, certainly we could extend
Feelings that should never end
You respect me like a friend
But love me like your man, no other could contend
And we could be like those exposed to history
Like staying with each other with truth or chivalry
The things we go through, they shape identity
Yes pretty, let's do this all night
Consummate this thing and make it alright
And when we cuddle up I promise that I'll bite


[Verse 4 - Q-Tip:]
I like to watch everybody gravitate towards you
Your magnetic presence make them all come through
The same way you got them you got me too
Now look at our lives so colorful
A wonderful spectrum, not one tone dull
Full of excitement and not one lull
See we had an understanding, oh yes we did
I'm bringing it back, I'm puttin in my bid
Have a couple of kids, have a couple of cribs
We like Ruby Dee and Ossie, Martin and Coretta
Doin it to death, no one can do it better
When we leave our physical our spirits still together
So come on now, here's a placement for your hand
You rockin with the number one MC man
The number one controller of right with the plan

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Busta Rhymes Gettin Up (DJ Scratch Remix) Comments
  1. seldomsceen

    Real heads know what this beat is...it’s crazy how he just took one bar and just kept looping it lol. It works tho

  2. J Harper

    naw it aint, take that back

    Cavalier Design Works

    DISAGREE...This remix is tight. Q-Tip and Busta are always tight when they collab!

  3. J Harper

    wu tang st ides commercial beat

  4. Eric Stewart

    Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes collaboration is much excellent! Love both styles since the days of Scenario. The beat is this better than the album version.

  5. Pookie2419

    This remix is very different. Not a good collaboration between these 2 since their styles are so much different compared to when they did Scenario and Scenario remix. I always loved this beat though.

    Michael Baidoo

    Pookie2419 lmao

  6. snapseven7

    my jam. thanks.

  7. Brian Clinkscale

    Nice remix with Parliament's "All your Goodies are Gone" joint as the backing track!!!


    Brian Clinkscale it’s Salt n Pepa tho. Shhhhh

  8. Daryl tha Blackman

    word up

  9. goldcakez

    lol... this is the exact opposite of the original track, which is so much more chilled and groovy.

    And Bustah does nothing for it.

    Michael Baidoo

    goldcakez stfu

  10. jetblack

    boom brappppp bap

  11. sanchezsick1

    i heard this mix on shade 45!! this is tight.