Busta Rhymes - Call The Ambulance Lyrics

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah.. Busta Rhymes now, Flipmode now, check it
See we in two-thousand-and-three already, catch up to us
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hah, huh

Now motherfuckin case closed
The shit blow your speaker, keep turnin your base low
Spaz out because I motherfuckin say so
Before I blow this bitch like we down in Waco
Thick in cock diesel, that's the way we roll
Big truck shit, even my bitch whippin the Range Rov'
We 'bout to skyrocket and THE WAY WE GO
The way the bitches lookin love THE WAY WE BLOW
Check it, we light shit up like Broadway yo
The crack-head rappers better JUST SAY NO
Before I turn stupid and back the heat slow
Lay and wait for niggaz in the back street yo
Weak flow, take your shit like I'm comin to Repo
Create a crowd scene and stack a bunch of people
We bustin through the doors, shootin through your peephole
The shoot that never miss is like shootin a free throw
All you niggaz better go and..

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Put they body on the stretcher, carry they ass out
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
I'll put they body on the stretcher, carry they ass out
Call the ambulance

Catch sixteen to remove your organs
H-2-O ridin round in same orbits
Notorious from New York to New Orleans
House come with the lake swimmin with dolphins
Fifty keys with large proportions
Caught a few niggaz on money extortions
Niggaz snitch, F.B.I. is hawkin
Call Johnny Cochran, yo this nigga is walkin
Shit, we got to close down the club
Me and my cousin Bust, we like Crockett and Tubbs
Pushin Lambo's, big chains and dubs
Lead the Flipmode security with snubs
Uppin club levels, hundred G's and up
And if them ducks rollin Bust I'm beatin it up
The streets ain't safe, yo we heatin it up
The party's on smash, now we tweakin it up
The bitches want this dick so they eatin it up

[Busta] Now all you bitches better go and..


Flipmode, we in heavy conjunction
We shut it down in every function
Beat you in yo' head until your brain malfunction
Yo Bust, call the label, tell 'em we in production
Pinky ring status so it's no discussion
Stop talkin shit, niggaz dodgin and duckin
I'm cream cheese with the english muffin
I still got respect in the Flatbush junction, HEY

[Busta Rhymes]
Huh, it's like we shakin down a dude
We like a pack of dogs that come to take a nigga food
My niggaz flip quicker than a FUCKIN interlude
I beat niggaz head and blood drippin through a tube
Peep bitch, I'm only here to change the fuckin mood
And freeze you niggaz money like a nigga gettin sued
And leave you in the church watchin your body gettin viewed
Don't get it fucked up or even misconstrued
All you niggaz better go and..


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Busta Rhymes Call The Ambulance Comments
  1. R. E. Kamilleon West

    still jams

  2. La Tanya

    I play this when I wake up feeling sluggish and this gets me so AMPED

  3. Carl Evans

    I forgot how dope this fucking song was! I listen to it about 5 times on repeat when I first get in the gym to get me hype!

  4. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    Song makes me call ambulance

  5. Skott Simmonds

    2020 anyone

  6. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    I used to hear it before

  7. Wilkler Souza


  8. Andréia Santana

    From Brazil

  9. Dustin King

    Came out in 2003 it's 2019 you do that math still killing it

  10. Mihai-Ciprian Ghilinta

    Call an ambulance for my pickle pickle.

  11. Marc Antoine

    Who's here for 2019 right now

  12. Teddy Jam

    Someone can be in a deep sleep and if this doesn't wake them up then call the ambulance to come pick up your people.

  13. Rick Deckard

    2019 already

  14. Oen713

    "... Put they body on a stretcher carry they ass out" ... loll... still kills me.

  15. wigsdanger

    Yeh yeh yeh

  16. Vincent Kwakernaat

    They Snitch We Hawking they want dick so let them gay gangstas eat it up 😍

  17. Sébastien NICOLAS

    Fiiiire UP ! Busta rhymes is the king

  18. Maryland guy TV

    This song makes wanna call 911

  19. Matt Hallam

    Who’s listening in 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Brittany Julien

    2019... Everlasting banger..

  21. Tasha88881

    NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Kiki Ladd

    Still hard

  23. Edward Fletcher

    2019 what!!

  24. Fr3sh Factory

    Rampage so underrated ... back in the day when everyone could rap so u really had to be attractive

  25. Rubikova Kocka

    call the godddamnn Ambulaamb

  26. Tiffany Fickling

    Still rocking this in 2018.

  27. W R


  28. Zak Bond

    Fucking sad...Not Jonn very human what happend I have doone it a million times your are lucky man I was not as fortunate to be in a bar with women I did,,,,,

  29. britany johnson

    Who bumping in 2018?

