Busta Rhymes - Elevator Music Lyrics

[Verse 1: J-Doe]
If you ain't get the memo, I been here before Nintendo
Every instrumental, I beat that shit up like Kimbo
The whip is too official
Bitch that ain't no rental, noting on my window
I ride my shit on fish bowl, just me and my kin folk
Ballin' like we just got drafted, jeans could pay your rent, hoe
I am the #1 draft pick, I'm spazzin', I'm smashin',
My whip Sunset blasting, my own shit, I'm on, bitch
They be lookin' at the nigga like "oh shit!"
I'm chosen, I'm glowin', my wrist look like it's snowed in
I'm in the freshest clothing, don't act like you ain't knowin'
'Bout J-Doe, I'm great hoe, I be everywhere that you can't go
I hit the game at a different angle
These boys gettin' paid with the same flow,
I'm on my own shit, you see me getting' paper
I'm still a ghetto nigga, those rich folks is my neighbours
I'm getting more popular, so I'm gettin' way more haters
But them boys on the ground, I'm on that elevator

As you can see it's going down
Actually it's not, let me turn that bitch around
They say it's going down, I say it's going up, stupid
And I got the dough to prove it with my elevator music
Okay, my elevator music
Life is going good, I need my elevator music,
They say it's going down I say it's going up stupid
And I got the dough to prove it, with my elevator music
Come on

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Why all niggas wanna watch me
Question in the move that I mean
Twenty years later bitch, a lot of bitches say that I'm great
I only say that I'm straight,
Six o'clock and you mother fuckers
I see a lot of niggas who are haters
I'm a need you block and you mother fuckers
Time in time and then I'm coming again
Whatever game watch, in and zone
Call a bitch and let it play with a pussy
Feel me bitch and my camera phone
Watch out now you're the danger on
Just give me the ass and leave me alone
Just do it with the ass and you could go home
Baby girl wildnin', I can only grown
And then I pay attention to the way you're behaving
You already see a nigga, you right
Frontin' 'bout all the good pussy you saving,
But you know a nigga wanna spread you right?
But it in your head and demonstrate the way he use it
We're climbin' maxin' while we're elevating
Elevator music, go!


[Verse 3: Reek Da Villain]
You ain't read the headline I'm so dope I might get fed time
And y'all boys ain't made a check 'cause your style passes deadline
For this other motherfuckers it's bedtime, my team is taking over
You can't beat us or join us bitch, so you might as well no rep no more
I'm on your, girlfriend's, list of favorite artists
My flow sound like Harvard, y'all niggas sound retarded
I'm an Inglewood boy and this is how we do it
When you see me, nigga, you see LA, I'm a Bruin


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