    Oscar D Growch

    britany johnson 2019 now!!👍🏾👌🏾

    Gerson Paulo

    Nah, 2019 baby!

    Horrible Man

    Only you sexy

  30. Sidney Mosley

    My brother always used to play this track every time he worked out.

  31. Eldridge Martin

    This song is hot

  32. Splatterhouse Tenant Canasta

    Attitude maladjustment music.
    Call that whambulance cause someone is catching that ham fist.
    I was on my way to boot camp when thos joint rolled out.

  33. Missy D.

    my song back in the day

  34. La Toya Lewis

    See, we in 2003 already...CATCH UP TO US

  35. Lolita Brogsdale

    My shit!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💋

  36. Gordon Boyle


  37. Zak Bond

    Me drake and big Sean in a massive field.....the field consist's of ISIS conscripts and mass amount's artillery gun's and vehicle's..drake pour's some lemon juice over photo's of school boy and 50 and says this for the homie's I pop a date in my mouth and big Sean light's up a Chester field as he is on the phone telling his bitch she talks to much and should shut up. ISIS member says mr.zacharias.......this might not be enough artillery to take out bitches of this nature look we are already celebrities in our own right and have negative attention surrounding us all the time, you need to sweeten the pot for us.......i throw my chesterfield on the ground and square up and mean mug the shit out of the ISIS general and then say sweeeeeeter huuuuuuuuuuuh???? the ISIS general backs up a little bit, i then say yo drake show these fools I mean business.....drake rubs his hands together and snap's his fingers in the air....and all the sudden an Apache helicopter drop's a Walmart sized crate full of date's...the ISIS member gasp and sip tea slowly.....drake then says the fuck you think we are some busters!!!???............the ISIS general shakes my hand and says we will call you as soon as we are done...........drake lights up a Chester field and watches the sun set.

  38. Akbarrel Yeshua


  39. Donnie Boii

    Rampage fuckin murdered this

  40. Freedom Magnum

    Call the amberlamps!!!

  41. Mpho Collen Maaboyi

    We used to crazy over this song with my boys...and they say busta cant speak Zulu

  42. Dave S


  43. kiing Gómez

    que mierda esto me encanta TArararaTArarara oemeneectivivare

  44. Quay Rosser

    Omfg rampage murdered dis

  45. Haris Diz

    Kol d ambelens

  46. Eldridge Martin

    Sick shit

  47. bobby cole

    this song made me want to kill someone back in the day

  48. Eli Cordero

    crazy beat dope hook

  49. Eli Cordero

    hard as fuck

  50. ScopezYT


  51. ni uy

    Ohh guling guling kau kat hkl ye,

  52. ni uy

    Kalau esok mu decide tukar slogan from the red devil tu the red dajjal dan babi tu masih sokong ok ke, Bodoh? The former pun dh cukup biol. Ant rock nite.

  53. ni uy

    Imf mcm impossible mission force je..hmmm?

  54. Simon Forrest


  55. DuncenDreamer

    Trying to find people to fight.

  56. Sasuke_x17

    I always played this music while driving an ambulance in GTA

    Caush Wizzy

    Sasuke_x17 awesome 👏🏾

  57. J.R. Wavy

    Makes me question why this wasn't in Def Jam Fight for NY.


    Infiniti GTI i think it supposed to be but it got cut

    Anthony Barnes

    Kevin Gordon Jr. Really? Damn...I had the GameCube version, and I didn't even know.

  58. MyNameis ??

    2017 !!!!

  59. Adrian Thomas

    Busta is a legend

  60. KDGreatKool Boss

    boss music

  61. God's Mystery

    The shit is still fire

  62. Merijn van keulen

    this song goes hard

  63. Greg Cummings

    Rampage killed this shit The L.T. of The Muthafuckin Flipmode Squad

  64. Ja'Vaughn Turner

    I remember, 8yrs old having to keep this turnt down cause I grew up in a hard Christian family but this was my ish hahaha

  65. ayup_me_duck

    2003 already! its 2016 duck and this tune still smashes!

  66. LJ Watley

    13 yrs later and this shit still goes hard!!!

  67. Mike C

    Page kiiled....



  69. Rono Neal

    he said your crackhead rappers need to say no

  70. Rono Neal

    but this is hip hop they don't even have that no more and your generation

  71. Rono Neal

    Rick Ross is out he was a rookie Jay-Z was out he was in his prime the future wasn't even

  72. Rono Neal

    do you know only one of those rappers without and 2003 right

  73. Bezhan Surkhov

    this shit is classic top 10 songz of all time

  74. Rodney Palmer

    can somebody tell me who thumbed down this ?


    Not sure, but tell them to call an ambulance and come and pick up their people...

    Mike C

    those beaten on their headz until their brains malfunctioned.....

    Darth Maul

    @Mike C 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Shawn Johnson

    honestly, i would rather this than future or rick ross or even jay z

    Ferina Fenty

    not sure about Rick Ross but defo future and jay z can go.

    Henry Gomez

    Ferina Fenty Rick ross sucks bruh

    Incognito Jones

    Ferina Fenty Not sure about Ross but Jay can go? SMH...what has the world come to?


    future yes, not sure about the other 2

  76. robinvangeffen

    call da goddamn ambalamb

  77. gabriel ernesto cruz

    who produced????

    Nick Wathi

    The Neptunes

  78. Negus Selassie


  79. karthik karthik

    rock Band

  80. Jakub Buda

    you ares homogatka

  81. Jakub Buda

    you ares homogatka

  82. Jakub Buda

    mam tu dokturka dela si z mich hoperu debilky a blazny

  83. Kyheem Carter

    The beat tho



    Gordon Boyle

    That is
    ..the beat

    Adrian Chamberlain


    jason morgen

    Sick beat

    Joseph Blanchard

    This is a straight Neptunes beat, and without even having to check tho either

  84. Orange Monk

    Call an Ambulance Tickle Mr. Fickle McPickle


    +Vinny Mac Call a amberlampse. Somebody stole my pickle.

    Eric G

    +Vinny Mac haha

    Eric G

    +mattxr2i haha

  85. Rightbuy Eighteen

    my favorite busta hear me rhyme dis when you call me

  86. Eugene Holmes

    I heard this jo'nt lastnite on xm its been in my head since. I used play this song back when it first came out. I luv it!

  87. erwin badger

    O damn how come I didn't hear this song sooner... Yaaaa that's bangin!!! :)

  88. Emil Avilez

    Yo real talk how no one is talking bout rampage verse on this song it was fire , as well as the beat also but damn rampage killed it.....

    beanz lemongrab

    hell yeah!

  89. Alexander James-Palmer

    When Busta said "we in 2003 already", my heart just sank because it was 12 years ago. I was only 5 (going on 6) years old at the time. How the hell did all the good music change in the last 12 years? Come back 2003! I MISS YOU!!!!


    I know this is an old comment but I feel the same with Dangerous when Busta says "1998 ya". I remember 1998 well. Doesn't seem that long ago.

    Jessie 992

    This was actually in 2002.

    Worn out Testicles

    I weep more for how badly Hip Hop and R'n'B fell off after 97...

    Fr3sh Factory

    well if u were 5 or 6 when this came out u were allowed to listen to it. During this era there was a lot of lyrical content that wasn't privy to children. IE slob on my nob or Murder by UGK ... Jay Z Show You How etc ... that's why the music changed because ppl from my generation came out during the Myspace and Worldstar era. When we had it we were experimenting with sells since it wasn't about being lyrical (everyone was lyrical) but who sold the most. Once we figured out Snap and then Trap music we changed the lingo (WuTang) and added 808s (OutKast) to the beats. Your generation was already accustom to Club Music at an early age so they kept it going for your generation. Lyrical content like this could come back but now that we have social media the masses do not want that type of music and have agreed on the sound they prefer. If you want lyrical shit like this you would have to make an underground artist as big as Drake and Kendrick. Mind you this music is also why the crime rate was high as fuck.

    Horrible Man

    @I've been BAMBOOZLED ever heard of replay dickhead?

  90. Aaron Israel

    Neptunes laced the shit outta this beat!

    Anthony Dunlap

    Aaron Israel Yes They Did

  91. liam cottam

    When I drive the ambulance at work we play this on the way to pick people up

    Oscar D Growch

    Dude I would be on the stretcher gettin it in!!!

    Kaya Patterson

    Yup, EMS lmao


    You are a legend😂😂😂😂😂

    Joseph Blanchard

    You should really actually record it and then post it here on YouTube, sometime in the future tho man lol.

  92. Caitlin

    itunes omitted the song from the album. BULL SHIT. 

  93. Shanai Campbell

    This is still a banger!

  94. Daeshaun Sanders

    I used to roc this every morning b4 school and wish a ni**a would

    Joseph Blanchard


    Joseph Blanchard

    But you gay for real, so you don't need a pause

    Darth Maul

    @Joseph Blanchard man stfu corny ass nigga 😂

    The Immortal Sun-kun

    It’s okay to swear on the Internet, you know.